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What went wrong?

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Let’s be honest: none of us thought the Cats were that good headed into yesterday’s game. But that was just bad. Really bad. So bad the KSR crew may have to retreat to the bunker under our compound for at least a week. What went wrong?

The truly offensive offensive line.
What happened to this awesome, experienced, SEC-ready offensive line we heard so much about in the preseason? Maybe we should ask Morgan Newton, who was sacked six times last night. Yes, the unit has suffered some injuries during camp and the first three games, but there is no excuse for their performance this season. Morgan Newton barely had time to think, and the running game? Forget about it. At times, it looked as though the linemen were lost; Louisville’s defenders broke through more times than Ricardo Ledo on a Providence recruiting visit. It’s just going to get worse…Florida will eat our offensive line for breakfast, lunch, dinner and a sensible dessert.

Abysmal play calling
Why in the world would you run it on 3rd and long if your running game hasn’t worked all night?? Screens and draws do not an exciting offense make. You know it’s bad when even the awful ESPNU announcers are calling your offense boring. Who is to blame here: Randy Sanders or Joker Phillips? Say what you will about Charlie Strong (and we definitely did), but he outcoached Joker from start to finish last night.

What running game?
So much for Josh Clemons having a breakout game. After a promising performance last week and a seemingly fast start, Clemons was a non-factor, carrying 12 times for 28 yards. CoShick Williams didn’t do much better, with 29 yards on six carries. Yes, the terrible performance from the offensive line is partly to blame, and it’s not as though the coaches gave them many opportunities with their terrible play calling, but man, I miss Raymond Sanders.

The defense got pushed around
I would not like to be a member of the UK defense this week. Rick Minter will absolutely crush his players during practice, as well he should. The unit that looked so good earlier this season got pushed around by a Louisville offense forced to adapt to the injury of Will Stein. For the bizillionth season in a row, Kentucky has no rush defense. We straight up can’t handle a running QB. Thank god Danny Trevathan wasn’t seriously hurt or we would be in even more trouble heading into the SEC schedule.

Playing not to lose
I think what worried me the most last night was the overwhelming feeling of doom that settled over Commonwealth Stadium. Sure, they were the underdogs, but after the Cats settled for a field goal instead of a touchdown on the opening drive, the Cards had the momentum and they kept it for the rest of the game. Despite inspired play from Morgan Newton, who may as well have had his arms tied together, the Cats had no energy. Yes, the 4th quarter drive may have made the score look better on paper, but nothing can soothe the pain of losing to the Cards the way Kentucky did. A lot was made of Charlie Strong’s self-depricating coach speak earlier this week. Well, I hate to say it, but it did the trick. Louisville was more aggressive and physical throughout the game; simply put, they wanted it more.

– Man, I miss this guy:


With Florida coming into town on Saturday, where do we go from here?

Article written by Mrs. Tyler Thompson

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118 Comments for What went wrong?

  1. No mas...
    11:41 am September 18, 2011 Permalink

    I’ve had season tickets over 30 years. Takes me 3 hours one way to go to a game. I have left two games early in 20 years. One was last year, the other last night.
    I’m done with the expenditure of money and energy for a while. I told friends last night, its just not fun any more. We looked like a team that was unprepared, without leadership.
    I’m a Joker fan, and wanted him to succeed, because if he did, then we ALL win, but it is looking more and more like he is the proverbial ‘deer in the headlights’. Listening to his comments last night (and before), I have yet to hear him come up with an idea that makes it SOUND like he knows what to do to correct things.
    When a fan like me is done, I hate to think of what the casual fan is thinking. Unless things improve drastically over the next few weeks, there will be hardly anyone at the last couple of games.

  2. WildcatsOne
    11:41 am September 18, 2011 Permalink

    Let’s discuss who the next coach will be. Joker will not last long with these kind of performances.

  3. Beau
    11:43 am September 18, 2011 Permalink


  4. Thatguy
    11:45 am September 18, 2011 Permalink

    Thank god basketball starts in November.

  5. WhoCares
    11:46 am September 18, 2011 Permalink

  6. stringmusic
    11:48 am September 18, 2011 Permalink

    Call me a fair weather fan if you want…but I will not watch or support this team again until we have a new coach. Horrible preperation + boring and predictive play calling = some of the worst football I’ve seen since Bill Curry days.

  7. Al's IndiCats
    11:48 am September 18, 2011 Permalink

    #1 I couldn’t agree with you more. Going through Lexington on our way back from a Florida vacation we decided to stay and watch the game at Commonwealth, with my kidney stone pains and all. To think we could’ve been back in Indy watching the game in the comforts of my chair on tv, I really had a hard time to rationalize which was more painful, the game or the kidney stone?

  8. flip
    11:49 am September 18, 2011 Permalink

    3. YES!!! I was gonna say “down”, but your idea is better.

  9. rcobb
    11:51 am September 18, 2011 Permalink

    didn’t r cobb tweet that UK fans the worst fans in the country?

  10. Reality
    11:51 am September 18, 2011 Permalink

    Joker = Obama

    They both came in with such great promise – only to F up every thing they touch. Hell maybe we can get a new coach next year too…

  11. Cat fan in Gainesville
    11:53 am September 18, 2011 Permalink

    Let’s face it. We are stuck with Joker thru at least 2012 and possibly 2013. No way he is fired this year even if UK does not win another game. Billy Clyde would still be here if he had a better demeanor and thank God he did not. Joker just needs to walk the company line to stop the inevitable from happening sooner than later.

  12. Dude
    12:01 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    Fair Weather fan base.

  13. Doubting Thomas
    12:02 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    Let’s say the coaching staff are right about one thing and Morgan Newton and some of these players are division I caliber. These have got to be the worst coaches out there. Newton looked completely lost last night and so did the rest of the offense and the defense. It was obvious we couldn’t run the ball but we continuously called running plays up the middle. What a joke this team is. They couldn’t beat a good High School team. I predict they win 1 more game. I just wonder how long we will stick with Joker. And let me tell you, Louisville isn’t in much better shape.

  14. Nelson
    12:05 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    Doesn’t matter how bad it gets this year (probably 3-9)…Joker will be brought back next year. Oh my how we have degressed since Brooks left. We have a Jr QB with experience, veteran O Line, a WR core thats mostly upperclassman, and young, exciting runningback group. What has happened over the first three games is unacceptable with the talent we have.

  15. Bob
    12:05 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    To answer your last question: 2-2.

  16. BigBlueSwagger
    12:09 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    Please call Mike Leach, beg him to take the job, and pay him enough to stay for awhile. Won’t happen though because Mitch won’t fire Joker because he is black until after at least next year, maybe 2 more years. By then, the program will be worse than ever and no one will want the job.

  17. CA UK FAN
    12:10 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    Florida ate up Tennessee yesterday; We’re next. There is no reason to think it’s not going to be ugly. You have to think the players are dreading next week and maybe the whole rest of the season. Someone needs to come up with a game plan that will at least give them a chance at winning. Otherwise, why even show up?

  18. LOL WHUT
    12:10 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    Predict the total score of the next three games. I say UK gets outscored 125-20 (40 from Florida, 45 from LSU and 40 from Spurrier).

  19. bigbluedude
    12:13 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    16. bullshit on the race thing. he wont fire him BECAUSE HE WILL HAVE TO PAY OFF THE CONTRACT! this isnt basketball, and it isnt mitch’s money we are talking about

  20. Realist
    12:14 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    Welcome back to football futility. I’m not going to pretend like a lot of folks that coaching football is easy but the performance of our O-line, running game and receivers has been abysmal. Joker is (and should be) on thin ice so he needs to take control of his staff and make them prepare his team. He made a move on the sorry @ss defense last year (couldn’t tell it last night) so he needs to get control of his offense. He can keep the punting coach 🙂

  21. Opti
    12:16 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    The last time I saw our team playing like this was the John Ray era…a time few of you probably remember.

    I suspect Joker will get at least next year maybe 2013 too.

    It will seem like forever.

  22. Matt in Franklin
    12:16 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    That’s it for me…I’m not wasting another second of my time watching this crap. Call me when we get a new coaching staff that doesn’t run a DRAW ON 3rd N LONG ON THE 4 YARD LINE!!!

  23. john4uk
    12:17 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    Since the UK/Florida game is on TV,i’ll be watching.Watching even tho i expect to see UK get turned every way but loose.There are no excuses for the horrible play the Cats have exhibited thus far as they have played against inferior teams.To lose as they did against UL is unacceptable.

  24. Realist
    12:26 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    I love it that the UK Fanbase seems to think that we have seen much good (or even decent) football here. We hit a 4 or 5 year mediocre streak and now are back to business as usual. UK only wants to pay for a mediocre staff so you get what you pay for. I wonder how long the Florida and Tennessee losing streaks are going to continue. I remember beating both of them in one year but it was so long ago it seems like a dream. Oh I forgot…then probation followed.

  25. Ky in Tn sadly
    12:27 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    I know what went wrong last night the coaching staff showed up. I am tired of watching the secondary never look back for a passed ball ( that is Steve Brown coaching ). offensive plays called that make no sense ( rander sanders ). Joker is a good person but hey so am I but I can’t be a head coach and time for him to figure that out also. This was my last drive from Nashville until I see powers to be make a decision to be big time and not just suck money from the fans. Also how damn long will it take to fix the parkwway at Bardstown been working on for last 5 years !!!!!!!!!
    Don’t pack your bag for a bowl as this team will be lucky to win 4 games.

  26. tyson
    12:29 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    i wish you people that keep saying out defense is good would just stop. the defense is NOT good. it played ok against 2 low tier teams and played bad last night against a mediocre team. we are going to get RIPPED for points for the rest of the season, minus maybe the Jacksonville State game (unless they are all injured by then, which is a possibility).

  27. Bg Cat
    12:31 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    I Wanted Joker To Succeed, But It Looks Like For The Last 2 Yrs The Team Doesnt Prepare 4 Games. They Always Get Punched In The Mouth In The 1st Half Before Waking Up In The 2nd Half.

  28. Hoss
    12:31 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    “If Kentucky wants to maintain what we have started there, they’re going to have to get into the 21st century. … They have to make that commitment.”

    Those words fell on deaf ears that were busy masturbating to a 3×5 glossy of John Calipari.

  29. Jerry
    12:32 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    I’ll tell ya what went wrong! They stank!

  30. Jay Shidler's hair
    12:33 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    Tubby’s a nice guy but has to go immediately following this season. Since he was coach in waiting he is the only one to blame. He had his 3 years as coach in waiting. He and Sanders don’t have what it take to coach an offense. Hire a real coach and pay the money. Football makes a ton of money for the school so you can afford it. I will not go to another game until a coaching change is made. What I saw last night was truly an embarrassment and I am sick and tired of joker putting all the blame on the players. Thats a serious chump move. Last time I checked the players don’t call the plays, he does. Maybe we’d be better off if they let Morgan call the plays.

  31. Season ticket holder for over a decade
    12:37 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    Agree with number 1.. Between the gas expense, the kfund ‘donation’ and the parking rape it is seemingly not worth the sacrifice anymore. Sad. Oh and one more thing.. We have been setting up a passing audible for several years now.. Enough with the check to half back draw. [email protected]#k the cards.

  32. Jay Shidler's hair
    12:37 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    I meant Joker but they are so much alike.

  33. Reality
    12:39 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    Why not cut Joker loose now? We all know he is no good and not ‘the answer.’ We can struggle thru the rest of the season or 3 more years of this crap. But I know Joker will NOT turn the corner to success here at UK.

  34. DB11
    12:39 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    Won’t be going to any more games until someone at the university of kentucky seems to give a [email protected]#. Joker has been out coached 5 games in a row and has pathetically lost to 2 “big” east teams in a row. It’s evident how good Hartline and Cobb really were, seeing as how they managed to get 6 wins with this garbage coaching staff. FIRE JOKE-R and get a real fu$#&[email protected] coach

  35. Bhart
    12:39 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    they were who they thought they were and we let them off the hook! boring play calling on offense. plus morgan newton danced so much he is scheduled to be on DWTS this week.

  36. Japrick
    12:43 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    Can we all just face facts? UK will never compete for championships in football. NEVER. We are a basketball school. Just like Kansas. Just like Duke. We need to learn to live with that. Support the football team just like we do the mens tennis team. We hope we win, but we really just don’t care.

  37. Jay Shidler's hair
    12:44 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    Joker is a nice guy maybe but a horrible coach. Boycott games until they change and Joker will be gone. I feel bad for the players because this administration has failed them. No wonder Cobb left early. What coaches are available besides leach.

  38. Poop
    12:44 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    Man, I though I stunk. Joker has taken “stink” to a whole new level.

  39. Rixter
    12:45 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    @ No mas: You say this team looked unprepared, without leadership.
    Kinda like another team..a team that played against Pittsburgh in the bowl game? Wonder what the common thread is between those 2 teams.

  40. MNCat
    12:46 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    There is absolutely no discipline on this team whatsoever. There is no energy when this team walks on the field. That is a coaching problem. That’s a coaching problem. And there is no creativity in the offense. That’s a coaching problem. Others have asked it before, but what could RCobb and his teammates have accomplished if UK had a coaching staff that knew what to do with them?!

    Joker is one more UK football coach joining the long line of those who have stepped into Commonwealth Stadium to be absolutely terrible. In just a couple of years, this staff has managed to undo virtually all the steps forward that Brooks took while he was here. We were never a great football team under Brooks. But the team had fight, heart, and could compete. If this team at least had a mean streak and looked like they wanted to be on the field, that would be one thing. But they mostly look like they just want to go home by the end of the first quarter. I say we just build a dome over Commonwealth and call it the new Rupp Arena. That’s about the only way a good UK team will step foot on the field for the next four or five years at least.

  41. gcat4496
    12:47 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    Can you imagine this offense trying to score on the likes of Florida, LSU & USC in the next 3 weeks.

  42. Rixter
    12:47 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    Charlie Strong parlayed the ‘they’re better than us’ into a nice victory. I think Joker should come out this week and announce that Florida is better than us, and see if it works for the Cats.

  43. CommonwealthStadiumLadiesBathroom
    12:47 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    How can the ladies bathroom run completely out of toilet paper and paper towels? Shouldn’t they have someone checking on that? Is my mom supposed to wipe herself with the new scoreboards?

  44. In State HS Football Players
    12:49 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    Sorry, but until UK gets a real head coach – we’re all heading for Louisville.

  45. Jay Shidler's hair
    12:51 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    Who cares about the ladies bathroom? Are you for real? Tell you mom to wipe with her shirt.

  46. catscatscats
    12:51 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    You say screens and draws don’t make an exciting offense, but last night the biggest plays came on screens when UofL showed blitz. The QB draws were called at the worst times(1st and goal), but I think that kind of play can work when a defense expects pass. The play calling was the worst I’ve ever seen.

  47. Sammydog
    12:52 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    #16. We don’t need another nut job as coach. Wasn’t Billy G crazy enough? Mike Leach has problems that will prevent him from getting another top job. No schools have approached him except North Carolina and there have been many vacancies this year. After his crazy interview they hired a no name coach rather than take a chance on this guy. We may need another coach, but please, no Mike Leach. And do not make the Calipari comparison. There is no comparison between the two.

  48. Jay Shidler's hair
    12:53 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    Randy Sanders is a joke.

  49. Hoss
    12:53 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    36 how do we know? UK has never tried. Basketball gets all the money… that’s why we’re a bball school.

  50. Face Facts
    12:55 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    What other D-1 school would trade their coach for Joker? NONE. That tells ya the he has got to go. There are no Minnesota’s out there that are gonna come along and ‘steal’ our coach in the middle of the night.

  51. BearsRepeating
    12:57 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    Why is our center tipping off the D-Line with his head right before he snaps?

  52. Obama
    1:00 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    You UK fans are so racist. Joker needs at least 4 more years to show what his true potential is. Plus, it is not his fault thet things are rough right now – its Brooks’ fault.

  53. kentuckyfan
    1:01 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    Why would any Kentucky fan have to ask what went wrong? Bad recruiting and bad coaching. It is as simple as that.

  54. SadBuckeye
    1:01 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    This feels like Bill Curry 2.0. Stoic stare from the sidelines while your teams get a 73-7 pasting. Any time the camera accidentally acknowledged there was a UK sideline, when they forgot to be grovelling about Stein, the UK boy that plays for UL, there was Joker with the Bill Curry stare. Staff has lost confidence in team (thus draws on third and forever at the minus 10 – that is Curry-esque too), and the team has no confidence in their staff.

  55. The disorderly
    1:02 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    why are we still talking about football? our program is finished until a new coaching regime comes in. start talking about basketball! nobody show up to jacksonville st. game after our 4 straight beat downs and make a statement to the idiot AD.

  56. Hal Mumme
    1:03 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    I still own a condo in Lexington.

  57. Let's be Frank Sinatra
    1:03 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    So… over under on 13 points for the Cats in the next 4 games?

  58. barn
    1:05 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    53–bad recruiting? what do you mean? this years class was ranked 11th best in the sec

  59. JPhelps
    1:05 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    49. So, Hoss, you are saying, tank our basketball program for the chance that we MAY get a great football team??? NO… I refuse to let football drag down other sports, especially the one we hold most dear. If they can’t answer the bell, I say cut the program before we cut anything basketball!

  60. Morgan Newton
    1:06 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    Dear Offensive Line,

    I hate you. Each of you. You suck.


  61. UK players
    1:07 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    Hey fans, we think Joker sucks (well, except for Newton).

  62. LousyvilleCat
    1:08 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    Wow we suck. Spring camp, fall camp, and you put THAT on the field ? Clean out the staff. There has to be better coaches somewhere. Weve lost any momentum we had.

  63. Catcounsel
    1:10 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    I agree with this posting, but to beat it all UK spends millions of dollars on new video boards and sound system but the people in the control booth don’t even put the words up for My Old Kentucky Home or the National Anthem amymore! Outrageous! Control of replay on the boards is TERRIBLE! Someone in control GET A GRIP and run this system the way this giant investment should be.

  64. barn
    1:11 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    why no joker’s post game video on here this week?

  65. Hoss
    1:12 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    NO, I’m saying split the funds fairly and watch the magic happen.

    We are a basketball school b/c we chose to be and force-feed that program money… like, say, $4mil/year for a coach. All I’m saying is maybe if UK spent that kind of money on the sport that actually dominates this conference and equates to almost half of our entire athletic budget, we’d possibly see better results beyond the half-assed effort we’ve become accustomed to.

    Do you disagree?

  66. Matt Roark
    1:12 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    Hey coach, I can play O-Line. I’d never get called for holding (you know that I’m not good at holding on to things).

  67. UofL fans
    1:13 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    Keep your heads up Cat fans – we went through the Kraigthorp years before we got Charlie. Just don’t steal Charlie from us, please.

  68. The Judge
    1:13 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    #52,#56 – Not Funny & Less Funny Than That

  69. Hoss
    1:13 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    66 meant for JPhelps

  70. Neil
    1:13 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    Horrible coaching…this is depressing

  71. Mailman
    1:14 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    #66 – funny

  72. 3 fan
    1:14 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    WE SUCK!!! Until UK writes a check to Pederson or Mike Leach we are gong to continue to SUCK!

  73. Mailman
    1:15 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    #72 Why in the [email protected] would we want that nutcase?

  74. 2020
    1:16 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    Joker talking about RISE, competing in the SEC, etc… either he better adjust quickly (like next week) or he will be fired in December.

  75. Scott In Tallahassee
    1:19 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    I will be honest, I am not a Joker fan, I didn’t even like Brooks. UK is what it is, until UK hires a top flight coach and top flight staff it will always be a bottom feeder in the SEC. Last night is a prime example of bad product we have come to expect. Sadly UK fans will continue to sit there and take it. It has always amazed me that we will accept piss poor football but the minute basketball stumbles we are demanding change. Well you get what you pay for. Sadly Joker will be coaching next year as well and it will still not be any better. Oh they will win enough games beating Vandy and Ole Miss but will not even be competitive in the rest of the SEC. UK will continue to scheduled for home comming till they wake up and hire a coach that actually deserves it. Joker wasn’t even a top OC when he was handed the keys, did you really expect that much better? Sadly it has gotten worse. Most of the comments I heard last night where people wanting to know where Bill Curry was hiding calling that game.

  76. Catsnip
    1:24 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    Come on joker has one bad game in a rebuild year. Support our coach, c’mon guys!

  77. barn
    1:27 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    76–talk like that could get you thrown in a pit and stoned to death

  78. The Truth
    1:29 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    You go to Mike Leach!

  79. KJ Choi
    1:30 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    Empty seats is the only way to get mitch’s attention. May be worse coaching than Curry and I never thought it could get worse than that. Just flat out pitiful in every facet.

  80. Corey Hart
    1:33 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    Was it just me or did the “ring of lights” seem to flood the statdium with odd colors last night? The bright yellow Kroger ads were the worst and seemed to make everything look like we were playing on Mars. I wish the ring would go black during a play.

  81. JPhelps
    1:36 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    65. Yeah, I say get it closer to level, but if it means that our basketball team has to go back to 22-10 seasons to get it going, then I don’t support it. I don’t want 2 mediocre programs. I would rather have at least 1 season I can look forward to contending. And Barnhart knows that me and 3 million other fans are like that, so he’ll keep the basketball team happy, and say screw football. And sadly enough for football, they may never gain enough momentum for that ever to change. But, if we can spend 4 million on a coach and get a winner, lets do it. I’m all for it!

  82. St. Augustine Cat Fan
    1:38 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    End the problem! Throw a ton of $$$$$$ at Chris Peterson of Boise State at the end of this season just like we did with coach Cal. Pleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaassssssseeeeeee, Mitch ?

  83. lousyvilleCat
    1:46 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    you know, im glad WVU is my 2nd favorite team. it gives me some decent football to watch. it gives me a new coach to watch, and it gives me a top 25 (18) team to watch. i hope WVU is one of the next 3 teams added to the SEC. man last night was hard to sit through. and until something big changes, ive made my last trip to commonwealth.

  84. Growl
    1:49 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    Guys, Joker has been a part of the staff that beat Louisville the past 4 out of 5 years. He had one bad game. He is a great coach and recruiter. Support our coach!

  85. Hoss
    1:54 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    85- he is a great recruiter and positions coach… not a great head coach. He’s proven that w/o a shadow of doubt in 3 games as HC (UT, Pitt, UL). He had a hand in the majority of our players as a positions coach and recruiting coordinator for the last 5 years of Brooks’ tenure. I am out of excuses for him.

  86. holderman
    1:58 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    How is 6 rushes for 29 yards “not much better” than 12 for 28? That’s a silly thing to say. Don’t be silly.

  87. locke-not-gonna-get-drafted
    2:03 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    Ok – if you guys want improvement, boycott. Long as you keep going, this crap is what you’re gonna get. So stay home next week. If you show up, quit complaining because things won’t get better.

  88. MikeinLexington
    2:05 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    I want Joker to be the best coach ever, but I am not seeing it. Great thing about him is hes a Kentucky guy and if he has success he wont leave, like Strong. UK isnt a stepping stone for him. Problem is, is hes learning on the job how to be a head coach and in the SEC where teams coaches are the biggest names in the sport its just not a recipe for success. I am dissappointed with fans though, as most of you that are crying and pouting right now were probably calling for Brooks to be fired after 2 years. Demanding excellence is ok, but calling for change so soon seems fairweather/bandwagonish, give him a chance to fight the ship. You cant win them all, especially with UK football.

  89. Hire Jim Tressel
    2:06 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    Yeah but there’s a big difference between being “part of the staff” and being the leader. His lack of leadership skills has been clearly displayed. He was a mistake from the start. Time to move on!

  90. Dennis
    2:10 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    U want to see a defense pushed around just watch these pathetic next 3 games. We may see 60 points scored on us all 3 times. Joker is what you see and that is all he is . Out of his league as head coach and Randy Sanders is a terrible play caller. I see why he got pushed away from UT. Three wins max for these coachless Cats.

  91. Derek
    2:33 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    I am done. Season tix are on stubhub. Trying to salvage as much money as I can. Won’t renew. Section 125 row 37. Don’t give me that fair weather fan bull$hit either. Been a bad weather fan for 20 years. Even when some of OU think we were good we still sucked in SEC. My son and I just adopted Alabama as our college football team today. Even had a ceremony as we threw away anything we had with UK football on it. I feel better!

  92. JPhelps
    2:38 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    88. But the momentum was steady, it was built, all he had to do was keep the ship steady. But it appears he’s beached the ship. 1. Not only was that horrendous loss on national television, but there are now 3 nationally televised games where we have been less than par. 2. Many recruits were at the game last night, and as sad as it is, in state recruiting wars can be won and loss simply by 1 freaking game. Strong has a great recruiting pitch over UK now after that one, and fair or not, you start losing the recruits to rivals when you don’t win games over rival coaches. The writing is on the wall. For you to claim Joker should not be on the hot seat because it was 1 game, it was a BIG GAME! And if we are going to come back, we don’t need Louisville stepping back in and crowding our roots. He lost a big game after showing 2 stinkers before this one. Plus, instead of billing it as a rebuilding year, he built this team preseason as the next team to make the strides the 2007 team made with all the hype he talked. When they don’t do what he says they are going to do, he needs to face the facts. Its called accountability, and you aren’t giving him any!

  93. barn
    2:40 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    -85–hoss, could you give me an example of why he is a great recruiter? i keep hearing this again and again. once again, our recruiting classes have ranked no better than 10th in the sec the past 10years (11th this year). as for mikeinlexington—many fans, including me, never wanted brooks to begin with. he was over the hill when he got here, but UK fans were so starved for something better he was accepted as ‘good’–mediocre but ‘good’.

  94. Baxter
    2:43 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    91 – Cam Newton might disagree with you.

  95. Baxter
    2:45 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    Sorry 91- I was referring to the original 91 who said you can’t win without a white QB. The site took his comment down.

  96. Hoss
    2:45 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    Jphelps, see, I’d take it on the chin in basketball if we then made an all-out, no-holds-barred effort to succeed in football (wishful thinking). But, besides that, we both know that UK basketball will always make it back to the top, eventually. I want both programs to do well. Other schools in our conference manage to do so. Even Vandy looks like a major player in both arenas this year… yet, UK is SO hung up on Bball to even think about walking out on that limb. In fact, one might even get the impression that UK and its monetary supporters don’t WANT to see what might happen to UK basketball if football ever got the slightest foothold with the fans.

    Yeah, I’d trade a decade of basketball irrelevance for some 100-year overdue football clout. IN. A. HEARTBEAT.

  97. SECFTW
    2:46 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    Got a question… Whenever Joker said “We need to work on establishing the running game.” during the post game show, do you think he’s using one of Charlie Strong’s tactics to make the Gators prepare for a predictable rushing game that we’ve seen so far this year? Maybe he’s gonna whip out a No-huddle offense in front of a Gator-Hostile Crowd in Lexington and get that monkey off our back? On the other hand he might just be that stupid, idk. Any thoughts?

  98. Hoss
    2:48 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    barn- I concede. He’s only ‘great’ by UK standards going back to the late 70’s.

  99. chase
    2:57 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    You can’t start boycotting yet. We need a big croud against Florida and that could motivate the players. If noone is there we definitely have no chance of winning. Give the team another chance and just see what happens. We won’t be able to bring in good players and get our current players to try harder for fans that are always trashing the program.

  100. mike
    3:03 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    Joker Kragthorpe….guess it is our time to showcase ugly coaching and playing to the national audience. We are an absymal disgrace to college football!!! How many times over the last 2 years has Joker and staff not had these guys ready to play at the start of a game and then not be able to offer any coaching once the game starts. Is their a worse 2-1 team in the country??

  101. JPhelps
    3:04 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    96. You and about 12 others in the fan base. And that’s your problem. There will never be enough fans that would ever make that sacrifice. So, then it becomes a “Why try?” argument? The 3 million others of us, don’t care enough about football to sacrifice basketball. And that will never change! With so much parity in the game now, there is no room for a decade of irrelevance! To assume we would just bounce back because we are UK is asinine! See Indiana University… Irrelevant!

  102. gcat4496
    3:14 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    I am beginning the sense the impending doom for Jokers coaching tenure at UK. Barnhardts goal is at least a Bowl game every year. It will take a miracle for this team to make a bowl after a flat 2-1 start against the easiest portion of the schedule. We need 4-4 for the remainder, & with Florida, LSU & USC in succession you can write down 0-3 for that stretch. That means we need 4-2 the last 6 games. Georgia & UT are in that section so write down 0-2. That means the Cats will have to win out against a good Miss. State & good upcoming Vandy team, a weak Ole Miss team (Still and SEC Foe) and win over hapless Jacksonville State that beat Ole Miss last year. Story, we will not make a bowl this year, and I predict that next year will be flat again. UL started a ton of Fr. on both sides and they have another top 30 class lined up, while Joker is not in the top 60. If UL owns us, then even Brooks best years he could barley win 3 in the SEC. UK will need to drop UL and pickup another cupcake to keep the bowl streaks going.

  103. BUcats
    3:18 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    Why is #louisvillehateday done before the football game?? Don’t most UK and UL fans care more about the basketball game? I know I do.

  104. Scott In Tallahassee
    3:26 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    @99 are you on crack UK has NO chance to beat UF. Your best hope is to keep them from scoring more than 60 points. I feel sorry for Newton they are going to kill him, UL got six sacks, how many do you think UF is going to get?

  105. mike
    3:28 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    76…are you crazy or delusional…Joker has 1 bad game during a rebuild year and you are upset because we are confronting reality? These players apparently don’t want to play for Joker.

  106. Justin G.
    3:35 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    To those that say we need to invest money into our football program like we do our BBall program, need to think about that. We are not going to give a football coach that kind of money, and neither will 99% of the country. I do agree that we need to invest money into getting a new coach, but not to the levels we are paying Cal. The funny thing about UK football is that we have a fan base, that has been Top-25 in attendance the last 4 years! Have we had a Top-25 team during that time? No! All I am going to say is that Joker’s team is playing like Rich Brooks’ teams played in his first few years. The thing is that Brooks, actually started to build something with UK, which is hard to do within the confines of the SEC! We are not UL, who can loose a Non-Conf. game, and go to a decent bowl, because they play in a really bad conference. Brooks gave Joker the reigns to a team that had some momentum as a program, and within 1+ years, is knocking everything down.
    The worst thing about the game yesterday, was the fact that their was barely anything positive at all! Usually the fans can see one thing that a team needs to work on that could change things for the better, but, UK has so many bad things that need to be completely overhauled, that I see us not only losing almost all of our games left, but I see UK loosing them by 40+ point landslides! I mean, I think UL is a bad team, for we did nothing right and still had a chance to tie it up at the end, but, UK looks as if they are intentionally trying to loose. 3rd and 15 draws up the middle, ohhhh, how I love you! Morgan Newton only eyeing Larod King, ohhh, how that is awesome! Coach Joker Phillips talking about how we need to run the ball more in the post game conference, even though UK got 36 yards on 35 carries, ooohhh, how delusional! The most predictable play calling in the world? Priceless for the opposing team!

  107. Oh well
    3:47 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    The only time our offense did anything was when they were in hurry up mode and straying from the original gameplan! I have supported joker all I can! I think he has brought in better talent but he cannot gameplan for anyone! Morgan newton actually looked good last night( a lot better than he has) but it’s painfully obvious joker has know idea how to play to the strengths of the team! His weak ass conservative playcalling is unbearable to watch. He wants to talk tough to press bout competing for championships( hahaha) then comes out and calls games trying simply to not get blown out! The only time he gets any bit aggressive is when we r behind by 2 or more scores cuz he knows he will get booed out of the stadium if he doesn’t take some shots! He needs to do something about that gaping ax wound between his legs!!!

  108. JPhelps
    3:50 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    96. I mean, to argue that we should tank a basketball program which is at the pinnacle of its existence (2nd in championships, 1st in all-time wins) for a “shot” at a national football title is absurd. And anyone who thinks like this, I’ve got a great idea for you to strike it big in stock stock market (high risk for high rewards right?) it involves this cat that rides a bicycle… Its gonna be huge, I just need you to sign over the deed to your house! Call me…

    The reason the SEC is so good at football correlates directly with UK being so dominant in basketball! They figured since they would never touch UK, they might as well succeed at something, so they went the football route. Who knew that NCAA football would eventually be the cash cow it is. Our loss. But to cash in the only relevant sport to have a chance to become successful in another is stupidity and wishful thinking on football diehards. First of all, as long as the BCS is in control of things, we don’t have a definitive say in shots at national titles. We could go 13-0 in the SEC and still not make the national title with the current system. Oh, we can’t? See an Auburn fan within the last 10 years, they’ll beg to differ. Plus, the SEC is loaded. Any given year, we take 1 loss, and our national title dreams are over. 1 loss. With basketball, anyone who makes the field has a chance to take home the hardware. Such a better system.

    What you can’t be willing to gamble is, what if we walk that limb Hoss… And that limb snaps, and we wind up with 2 mediocre programs.

    I could never cash in our super-relevance for a pipe dream at becoming relevant at something else. To do that, you’d have to be a helluva betting man! And we’ll never gamble that much! I promise… Give it up bud! I don’t want to be IU. They’ve been irrelevant for 15 years and may never be a Top Tier team again! I can’t believe it would be worth that much to you, and I’m happy I’m in the vast, vast majority!

    3:53 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    The artist formerly known as UK4LIFE…

  110. Kingscuba89
    3:55 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    I say we leave the SEC…were sitting pretty at the bottom of a powerhouse football conference when we clearly have a very bad coaching staff. It’s not even the players are that bad, exect our o-line but other then that we have some talent to
    Compete but our coaxhes are not calling the right shots..something has to be done!

  111. Jimmy Buffett
    4:31 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    What whet wrong? Once upon a time, there was this coach in waiting. ….

  112. locke-not-gonna-get-drafted
    4:49 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    Just quit going to the damn games! Stay home – that will result in change. I would rather pay $5 to watch a pissant eat a bale of hay than spend it on watching this miserable imitation of a football team. So QUIT GOING! BOYCOT UK FOOTBALL until they put a decent product on the field.

  113. pizzinmneoff
    4:58 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    You can’t win games with 2 and 3 star recruits period.
    That’s all Joker can get. If he gets a 4 or 5 star they will either leave or become a 2 star. I’ve been watching Ky for 50 years, nothing seems to change.

  114. JPhelps
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  115. Skip Holtz
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  116. Allupinit36
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    In the Herald Leader in preseason,they had the big right up about the O-Line going fishing,first to practice last to leave.GREAT WORK ETHIC, but did anyone notice Coach Sumpter(? O-Line) comment.Bacically what was said is thats all well and good and we are experienced butthey are what they are.Thats not the direct quote, but what he was saying was Larry Warford could start for anybody.Darien Miller was a monster talent,and that was about it.Not knocking the guys they apparently busted tail, but he tried to tell us theres not alot of sec talent.We have 3 maybe 4 that could make the 2 deep at the other

  117. Allupinit36
    11:07 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    Like all good young ball players,any sport, when you have to think instead of react your awful.Morgan Newton is from Indiana the coaching in that state at the highschool level is bottom 3rd in the US.When he and Masakowski came in,bad shoulder or not, I figured Masa. would heal and take over due to the superior high school coaching in Texas. Case and point,like him or not, Teedy Bridgewater is from a superior coaching state.In the game last night he was calm under pressure,threw it away under controll.THE BIGGEST ONE,ON THE GAME WINNER, BRIDGEWATER, A TRUE FRESHMAN,LOOKED THE SAFTEY OFF LIKE YOUR SUPPOSE TO IN HIGHSCHOOL AND PUT IT ON THE MONEY…BALLGAME….DIDN’T NEWTON PLAY FOR HIS DADDY.He’s got heart, talent,and a strong desire to win.He just wasnt taught reads,ect he’s plays best when he doesnt think and just has to go and make plays.HES GOT PLENTY OF TALENT,you just cant compete with other QBS that have been taught reads ands progression,blitz looks ect….Thats why Randy is so conservative,when he makes a bad read or”thinking to much” WE ARE GONNA RUN THE BALL THE NEXT PLAY.Honestly its probably got a better shot for something positive to happen.HES PROTECTING ALL WE GOT,MORGAN.

  118. bluetexan
    11:42 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    FREE Mike Leach.