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What is a “Lamar”?


When the UK schedule came out this year, two games immediately jumped to my attention. Longwood (for its comedic possibilities) and Lamar (for its ability to allow me to put up pictures of a certain plaid-clad politician). We have already dispensed of the former, but the latter is still left to belittle and intrigue. However after much searching, there is very little to know or understand about Lamar. I searched Google images for minutes, trying to find one picture of an attractive female or odd-looking male to put up, to no avail (get to that folks for the game thread). I went through the entire list of famous alumni and the only two of any consequence were Bum Phillips and Janis Joplin (not exactly a murderer’s row there). So at this point, the only thing I know about Lamar is what I knew before…..mainly that a little Mormon Freshman in my high school during my Senior year named Donovan Soloman used to say that when he got off from school he would listen to Weezer with his black Mormon friend “LAMAR”. Beyond that, I am spent.

Tomorrow Evan will break down the starting lineup and Beisner has already given you video highlights of their basketball team. But my question now is, what is there to know about Lamar as a school? Part of this blog is not only to entertain, but to educate and allow us all to reach a higher foundation of knowledge, a la Bill Murray in Caddyshack. The other teams we have played have had interesting or even bizarre tidbits. But Lamar, located in miserable Beaumont, Texas has given me nothing. So lets go to its KSR readers. There are at least 75,000 of you. Is there ANYTHING of note about Lamar? If so, put it in the comments section and maybe we will make a post out of it. And if not, we can always go back to listening to the favorite band of all high school Mormons, Weezer.

Article written by Matt Jones