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What did the five fingers say to the face?

Suspension! Well, maybe.

In last night’s yearly crapfest disguised as the Big 10/ACC challenge, Miami’s Jack McClinton slapped Ohio State’s Anthony Crater and was ejected from the game and, under Miami’s “zero tolerance” policy for on-field conduct, he will likely be suspended and miss Saturday’s showdown at Rupp. Or, maybe not. According to the announcers on air last night, McClinton was simply retaliating for being smacked by Crater and Miami coach Frank Haith is coming to his star player’s defense today, saying that “After watching the tape I was disappointed and I felt that Jack reacted to being hit in the face. I was told by the official, Bryan Kersey, that [Crater] had bloodied his nose and that’s why Jack was ejected. I never saw any blood. The kid stayed in the game.” Ahh, leave it to the Hurricanes to play the “no blood, no foul” rules.

I didn’t watch the game and I’m not sure what the context of the sissiness was, but the video sure looks like Crater tried to slap the ball out of McClinton’s hands and then McClinton went back and gave him a smack to the chops. But, regardless of what the cause was, the effect was McClinton took a swipe at a guy looking the other way, which means the ejection was warranted. And as far as the suspension goes, we’ll know today if anything comes of it, but I tend to agree with this guy at AOL Fanhouse that says if you’re going to make such a public production of a “no-tolerance” policy, what better time to show you’re serious? Trust me, I am very pro-violence against Buckeyes, but McClinton, whether he wanted to injure Crater or not, showed no restraint whatsoever and should be suspended for a game…

…which would be great for the Cats.  McClinton, the first Miami player to ever be named All-ACC, is somewhat important to their team.  Actually, he’s by far their best player, averaging 15.2 ppg (his lowest since his freshman year) and shooting 45% from three-point range.  But, McClinton is their big game player and had 12 points in 10 minutes against Ohio State and 27 against UConn earlier this year, making him the leading candidate for the “Crispin brothers/UAB Twins Game of Your Life Against UK Award”.

He’s just lucky he didn’t take that swipe at Krebs. There most certainly would have been Hurricane blood spilled.

Article written by Thomas Beisner