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Western Kentucky did it too

I don’t mean to tattle on the fine establishment that gave us Duncan Hines, Evan Daniels, and Bryan the Intern, but our favorite university in Bowling Green, Kentucky held a “very troubling” celebration last basketball season too. In fact, WKU did the same thing just two weeks before Kentucky did. The only difference? Western Kentucky didn’t receive a five-page letter from the NCAA.

On February 12, 2011, just two weeks before Kentucky slapped the NCAA in the face by honoring Coach Cal, Western Kentucky held a reunion for the 1971 Final Four team during halftime of a game at E.A. Diddle Arena. Players, coaches, and cheerleaders from the magical ’71 season were on hand to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Hilltoppers’ only Final Four trip. Even Jim McDaniels, the star player from that team, was in the building.

The problem with the reunion is Western Kentucky’s 1971 Final Four run never happened,¬†according to the NCAA.¬†McDaniels – whose number is retired in Diddle – was busted for signing a pro contract while still in college and the NCAA stripped WKU of its postseason. The NCAA official record book shows an asterisk next to the ’71 WKU team, just as it does next to the ’08 Memphis team. Still, that didn’t keep the Hilltoppers from celebrating with an on-court ceremony and reunion luncheon.

So when will the five-page letter be mailed to Bowling Green? Hopefully, never. We don’t want a public apology from WKU to make things right. We don’t want any public apologies from the many schools that have done similar things. It’s all so petty and it’s sad that this is what it has come to.

I’m just pointing out another example that happened to be in the same state just two weeks before Kentucky’s ceremony (if we can even call it that) for Coach Cal.

As Dennis E. Thomas would say, “Recognizing Western Kentucky for a fictitious Final Four appearance does not properly ‘account’ for the vacation of wins.”

Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

27 Comments for Western Kentucky did it too

  1. JRA
    11:40 am June 18, 2011 Permalink

    again, who really cares what the NCAA says, prints, thinks! They can kiss my grits! Should I happen to run into any of these folks I plan on spitting some tobacco on their shoes!

  2. Mark Liptak
    11:45 am June 18, 2011 Permalink

    Drew and KSR:

    Keep putting the pressure on these arrogant, self-righteous clowns. (i.e. the NCAA)And I hope you keep spreading this info out to your friends in the mainstream media nationally!

    M<ark Liptak

  3. 2020
    11:56 am June 18, 2011 Permalink

    I feel so sorry for the Dennis Thomas now that he has been exposed.

  4. Kemp's Pawn & Lube
    11:58 am June 18, 2011 Permalink

    I love the fact that we, the fans, are going to push this nonsense to its illogical conclusion. While the NCAA will not likely see its own foolishness, the rest of the sports world just might. Go Cats!

  5. Tim
    11:58 am June 18, 2011 Permalink

    I wish these ksr writers will quit acting like kids on this issue. Dont get me wrong I bleed blue all day every day. but, we was in the wrong for celebrating wins that were stripped from our coach for wrong doings. The NCAA made a ruling then we decided to say f their ruling and do our own thing. Thats not how life works. If you have a child and discipline that child by taking away a toy then that child goes behind your back and plays with that toy, you need to discipline that child again because they are being disobediant. Its not about the toy its about the disobediance. Now as a parent you will expect that child to start tattle-telling and saying things like “You let this person do it or you let that person do it” because that is how a child things.

    We have the best program in college sports we dont act like children, we are grown! Grown people apologize for being wrong and dont start snitching on other people or programs. No need to worry we will get the 500 wins next year and a National Championship to go with it!

  6. john4uk
    12:02 pm June 18, 2011 Permalink

    Western Kentucky does’nt have a Jerry Tipton constantly reminding the NCAA of their little transgression.What would UK and Hentucky fand so without Rush Tipton constantly reminding us of UKs’troubled past?

  7. Dear Tim
    12:02 pm June 18, 2011 Permalink

    God, I sincerely hope you do not use the NCAA as a guide on “how to” raise your children.

  8. Nelson
    12:08 pm June 18, 2011 Permalink

    Is anyone actually sending emails or calling the NCAA about these other “very troubling” celebrations they missed? Obviously the NCAA didn’t realize the can of worms they opened when sending the letter to UK. Just like most decisions they make, doesn’t make sense.

  9. KentuckyHouse
    12:09 pm June 18, 2011 Permalink

    Oh lord 5…STFU! Are you serious with that crap?

    By the way, it’s “we WERE” not “we WAS”. Good lord, if you’re going to go against the grain in an argument, try and not sound like a hillbilly in the process!

  10. Tim
    1:08 pm June 18, 2011 Permalink

    I’m am inbred moron. A tard fan too. L yes

  11. fakinnomah
    1:23 pm June 18, 2011 Permalink

    Tim, your argument really doesn’t work here because the NCAA is the parent and every single basketball team in the NCAA is their “children”, so if you spank one of your kids for doing something, but let 3 or 4 others do the same thing with no punishment then this is fine. If you discipline all of your kids equally then you see the logic in KSR pointing out the hypocrisy in the NCAA. The NCAA just let out a collective “Son of a B!tch” with this whole 500 wins gibberish and know they are realizing the power of the BBN. They will have their hands full with complaints and letter that need to be written or they will show their true colors and ignore all the other schools and give Coach Cal the confirmation that they do indeed have a metaphorical hard-on for him and UK.

  12. bigbluecats350
    1:24 pm June 18, 2011 Permalink

    Anyone who gripes about UK going right back at the NCAA and saying all we are doing is tattle telling is an idiot. This is what it is. It is showing those F heads that if you want to point out someones wrong doings, you have to do it to all instead of just saying you dont have time. The way it looks is UK fans are doing their job for them and there should be no reason why they shouldnt come down on the other programs that are as guilty as we are. And yeah, its a shame it has to be this way but they wrote a check that their ass cant cash. And if they dont say something to all the others, then I have a hard time believing they dont have it out for Cal and UK. And after all this. I hope when UK wins the title next year, someone, a coach, player, fan, someone…has the balls to smack Mark Emmert right in the mouth with the trophy

  13. Han
    1:26 pm June 18, 2011 Permalink

    5) You’re missing the point. The point isn’t whether what we did was right or wrong. If the NCAA wants to say that such a celebration is inappropriate, that’s fine. We may disagree, but if they feel it violates one of their rules, that’s their choice.

    What we fans of UK are repeatedly frustrated by is the ongoing attacks against our team and coach when other schools and coaches, many high profile, are let off with lesser punishments, or their transgressions ignored altogether. As Sandy Bell noted in her communication with the NCAA, we feel that we (UK/Coach Cal) are being unfairly targeted. While the NCAA claims they don’t have the manpower to investigate every school, or they feel they have to take a stand on a player like Enes, it seems like they always have the time or take the hard stance against us.

    If the NCAA truly only came after us for this because they were told about it and feel obligated to act when informed, but they don’t have the time to look for problems, then they will follow up on every one of these issues we’ve raised. If they don’t, it will be evident that it truly is about attacking us and not preserving some moral standard.

    This isn’t about whether what we did was right or wrong. This is about whether the NCAA is discriminating against us in what they do and do not enforce. You can’t use greater punishments against one kid than another and expect anyone to think that’s fair. And they pretend that this is all done in fairness.

  14. JWest21
    1:27 pm June 18, 2011 Permalink

    I’m as pissed about this NCAA crap as anyone. They clearly are singling out our Cats and our coach, but I don’t see how this is helping. I don’t want to see these other teams (especially WKU) have to go through this crap too. Anybody with a sound mind can see that the NCAA has it out for us. The ones that don’t believe that, will never believe it no matter how much evidence is shown to them. Haters gonna hate.

  15. Mark Liptak
    1:27 pm June 18, 2011 Permalink


    I sent one to Mark Emmert and Dennis Thomas myself and I’ve seen some others say that have done the same at various web sites. Add in both Evan Daniels writing and Jay Bilas tweeting with examples of other schools not abiding by the same regulations and it seems impossible for the NCAA to claim they don’t know about any other inconsistencies.

    Mark Liptak

  16. bung
    1:31 pm June 18, 2011 Permalink

    The bad thing is this wku team is the one that knocked the Wildcats out of the tourney that year. Do we get another win on our and Adolph’s total or just subtract a loss? Can we claim that final four?

  17. Doc
    1:40 pm June 18, 2011 Permalink

    Someone tell number 5, that this is about the NCAA being unprofessional and biased against uk. This stems from the illogical approach with kanter as a 16 year old receiving money for expenses as a minor(his parents would need to sign) verses cam newton and Osu decisions last yr. Anyone around basketball can see the NCAA has a bone to pick when it comes to coach cal. Further, it seems the NCAA has a neg bias for uk and may reflect a national jealousy from it’s representatives (I.e,Emmett from Washington). This was seen in uk’s seeding and also to place uk teams against a Cornell or Princeton in an effort to show erroneously that are athletes do not care about attending classes.(like bob knight).
    We should show examples of bias against uk in hopes that this bs will stop

  18. JWest21
    1:42 pm June 18, 2011 Permalink

    16) It still counts as a loss for us, just no win for WKU.

  19. bung
    1:49 pm June 18, 2011 Permalink

    poor old Adolph…wins 48 and 49, not even invited by nc2a in 50 with a 25-5 record, wins 51, nc2a allows no season 52, undefeated in 53 and refuses to play in tourney, wins 58….he was the greatest ever.

  20. Pete Thamel's proctologist
    2:25 pm June 18, 2011 Permalink

    the NCAA is gay

  21. Sarah White
    3:05 pm June 18, 2011 Permalink

    How can we be “tattling?” They were the ones saying they didn’t have the time and resources to check on these things. I think we are “helping them” do their jobs. We are being thoughtful and kind and helpful and yada yada yada.

  22. UK Wildcat
    3:59 pm June 18, 2011 Permalink

    In 2002 Villanova honored its 1971 National Runner-Up Team (later vacated by NCAA for using a professional player) at halftime of its game against UCLA on February 9 in Pauly Pavilion.

  23. siestakeycat
    4:04 pm June 18, 2011 Permalink

    UK (and all UK fans) need to keep putting pressure on the corrupt NCAA. If you notice UK’s statement the other day, it admiited no guilt, and basicly just promised the exact same thing that UK promised in letters to the NCAA months before. No apology, in other words.

  24. NoOne
    4:26 pm June 18, 2011 Permalink

    The NCAA is a private organization correct? Not subject to an open records request? I would love to see Mr. Thomas’ file on this issue and whether he has sent out other letters for similar concerns in the past.

  25. catscratch
    8:13 pm June 18, 2011 Permalink


  26. A Realist
    9:41 pm June 18, 2011 Permalink

    You guys are becoming snitches… Low down dirty snitches.

  27. A Realist
    9:45 pm June 18, 2011 Permalink

    Western Alumni are preparing a KSR video like this one…