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We’ll “Thank You Later,” Drake



He started from the bottom, now he’s in here tweeting at star high school basketball player Andrew Wiggins. Early this morning, rapper and friend to the Kentucky men’s basketball program Drake (aka Aubrey Graham) tweeted the following:


You’ll remember, of course, that Drake and Coach Calipari are close friends, and that Drake has received a 2012 UK Championship ring, coached at our alumni game, narrated TruTV’s basketball documentary on the Wildcats, and received his high school diploma about being inspired by Coach Cal and the Wildcats. And judging from the tweet above, it won’t be long before Drake is dropping his fellow Canadian’s name in some rap lyrics.


Come join #LaFamilia, Wiggins. You’ll be the “Best I Ever Had.” HYFR.




Article written by Kristen Geil

49 Comments for We’ll “Thank You Later,” Drake

  1. brian Ellis
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  2. Google Glasses
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  3. Eight Letters
    8:38 am April 12, 2013 Permalink

    Hopefully Wiggins will get a good taste of what it would be like playing with the twins and Randle, then confirm in his mind that Kentucky really is the best place for him.

  4. L1C4
    8:40 am April 12, 2013 Permalink

    This is why our nitle means more. We won without resorting to these smoke and mirror tactics. UK needed rappers, runners, agents and pimps to get their last title. We did it the right way and you know it.

  5. L1C4
    8:41 am April 12, 2013 Permalink


  6. L1C4
    8:43 am April 12, 2013 Permalink

    At least this is what I tell myself at night….when the cold sweats come on.

  7. Baby b
    8:47 am April 12, 2013 Permalink

    L1c4. If it wasn’t for the 1 and dones your team wouldn’t have a title cause uk would have had the same team that beat your ass twice last year and the 2 years before that but I forgot uL fans don’t think those games happened if anything you should be thanking cal r you would be hanging another final four or elite 8 banner up like usual

  8. Question
    8:49 am April 12, 2013 Permalink

    Didn’t Drake play a retarded boy on a kid’s show? He does look special.

  9. barn
    8:49 am April 12, 2013 Permalink

    4***so, how much more does your title mean than UK’s? does it equal 2 of ours? 3? 4? why don’t we just say your title is so meaningful that it equals 8? that way we’ll all feel good and be equal until next year, then we’ll have to devise a new formula.

  10. Bojangles
    8:51 am April 12, 2013 Permalink

    Baby b: Never thought of it that way — spot on…

  11. Drizzy
    8:52 am April 12, 2013 Permalink

    What it means #4 is that UKs on a different level than little brother but you can justify it however you need to.

  12. Cat Fan in Georgia
    8:53 am April 12, 2013 Permalink

    I know that I’m old school (Medicare eligibility happens this year) but this kind of stuff looks sort of creepy to me. Not wrong, just creepy. But that’s what’s done these days. I liked it better when there were no street agents / runners / AAU teams / shoe reps / “entourages” / etc. But those days are long gone.

  13. My keys were abducted by aliens
    8:54 am April 12, 2013 Permalink

    I think we can all agree the whole drake thing is a little cheesy… But if it helps us get Wiggins….
    I’m in 100 percent.

  14. Baby b
    8:54 am April 12, 2013 Permalink

    L1c4 who is gonna promote your school that is famous anyways to get recruits big black or Mitch McConnell HAhahajahaha. Freakin joke

  15. barn
    8:55 am April 12, 2013 Permalink

    12,,blame it on the nba. college bball is the nba’s farm system

  16. markky
    8:57 am April 12, 2013 Permalink

    how many UK fans troll and comment on a UL site? zero. because your losers aren’t relevant to anyone and four comments in to this post- a loser cardinal…..boom

  17. Baby b
    8:59 am April 12, 2013 Permalink

    #10 thank you very much it was work in progress was just waitin for those uL idiots to get on here and run their mouths cause they don’t like their uL sites with jv howie lindsey

  18. Cat Fan in Georgia
    9:11 am April 12, 2013 Permalink

    15 – You’re right about that. And it makes me sad. When will the next jersey be hung in Rupp’s rafters? Maybe Cal’s? Because it won’t be Anthony Davis’s, or the Harrisons’, or Karl Towns’s, or….. Don’t get me wrong…I love championships as much as anyone, and you usually need one-and-dones to get one, but that doesn’t mean that I have to embrace the system. I graduated in 1970, same year as Issel and Pratt. I really enjoyed watching them for four years. Unlikely I’ll ever see that again.

  19. Bmac
    9:18 am April 12, 2013 Permalink

    L1c4 is right, their title means more. They had to have a down year for basketball, the easiest path to a title in history, terrible officiating and a one and done rule which took all of the more talented players to the NBA in order to win their title.

  20. Bmac
    9:22 am April 12, 2013 Permalink

    Is there finally enough bandwagon uofl fans to start their own fan site? Or do they still have to follow around their big brother everywhere?

  21. markky
    9:26 am April 12, 2013 Permalink

    #18- I thought Darius Miller & PPat (3 years) would pretty decent…..nice try. Likely Hawkins will be next.

  22. CatGrad7072
    9:29 am April 12, 2013 Permalink

    #12. Medicare for me as well later this year! Shopping supplement plans these days. : )

    The young and the restless on here won’t understand ……….

  23. Dear UK, we are national champs and you are not
    9:29 am April 12, 2013 Permalink

    Simple Math
    Siva > Wall
    Pitbull > Drake
    Pitino > Cal

  24. kycatman
    9:36 am April 12, 2013 Permalink

    Hey L1C4, whats a nitle? Anyway I just want to thank you for coming on to our site to express your opinion about how relevant your UofL Cardinals are now!! It must really make you feel like a king after finally winning a title (not nitle) and after soooo many years. Wow, not since 1986, REALLY!! But I know how special your fan base thinks they are now because they come on here so they can at least be heard. Please be sure to tell the rest of your thug friends about our site so they to can post their stupid comments. For all of us Kentucky Fans, it just reaffirms our Big Brother status over you and how we have owned your ass through the years. Your jealously and true colors come through at these fine moments and creates lots of laughs for us so, keep your letters and comments coming!! Go Cats!!!!!!!! Go Cal!!!!!!!!

  25. Brandon
    9:38 am April 12, 2013 Permalink

    Simple question, can somebody please tell me what L1C4 means? I see Loo u vull fans saying it and I just don’t get it. Thanks in advance.

  26. Cat Fan in Georgia
    9:40 am April 12, 2013 Permalink

    21 – Miller and Patterson were good players. Hawkins will probably be a good player for four years (if he gets to play). Sadly, those are the exceptions. And you won’t be seeing their jerseys in the rafters along with those of the guys like Issel who had the great multi-year careers. Again…not saying that I’m not enjoying the era of the one-year player. I just wish it were different.

  27. CatGrad7072
    9:41 am April 12, 2013 Permalink

    25: L1C4; I think it’s a strain of STD.

  28. kycatman
    9:41 am April 12, 2013 Permalink

    @25 Louisville First Cardinals Forever, little brother had to come up with a catch phrase, how nice!!!!

  29. Skeller03
    9:45 am April 12, 2013 Permalink

    L1C4: Louisville 1st Cards 4ever
    Louisville 1 Cats 4 in the past few years…
    They tried to make it into a big twitter thing #L1C4.

  30. Pitbull LOL
    9:47 am April 12, 2013 Permalink

    Is #23 serious? Pitbull is by far the worst rapper ever. But I’m sure the line bearded, Crown Royal drinking douches love him. Just like Big Black is now their favorite actor (if you can consider him an actor).

  31. 8>3
    9:49 am April 12, 2013 Permalink

    23 – You should learn your math while in school, not from the other kids on the short bus.

    Siva > Wall??? Wall is in his 3rd year in NBA, whereas Siva’s American career is done. Look for him on a middle-of-the-pack team in Isreal next year.

    Pitino > Cal??? More delusion. Cal will have his 3rd final four in 5 years next year. It took Ricky 12 years to do that for little brother.

  32. Ldbowe10
    9:50 am April 12, 2013 Permalink

    I’m pretty sure it’s Lexington First, Cats Forever. Who in their right mind actually thinks Pitbull is any good? Every time I see that idiot fist pumping on a bud light commercial it makes me realize this world has gone to crap.

  33. markky
    9:57 am April 12, 2013 Permalink

    Siva > John Wall
    How many years of college did Siva play? And he’s projected where in the weakest draft in NBA history?? LMAO.

  34. Dear UK, we are national champs and you are not
    10:09 am April 12, 2013 Permalink

    For those of us whose programs don’t measure success by what their former players do in the NBA, Siva is clearly better than Wall by any objective standard.

    Siva: Back to Back Big East Tournament MVP, starting point guard on final four team, starting point guard on nationa championship team.

    Wall: Chokes to 5th place Big East team in Elite 8, has stupid dance.

  35. Jus Sayin
    10:14 am April 12, 2013 Permalink

    If Drake gets Wiggins to come here I better not ever see anyone complain about him on this site again.

  36. Ldbowe10
    10:15 am April 12, 2013 Permalink

    #34 is proof you can’t fix stupid.

  37. Rae
    10:52 am April 12, 2013 Permalink

    34. Most people measure success by your career, not what you did in school. Siva could end up like that frat boy who peaked in college.

  38. bosshog
    10:52 am April 12, 2013 Permalink

    34, You should become a comedian with this material! Hilarious stuff!

  39. Cal'sBloatedGut
    10:56 am April 12, 2013 Permalink

    34 is 100% correct. UahK and UofL are college institutions and not the D league. Who cares that he is scoring 20 points per game for the anal cavity of the NBA?

  40. Dear UK, we are national champs and you are not
    11:05 am April 12, 2013 Permalink

    Ahh, 37, so the truth comes out. You are more concerned with what players do in the NBA, than while at UK. So I guess all of that stuff about the Greatest Tradition in College Basketball competing for a title every year takes a back seat as long as the players have good NBA careers? And no one in their right mind can argue that Cal is a better coach than Rick. Cal is the best recruiter since Wooden, but he is a mediocre coach. Rick has 4 national semi final appearances, a national runner up, and two national titles. Cal has one national semi final appearance and one naitonal title.

  41. Dear UK, we are national champs and you are not
    11:11 am April 12, 2013 Permalink

    But most important, Pitino is a man of the highest virtue and moral standing. Trump that.

  42. Mispronounciation
    11:13 am April 12, 2013 Permalink

    Drake and Coach Cal are such great friends that Drake continuously mispronounced Coach Cal’s name during the documentary televised the night of Selection Sunday. The guy got a championship ring from Coach Cal, why should he be able to pronounce his name correctly? How many friends do you have that you can’t pronounce their name correctly?

  43. Mispronounciation
    11:15 am April 12, 2013 Permalink

    #34 Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  44. Wow
    12:23 pm April 12, 2013 Permalink

    @34 Did you really just compare John Walls one college season to peyton sivas 4 year college career? What round did UL go out Peytons freshman year? If Wall played 4 years UK would have 3 more titles and Peyton would have zero. Take that delusional garbage somewhere else.

  45. Eight Letters
    12:57 pm April 12, 2013 Permalink

    41. Pitino a man of high virtue and moral standing!?! So explain the three stacks he paid to that slut Sypher to get an abortion! He is Catholic for crying out loud!!! The Pope should be kicking his /\$$

  46. Paul
    1:26 pm April 12, 2013 Permalink

    Wall was undefeated vs Siva in head to head. Wall won 95% of all his games. Wall never lost to more head st. Wall avg’d more pts. More reb. More assists. (More TOs!).

    Siva reached a higher team pinnacle than wall, but can’t carry walls ball sweat towel. According to your rationale, Teague is the best point guard of the three anyway.

  47. Rae
    1:42 pm April 12, 2013 Permalink

    40. And you are more concerned with what players do for you than what they do for themselves. You don’t care if they end up a bust in the game of life as long as they have a great senior year for UL. This is why you don’t get top recruits. Wall certainly wasn’t a bust his freshman year. He certainly had a better freshman year than Siva. He could have easily won two titles by graduation, but he chose to fulfill his dream. If Siva had been a lottery pick, would he have stayed?

    Getting a degree isn’t guaranteed success in life. Many of the unemployed have degrees. A lottery pick is guaranteed money for at least a while, enough to build a nest egg.

  48. Rocks
    2:14 pm April 12, 2013 Permalink

    I never comment on these but #23 is quite possibly smoking rocks. Although I would agree that Pitino is a better coach.

  49. Cats in the NBA
    6:39 pm April 12, 2013 Permalink

    John wall is ABOUT TO GET PAID with a max contract this summer.

    Siva is ABOUT TO GET A PASSPORT so he can play overseas.