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It’s just another beautiful day in the world of Kentucky athletics as the college basketball world continues to speculate, ponder and discuss the implications of the story written by the New York Times’ Pete Thamel.  Obviously, the latest interesting piece of information being brought forth in regards to the story is the statement by Duquesne assistant Rodney Crawford that Thamel misrepresented his quotes and, in doing so, made it appear that he had something to hide.   Many of you – and many other media types, in fact – found it interesting and worthy of comment, especially since this isn’t Eric Bledsoe’s landlord speaking up and questioning the way his quotes were used.  This is a college assistant who has far more reason to be concerned with what he says and does publicly.  If nothing else, it’s another thing to ponder, speculate and discuss, right? 

Well, not for everyone.

One person who didn’t find it interesting?  Gentleman John Clay over at the Herald-Leader.  Good ole Gentleman John appears to have no issue with the apparent misrepresenation of quotes – or, if I understand this correctly, he just thinks it’s less of an issue than where it was published.  Granted, coming from the “who cares if we said Patrick Patterson drove off in a new car when he didn’t?” publication, I guess it’s not too surprising.  There’s no room to be bothered by things like intent or context when you have to spend so much time on that pedestal looking down on everyone.  But, given my tremendous respect for John Clay, it still burns deep.  Gentleman John, take it away:


Ouch. I thought we were boys.  But, all insults from John Clay aside, let’s all at least give the local paper credit for breaking a major story on the biggest issue facing the sole beat they’re paid to cover. Oh wait…

Article written by Thomas Beisner