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Wednesday Trivia: Name that Cat


It is a late Tuesday night here in the Ville and with little in the way of news having happened (Cutler v Andrews is the big story) and having spent the evening watching Batman (very, very good….Ledger is great and the script is top shelf), this seems like a good time to play a little game that I have been planning for a bit. Back before I was fortunate enough to do this gig, I often loved any interesting tidbit about the UK players that I could ever find out. Whether it was a story about Saul Smith dating a fellow Transy student, Derek Anderson’s friendship with Ashley Judd or Richie Farmer moustache urban legends, any off-the-court tidbit I could hear was always a treat. In the last three years since I have been doing this, I have picked up some of these stories and they have become one of the best parts of the whole thing. With the Barnstorming Tour this year, the stories continued to flow and many are of the sort that they cant be printed here. But some are interesting and worth revealing as a good summer diversion.

Thus what follows below are ten TRUE tidbits about ten different former UK players. None of the players still play for UK, but all suited up for the Cats at some point during the 2000 decade. Your job (if you choose to accept it), is to match the ten tidbits with each of the former UK players for which the tidbit is correct. You can match the ten in the comments section and the person who gets the most correct, will be a contestant for our first major trivia game on the radio show (in early August), first prize of which is two tickets to a UK basketball game. So here are the ten items:

1. Favorite Movie is The Notebook

2. In his first pickup game upon arriving on campus, stole the ball on a fast break and went up for a dunk…..only to get pinned against the rim and land flat on his back while his future teammates universally fell to the ground laughing.

3. Once responded to a post-game question from me about what he was looking forward to in the SEC conference schedule with the response, “all the other teams’ cheerleaders.”

4. Arguably (and universally agreed by all that have seem them) has the Nastiest Feet ever seen on a human being.

5. Is generally mentioned by all his fellow former teammates to have had the most UK college women interested in him of any other player.

6. Was said by another player to have taken “fewer showers than any person I have ever been around in my life.”

7. Once made 35 straight three pointers to win a bet with a fellow teammate after practice.

8. Soon after arriving on campus and being disciplined for violating a team rule, looked at then-coach Tubby Smith after he laid the smack down and thinking Coach was kidding said, “AWWW Dawg, you know how we do”, while trying to give Tubby five. Tubby was (to say the least) not amused.

9. At one point got in a tense verbal shouting match over which school is better….with a female Louisville cheerleader.

10. Has been known to break into his teammates’ rooms on road trips, use the toilet (the second way), not flush, turn the heat up to the maximum and then leave the room as is for the inhabitant to find hours later.

So there you go….ten stories you may not know….your job is to guess who is what. We will have the answers in Wednesday night’s late post. Everybody gets one guess (make it good) and the one with the most correct wins. Remember it can be any player who wore a uniform for UK in the 2000 decade, so be creative. Enjoy!!!

Article written by Matt Jones