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Wednesday Randoms…..


Over the course of the next few weeks, we will be introducing you to some new Kentucky Sports Radio contributors. Some of these will be people you know, some you dont. Some will have serious takes on sports, some more random. We kick things off by introducing you to Mattox, who will give his random thoughts a couple of times a week. Here is his first take…..

Wednesday Randoms

So we’re under 20 days now until the kickoff of the 2007 Kentucky Football Season. Glad we’ve continued the tradition of starting things off by helping one of the smaller instate institutions gain some exposure.

My liver can hardly wait until the first tailgate. Nothing says football season quite like binge drinking for 17 hours on a Saturday with 20 of your closest friends. Bob Bless America.

Guarded optimism. Overall we probably have a better team than in 2006, but may finish with a less impressive record due to the schedule. No point in beating Barbaro. That angle has been played to death.

IMO and that’s really the only one that counts, there is another far more depressing reason for the guarded nature of the fanbase and that is the damage to the collective psyche of the Kentucky Football Fan. Kentucky Football has been the Charlie Brown of the SEC…air time we get ready to kick the ball someone or something (probation) yanks the damn thing away. Even on the heels of a last season’s Music City Bowl win, there’s still a part of our subconscious that’s waiting for the other shoe to drop.

We’re Battered Fans. No matter how terrible we’ve been treated in the past, we keep coming back for more. Optimism will always be tainted because deep down we know that much like a battered wife, we’re just one drunken Saturday away from being slapped back to reality. Again. We’ll be back next year though. There is no shelter for battered fans.

As awful as Tim Couch’s prospects of seeking gainful employment in the NFL may seem, and they’re pretty much non-existent based upon camp reports, if he manages to throw one more pass in an NFL uniform that will be one more than Michael Vick. All his boys have gone Big Pussy on him and left him hanging out to dry. Where’s Paulie Walnuts when you need him? Vick is toast.

There is probably one unlikely Vick supporter left out there in the form of WWE Chairman Vince McMahon. Seriously. Vick better get a Christmas Card from the genetic jackhammer this year for making the Chris Benoit story disappear from the national radar.

Is there anyone in sports more terrible than Fantasy Football Guy? Never suited up for any team sport in his life. Probably couldn’t name five Super Bowl winners. Has designed a complex algorithm on the weekends in his spare time to conduct his fantasy draft. Will kick your ass in Week One.

Is anyone else incredibly disappointed with Ice Road Truckers? Really went into the show thinking it was going to be a solid series. Not so much. Worse storm of the season + people bitching about the cold + lots of angles of the ice cracking = EVERY EPISODE IN THE SERIES. Prolly sounded great in production meetings, but when no one is video taped plunging to their death to a frozen tomb, it just becomes truck drivers going really slow in a snow storm. That doesn’t sound so great.


BTW…I don’t follow recruiting. I’ll never post about a recruit. I’ll never interview a recruit. Just don’t ask. I don’t care. Honestly, the entire internet recruiting phenomenon scares the hell out of me. Alleged insider provides some cryptic comments about the pending commitment of big time recruit. Big time recruit makes decision. Insider spins cryptic comments to meet his agenda. Legions of lackeys and hangers-on now eagerly await the next bit of knowledge to be espoused by said internet recruiting guru. Seriously. Internet recruiting junkies put more faith in alleged insiders and their word than the Jews bestowed upon Moses after descending from the mountaintop with the Ten Commandments. Of course, I’m not speaking as to any one person specifically, but rather in generalities as to the whole process and culture that has developed.

6-6. See you in Shreveport.

Article written by Matt Jones