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Wedding Weekend’s Monday News and Views


Weddings are always strange affairs for me. Now that I have been out of college for longer than I care to admit, I have seen most all of my close friends end up getting hitched. Turkey Hunter, Johnny “The” Bruce and The Drew Franklin are some of the last of the Matt Jones friend list to still find themselves single and without the loving bond/end of freedom that marriage brings. So with each wedding I attend, I wonder a bit more if it is time for me to finally settle down and recognize that when I graduated from college, Carson Daly was still on MTV, the most famous terrorist was named McVeigh and people stlll cared (and read) what was in the Herald-Leader. Such was the case this weekend as the KSR Hubby wedding took place at the Fasig-Tipton farm on Newtown Pike (and if you think that the locale led to jokes about a certain UK beat writer, you are correct). It was a fun event in which the ceremony took place under a cool 102 degree sun, I explained to a 64 year old woman what “Teach Me How to Dougie” means and the above cake was the “groom’s cake” for the affair. That cake in particular made the event memorable to me, as it showcased that at least for KSR tech guru Hubby, he had found a lady who could appreciate him and his full KSR blog life. I may never find the woman out there who appreciates my rare DVD copy of the 1990 LSU game in Rupp, “The Wire”, Dostoyevsky, WWE, Charlie Rose, “The Bachelor”, Johnny Cash, the Ricky Gervais podcasts, “Curb Your Enthusiasm” and the Tony Kornheiser radio show enough to put up with me forever, but at least Hubby found his. Congrats to the two of them and cross your fingers that the site doesnt break down this week they are on their honeymoon.

To the news…..

(1): The big story of the week, and if I was a betting man the next couple of weeks, is the upcoming Karen Sypher trial in Louisville. I am expecting a packed house at the federal courthouse in Louisville tomorrow as the opening statements are given in what is the biggest legal event in Kentucky since Rob Bromley filed a trademark suit against Jack Conway for “haircut infringment”. I plan on attending some of the trial and tweeting updates on my Twitter feed kysportsradio, but it is worth taking a step back and realizing what is happening. Rick Pitino, one of the best basketball coaches in America, is claiming he was extorted for money after a sexual encounter that took place between he and his EQUIPMENT MANAGER’s WIFE on top of a restaurant booth in an upscale dining establishment in Louisville. It is almost too bizarre to comprehend. Pitino is scheduled to testify on Tuesday and you know who will be front and center to watch as much of that circus show as it happens. And as for the Sypher testimony…she doesnt have to testify but most think she will…and if that happens, well get ready because we will have seen very little in the world of absurdity that can rival it. This could be a brilliant week.

(2): A report came out this weekend that the potential new #1 player in America Anthony Davis Jr has eliminated North Carolina, just a few days after suggesting that the Tar Heels were going to be one of the schools he considers. Once again he is now left with three, Syracuse, Ohio State and Kentucky, with most experts believing that the Cats are firmly in the lead. He will visit all three schools and is likely to make a decision either late this summer or in the fall. Davis is a player that the UK folks are salivating over and his decision could completely change the fate of a number of UK recruits, including Quincy Miller. Going into the end of the recruiting period, he is THE story for UK basketball recruiting right now.

(3): A player who has captured the imagination of some UK fans during the recruiting process is Tony Wroten Jr who has used Twitter to make a number of bold statements this week. Wroten tweeted out that he should be a top 5 player and continued to use Twitter more than any player that I have seen so far in high school basketball. His comments led Seth Davis to send a response to him suggesting he should concentrate more on basketball and less on talking, a common sentiment that is getting repeated more and more by those around the college basketball circles. Wroten is an amazing talent and I love his openness to be part of the social media phenomenon. But there is a line to everything and at this point, Wroten’s comments are potentially hurting him a bit in the recruiting process, not only with scouts but potentially coaches as well. He still is a favorite of the fans however with fans of all schools (but mostly UK) sending him messages on Twitter, including one UK fan who sent 16 in an hour. 16!!!! Folks I will repeat what I have said before….these are 17 year old kids and you are probably a grown man…when in doubt, dont do it….and 16 in an hour is more than too much.

(4): Today Patrick Patterson threw out the first pitch for the Houston Astros in their game versus the Reds in Texas. Patterson admitted he was nervous but all indications are that he threw a good pitch (he claimed a strike but I have seen no video footage to confirm). Patrick is getting settled in the Houston area and if you havent yet seen this interview I did in Vegas with Pat, make sure and check it out. He talks about topics including:

— Why he stayed to play with Calipari
— Getting adjusted to not being the #1 guy
— If Billy Clyde’s treatment of players was too harsh
— Whether he would have been at Kentucky had Tubby stayed
— What he thinks about the low-down, dirty snitches down in Knoxville

There is a lot more as well and Patrick talks openly about his time in Lexington in ways that he has not previously. I think it is worth a watch if you havent seen it.

(5): Finally, some news in the “sanity in high school sports” department. Michael Gilchrist is taking six weeks off from basketball in a decision jointly made by he and his mother. In so doing, he will miss a game on ESPNU and potentially not be seen as much by scouts, etc which in theory could hurt his overall 2011 ranking. But Gilchrist has decided that instead he wants to prepare for his Senior year both athletically and academically and get some time to rest after a long summer of travelling and playing basketball. I love the decision and think it showcases just how mature Mike and his mother are at this stage. There is more to life than AAU tournaments and Gilchrist “gets it.”

More all day, with a good week coming up. A couple of guest writers will be showing up and we will have other pieces including (maybe) the Orton and Cousins’s pieces. Its three weeks of normalcy around here before we hit the road for Windsor, Canada so stay tuned….

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Article written by Matt Jones