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We will miss you Mike Shula…

Today marked the end of an era…..granted it wasnt a storied era, it was the Mike Shula era…..but it ended either way. Alabama football, a bit like Indiana basketball, has long sought to go back to an era that has long since past and thus demands GREATNESS…..and greatness has evaded them. Whether it was Mike Price cavorting with ladies of the night, Dennis Franchione leaving for the greener pastures of a place called College Station or Mike Shula adding very little but an attractive wife, Alabama just aint Alabama anymore and the Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammers simply will not stand for it any longer.

So who will the Tide bring in? Well I am sure lots of big names will be bandied about all those delusional enough in Tuscaloosa to think that anyone cares (there were some who even argued that the Iron Bowl two weeks ago would be bigger than Ohio St-Michigan). Thus you will likely hear people whisper about Jimmy Johnson, Bill Belichek and Knute Rockne. But ultimately the best bet would be someone like Rich Rodriquez or Bobby Petrino and they more than likely will end up with someone underwhelming like Bob Davie or whoever happens to be coaching Boise State or BYU.

I for one am sad to see the Shula era end. Mike always looked to be slightly clueless on the sideline….which made me smile. He had a face similar to that given by a celebrity watching a Republican speech…..baffled bemusement….disagreement with what is going on, but not really an understanding of what is being spoken about. Shula always seemed to be one step slow and his team’s often reflected that. But I for one thought his wife was really hot and he wore a nice red hat….so I would have supported him. But alas poor Yorick, it twas not to be. What does the future hold…..only Gene Stallings can truly know.

And dont turn this into a Tubby debate…..although I know you want to….

Article written by Matt Jones