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We missed an anniversary yesterday


Sometimes, even when there is no basketball, things slip through the cracks.  We do our best, but we’re just people too.  So, I’m sorry for overlooking something so obvious and so worthy of celebration.  Ladies and gentlemen, yesterday was the fourth anniversary of Eloy Vargas making the Dunk of the Day.  Don’t laugh at me. There’s video proof below.


Yes, that was Eloy.  Eloy Vargas.  Believe it or not, this is what he used to look like.  Not plodding, not showing the lateral movement of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.  Nope, Eloy once had enough basketball skill to average 25 and 15 – and that was just a few months ago.  So, what’s happened? No one seems to know.  To me, it looks like he’s gotten too heavy in his lower body or had steel beams placed from his hip bone to his ankle.  I’m not sure if they offer that surgery and doubt it would be recommended if they did, so maybe he’s just gotten too heavy.  His conditioning doesn’t seem to be awful, which is odd.  He just looks heavy, if that makes sense.  Maybe that was part of the plan in getting him to be an inside presence for a team that was a little thin in the middle already.  Maybe K-Lair just goes straight to his thighs.  I don’t know.  I just know I like that old Eloy better than Eloy Centaurgas. Short of Doc Brown and a DeLorean, I’m open to any suggestions as to how we can get that old Eloy back.

Oh, and happy anniversary.

Article written by Thomas Beisner

42 Comments for We missed an anniversary yesterday

  1. Uno
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  2. Roggensak
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  3. bung
    1:11 pm January 26, 2011 Permalink

    Hood can do it. Vargas will come around. Jared Carter is having a good season in Rochester.
    Free Enes…

  4. fish
    1:15 pm January 26, 2011 Permalink

    vargas is the biggest mystery of a player for uk i’ve ever seen. and i ben watchin since 1983. he has talent! dont understand why he cant play better… 6-11 w skills, length n athleticsm… hopefully its weight or psychological reasons… i really hope he can help us this yr but were runnin out of time

  5. bung
    1:17 pm January 26, 2011 Permalink

    no mo losses and # 8

  6. fish
    1:18 pm January 26, 2011 Permalink

    IF the bench (vargas, hood, poole, polsen) begins to contribute we become a top 5 team… if not we go 6 deep n thin in the middle

  7. dunk
    1:20 pm January 26, 2011 Permalink

    Wow…..a simple alley-oop dunk by a 6′ 10″ guy. Very impressive.

  8. Al's IndiCats
    1:24 pm January 26, 2011 Permalink

    I’m not quite sure of whats happening to Eloy, I thought for sure he’d be a beast in the paint, it just looks like he’s lost sometimes. I not ready to give up on him, I’m looking for a light bulb to go off and play like the animal we all know he can be.

  9. Jonah Hex
    1:26 pm January 26, 2011 Permalink

    Maybe we arent helping the kid much being so hard on him.

  10. Cal
    1:27 pm January 26, 2011 Permalink

    Calm down BBN. I have been telling Eloy to play really bad so no one in the Tourney will be ready to handle him. Once tourney time I will release Mr. Vargas and no one will be able to stop us to banner number 8. I ask the BBN to keep this our little secret though.

  11. KentuckyHouse
    1:28 pm January 26, 2011 Permalink

    Part of the reason Vargas might look “heavy”…I’ve noticed he wears a flak jacket under his jersey (it protects the ribs and kidneys). This seems to give him that “centaur” look that was mentioned earlier. Because of the jacket, he seems to be leaning backward or something. I’ve never heard an explanation for why he wears it, but it’s definitely there.

    4) Nobody is making fun of Eloy. Get a life. If you’d actually READ, you’ll see where someone pointed out that, because of the posture I mentioned above, he takes on the “centaur” look. Besides, there’s no game during the week this week…what else are UK fans supposed to do to entertain themselves?

    My theory on Eloy’s seeming decline in skills? He’s distracted. Lest we all forget, he just lost his dad a few months ago. Would I love to see him doing better? Of course, but it’s hard to say how that sort of trauma affects a 20 year old college student. He’ll be fine.

  12. KevinC
    1:29 pm January 26, 2011 Permalink

    Eloy Vargas is a bigger waste of a scholly….and bench space…than Sheray Thomas and Bobby Perry combined. ­čś«

  13. KentuckyHouse
    1:31 pm January 26, 2011 Permalink

    Ok…apparently they deleted Mike D’s comment at #4 while I was posting my response above. To the new #4 poster…disregard.

  14. Al's IndiCats
    1:38 pm January 26, 2011 Permalink

    12) you didn’t mention good old Saul “I’ll bogart that” Smith. With him on the court you could almost count down to the second when
    1…he was going to take an ill advised shot or
    2…he was going to throw the ball away. We lost out on a great PG in Jason Gardner from Indy that went to Arizona. He and his pop was a BIG UK fans, but he wasn’t going to sit the pine behind the coach’s son. And who can forget that during a crucial game with, the Tubbster pulled Turner out of the game to let Saul piss it away.

  15. fish
    1:39 pm January 26, 2011 Permalink

    12- neither perry or thomas was highly rated or recruited…they were 2-3 star talents that played to their potential… they were 6-6,6-7 and neither was close to bein hs all americans…vargas is a 6-11 4-5 star hs all-american that was highly coveted…c’mon he
    1st .signed 1st w billy d. then coach cal.
    13- no worries

  16. fish
    1:42 pm January 26, 2011 Permalink

    woops typo

  17. kyeric
    1:43 pm January 26, 2011 Permalink

    Eloy is a prototypical Florida Gator. Softness and non-aggressiveness abound. Will he come around? Who knows? Well, Cal knows…

  18. fish
    1:44 pm January 26, 2011 Permalink

    vargas, hood n poole…all 3 shud get 5-8 mts every game and let em work out the kinks

  19. Cousins Fake Teeth
    1:45 pm January 26, 2011 Permalink

    12) Bobby Perry actually did alot better his Sr season.

  20. HubbaBubba
    1:48 pm January 26, 2011 Permalink

    You can’t give guys minutes, just to give them minutes, when the game is in doubt.

  21. Jaws2
    1:51 pm January 26, 2011 Permalink

    Who’s the guy dunking in the video? This must be another Vargas kid from Cuba or someplace else.

  22. jaxcats8503
    1:54 pm January 26, 2011 Permalink

    Vargas was much more explosive in this video: 360 anyone? Love to see him return to this form.

  23. Little Known Facts
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  24. mjj2k+
    2:01 pm January 26, 2011 Permalink

    Some athletes simply fill out as they get older in ways that don’t help them in the sport they’re playing.

    Boris Becker probably had a better body for tennis in his late teens than mid 20’s- he got too thick, and didn’t move as well. Dwight Gooden was a phenom as a skinny 19-20 year old. He added muscle, and seemed to lose movement off his pitches (cocaine probably didn’t help any, either). If you saw Marvin Stone (RIP) video from when he was a Jr in HS, and 30 pounds lighter than when he got to UK, you had a better idea how he was ever at the top of his recruiting class (because I never saw how that was possible when he got to UK)- he was far quicker and more explosive than he was as he aged.

    Vargas might simply have lost the genetic lottery. The natural addition of bulk and muscle with age has robbed him of any explosiveness. Doesn’t happen with everyone, but it does happen.

  25. Tbone
    2:05 pm January 26, 2011 Permalink

    Wow…23…just, wow.

    Anyway. I think Eloy’s problem is the language barrier. *I kid, I kid…*

  26. Little Known Facts
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  27. Bulldawg
    2:18 pm January 26, 2011 Permalink

    Vargus lost his Dad recently! Yall need to get off the kid’s back. I’m all for UK winning but not at the expense of kicking a kid after he lost his father. Vargus obviously has the talent, he has just got to be able to turn this tragedy in his life into something he can use for fuel. When this kid finally does light up again, on the court or off, I will be extremely happy for him when he is able to be himself again. I know if a fan base made mocking pictures and wise cracks about me after my Dad died because I was not performing up to there standards I would forever hate that fan base. Coach Cal has the right as a Coach and mentor to be tough on this kid. However, we as a fan base do not. If you want to hate someone for just totally sucking, Hartline works out pretty good for me. GBB!!!

  28. catintn
    2:20 pm January 26, 2011 Permalink

    I wish people would just get off of Eloy’s back and let him be a kid. Im sure it does wonders for his confidence to look at this site and see all the negative comments directed at him. He’s struggling this year- BIG DEAL – he’s a great kid who never gets in trouble, keeps his mouth shut and just works hard. People need to remember that he’s a kid in a slump, not a professional athlete. Give him some time, if I remember correctly these same type articles and comments have been made about Jorts in the past but its different with him cause he’s a fan favorite. I LOVE THE CATS and want them all to play well, I just wish the majority of Cats fans would lay off and let him be a kid so he can enjoy this once in a lifetime oppurtunity and eventually he will come around. GO BIG BLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. huge ky fan
    2:20 pm January 26, 2011 Permalink

    i mean i dont no what to say bout vargas. he was a top 50 recurit comin in 3 years ago. hes had a little college experience but just dont look like he knows whats going on out there. im hopin that hes starts to get his shit together and come march his game has changed and hes puttin up better stats. so next year he will even be better and help out alot next year

  30. catintn
    2:23 pm January 26, 2011 Permalink

    My sentiments exactly Bulldawg- I read your comment after I posted mine. I only wish the rest of Big Blue Nation felt the way we did

  31. SmartAss
    2:25 pm January 26, 2011 Permalink

    Hey #23–which plaque are you referring to? The kind that ruins your teeth, or the kind you get for coaching a little league team?

  32. Upper Section Student
    2:26 pm January 26, 2011 Permalink

    Odd, K-Lair usually went straight to the toilet for me.

  33. catintn
    2:27 pm January 26, 2011 Permalink

    #12- YOU SIR ARE AN IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nuf said

  34. random
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  35. Buzzard
    4:06 pm January 26, 2011 Permalink

    Give the kid a break. I’m sure he would like to kick ass. Show ’em they’re wrong about you Eloy

  36. EW
    4:48 pm January 26, 2011 Permalink

    I’m betting he’s an Ovids man.

  37. Baldy
    4:49 pm January 26, 2011 Permalink

    That was the dunk of the day? Must have been a REALLY slow day

  38. BhamJ
    5:00 pm January 26, 2011 Permalink

    I’ll tell you what happened. Eloy put on 100 pounds.

  39. Go Deep
    6:10 pm January 26, 2011 Permalink

    Maybe the one we have is the Fake Eloy.

  40. TRUTH
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  41. TheGuyPitinoForgotToPayToGetFreshFishAtPorchinis
    7:26 pm January 26, 2011 Permalink

    ¡Viva Cetaurgas!

  42. TheGuyPitinoForgotToPayToGetFreshFishAtPorchinis
    7:30 pm January 26, 2011 Permalink

    ¡Libre Centaurgas!