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We are Four! and other Monday News and Views


Today is the 4th anniversary/birthday of the creation of Kentucky Sports Radio. On November 2, 2005, I put up this post as somewhat of a mission statement, announcing the creation of this very website:

Welcome to the Kentucky Sports Radio Blog! As many of you who have listened to the show already know, Kentucky Sports Radio is your one stop shop for all things having to do with Kentucky basketball and football. If you have made it this far, I do not have to sell you on the show, but just wanted to give you a little information on what to expect from this blog.

Every day you will have here:

1. Recruiting information from Rob Gidel on football and Matt Jones on basketball — While Rob and I both post recruiting information on the set of websites and KentuckySportsReport in particular, this blog will be used for more speculative information. We will give the latest updates and include links to interviews that we both have done with various recruits. This blog will have the BEST recruiting information available on the web and will link to any new information from our partner site,

2. Stories from the hosts and contributers to KSR Radio — As all of you that have listened to the show know, we have a host of people who not only know sports, they are also entertaining. This blog will be the home for the thoughts of Matt Jones, Rob Gidel, Jim Tirey, Duncan Cavanah, John wilkinson, Andrew Napper, Josh Dickson and other contributors to the show. This is the place for entertaining tidbits and thoughts on the Cats and college athletics as a whole.

3. Links to the best of the college sports universe — We will also be linking to important stories from around the country….not just the usual ESPN-type information, but off-the-wall stories and tidbits from around the net. If you visit this blog every day, you will find out all you need to know to follow college athletics.

4. Updates on the progress of the show —- We will announce on this blog all new stations that have been added to the KSR team and any appearances we may be making in coming weeks. In addition, you can use it to tell ladies where they can find Rob on weekends, in case they are interested.

There will be much more, but rather than tell you, we will show you……get ready for a new way to follow UK athletics….

And with that, literally tens of people were able to start following the Kentucky Sports Radio website. A lot has changed since that first post. We no longer partner with Kentucky Sports Report, and unfortunately they no longer invite us to any of their cookouts. Some of the early writers are gone (Tirey never really started and the Napper/Dickson eras were short lived). We also have narrowed our focus, not really covering the entire college sports universe, but basically staying with Kentucky as our core. But some things remain the same…Rob Gidel and John Wilkinson still write from time to time. We do still cover UK news in a rather ridiculous fashion (although none of us could have forseen the Rob Bromley/Alan Cutler pictures at the time). The last sentence however is the one that resonates with me. We set out to create “a new way to follow UK athletics.” I think we have done that. Over the course of the last four years, this site has grown but has tried to remain true to its core. What was once a group of friends trying to do something fun in their spare time has now reached out to become something we would have never imagined.

Tonight we spent an hour on a conference call, planning the next five months on the site. We talked about some upcoming announcements, the big political news coming on Wednesday and how we would cover the basketball season. But mostly, we just made sarcastic comments, talked about Shagari Alleyne and made fun of BTI. At its core, that is what Kentucky Sports Radio was four years ago, and it is still that way now. For those of you that have been along for the entire ride, we are appreciative. And for those of you that are new, I hope you will still be here in four more years, when someone else is writing this post. Heres to enjoying what Jimmy Carter and George H.W. Bush never had, a second term.

To the news…

(1): Today was the first media open basketball practice of the Calipari era and the news was rather light. The media was let in, but now allowed to tweet or give specifics about the events they witnessed. I did not attend due to radio duties, but hope to catch a glimpse later this week. Before practice, Calipari made a number of comments about the state of the team, most of which were relatively normal. He did say that with John Wall out of the exhibition game Monday night, either Eric Bledsoe or Darius Miller will get the start at point guard. The potential for playing time by Miller at point guard, may alleviate a minor concern with the team…mainly that they have a number of options on the wing (Harris, Hood, Liggins, Miller, etc) but only a couple of real shooting/point guards. Miller playing at PG could open up time at the wing and allow Bledsoe at the two….a lineup that may be more successful for the times when Wall does not play.

(2): Calipari also mentioned that beginning next year, there may be no more exhibition games as we have known them in recent years. Calipari prefers the “UNC” method, in which they travel and play other college teams in “super secret” games that are not attended by the fans. UNC did that this year with Vandy and Calipari did the same thing at Memphis. Not playing the home exhibition games might come at a slight revenue loss, but it would allow better competition in the preseason. It will be interesting to see how in the world UK could keep such games secret. UK fans are everywhere and they will do anything to attend any game.

(3): Tonight we also wrote about Jerry Tipton’s stating that fans chanting recruits’ names is apparently ok. After both Tipton and ESPN said in their Midnight Madness stories that such chants broke NCAA rules, Jerry then decided to investigate the claim. After an email from Sandy Bell, UK’s Director of Compliance, Tipton became convinced that such chants are NOT NCAA Rule breakers and that the previous ink that suggested they were was wasted. So that is the second clarification/correction of the week for the Herald and Jerry if you are keeping track at home. Unfortunately for UK fans, the chanting change may have come too late…the big guys have already been through and the chance to make an impression has passed.

(4): On the football end of things, the talk is still about the lack of Cobb in the 4th quarter. On our radio show on Sunday morning, Dave Ragone was shocked that Cobb was not given a chance to have the ball in the 4th quarter and said, “you dont take the ball from the best shooter you have at the end, just because he missed earlier.” He also made the point that because the playbook is so simplified for Newton (as it should be), not having Cobb at QB makes little sense. Ragone said, “if you arent going to open up your whole playbook like you do with Hartline, then why not have a short playbook with your best player?” Hard to argue with that from my end.

We have a lot going on over the next few days….we released KSR Podcast: Episode 1 last night and it is available below…check it out. We also have a partnership we will be announcing this week, which should be exciting. And, on Wednesday, KSR will have a political announcement that is for real and will be shocking….just wait and see. All that a LIVE blog tonight for the Campbellsville game. Stay tuned, its a big week…

Article written by Matt Jones