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Watch Ryan Harrow accept the blame for tonight’s loss

Video by cn|2


Article written by Mrs. Tyler Thompson

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170 Comments for Watch Ryan Harrow accept the blame for tonight’s loss

  1. dribble drive high five
    10:18 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    nope. leave him alone

  2. carl spackler
    10:20 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink


  3. LuvDaCats
    10:21 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    Ryan Harrow, you are a great player. That was a team loss. You rock…..Go Big Blue.

  4. Heart ache
    10:21 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    Get on the phone,bus ,plane whatever go home to momma

  5. Bubba Earl
    10:21 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    Pass me the tissue Tito!

  6. NKY_UK_fan
    10:22 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    1. Calipari had to know Harrow was soft during his transfer year practices.
    2. Why didn’t he recruit another PG? I assume there weren’t any available.
    3. How could Calipari not see the potential issues of Goodwin and Poythress while recruiting them?
    4. Was this year’s offense most beneficial to the players like years past?

    That being said, bring on next year

  7. TN Cat
    10:23 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    Win as a team, lose as a team.

  8. Am sorry
    10:23 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    It’s easy to forget they are so young. I real do feel bad for Harrow he is a good kid.

  9. wtf?WHY?
    10:23 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    Why did you have to put this on here the kid doesnt ever need to see whats coming next

  10. Rae
    10:23 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    Well that was awkward.

  11. Ukcats!
    10:24 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    Feel bad for Ryan…there’s no way he deserves the blame for losing the game. Yes he played terrible, but no one guarded well, and no one played with any sense of urgency until midway through the 2nd half. We were consistently inconsistent again tonight, and was disappointing from a team stand point not just one player, as it has been all season.

  12. Robukpt
    10:25 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    They put this in here bc most people will see it and back off. He’s a kid. He played badly. He’s trying to accept that. Lets all move on.

  13. oldwino
    10:26 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    #7 agreed! With only 2 players in double figures, Ryan wasn’t the only one that didn’t show up.

  14. Tomas
    10:26 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    People need to lay off Harrow. These are kids. He knows he didn’t play well, he knows he has been inconsistent all season. He doesn’t need hillbillies telling him on twitter. It’s pretty hard to poop on yourself in front of the whole country and let your team. We have all not performed when we were needed to, hopefully this won’t be the lasting memory of Ryan Harrow’s career at UK.

  15. JBR
    10:26 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    Personal opinion here: I think it was not in good taste to put this video up on this site after this game tonight. Everyone is upset, and this is like putting blood in the water for these comments.

    I hate to see anyone suffer personally like this, anyone should, BUT, at the same time, it is a little late in the season to be this upset over something that has repeated itself over and over and over. I am not meaning to insult the kid, but he is a headcase, and is in way over his head. He has UK talent, but the mentality to be in the pep band. BUT, a good part of this, him being in this position, also is on Cal. And, I would be much more harsh if it was Poythress that was crying…playing with no heart is a choice…it is within their control. That is why everyone is so upset with them.

  16. bigbluenationbigredmachine
    10:26 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    You should take this down.

  17. harrow schmarrow
    10:26 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    Boo-hoo! My heart hurts for him……NOT!!! Just play basketball girl, you’ve done it your whole life. Right?

  18. Heartbreaking
    10:26 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    This is heartbreaking. A good reminder that these kids are kids. Ryan, this is not your fault. No one else on the team played well either. You win together and you lose together. This is not on you. Good kid in a tough spot. Real BBN fans are behind you no matter what.

  19. Winston
    10:27 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    Who cares. Put this year out of its misery and focus on the talent coming in. I’m done worrying about this team. I don’t care if they get in the tournament because the harsh reality is they don’t deserve to get in. They were warned for months this could happen and they didn’t listen.

  20. I'm talking to you
    10:27 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    If you watch this and still hate on this kid you need to take your drunk ass to bed. Your an adult. Act like it.

  21. oldschool
    10:27 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    Imagine how much fun KSR would have with this video if that player had been wearing a UL, Duke or IU jersey?
    I’ve never put the blame for this season squarely on the shoulders of the players and I won’t do it now. This loss and this season is on Cal. And if Cal was truly a player’s first coach – he would realize that Harrow is a bit sensitive and would not allow him to sit in a locker room with towel over his head and sulk for the whole world to see.

    Cal needs to man up, close the locker room doors and come out to the media and just say it was a bad night, he takes responsibility and leave the players alone. I’ve said it all season – these kids are KIDS – literally. Most of them are under the age of 19-20. That’s part of the problem, but it’s not their fault.

    Fault lies on the shoulders of a grown 50-year-old man who expects a kid to go from his high school prom to carrying the weight of College Basketball’s proudest program in a span of six months. Simply unrealistic and highly irresponsible.

  22. williamtitan
    10:27 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    cal sucks as a coach. thats why we lost. not because of the team.

  23. MattO
    10:27 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    D#mn it Harrow….. We’re sorry. We’re sorry there is so much damn weight on your shoulders. I can’t imagine someone so young having to deal with so much pressure. I know if I was in that position I would have crumbled a long time ago. Please forgive us 🙁

  24. Some Guy in Kentucky
    10:28 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    The whole team, and the coaches lost the game.

  25. Delk for 3
    10:28 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    Ryan didn’t play well tonight, but neither did anyone else. He is not the reason this team lost. Our crappy team is the reason.

  26. UK Fan #5
    10:29 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    6. 1-2 It was a down year for point guards, ESPN had Marcus Paige #1 (#22) overall and cal felt comfortable wit Harrow because he thought Archie, Alex, and Nerlens would be physical.
    3.They both dominated in high school and when they got to the next level Alex went into his shell and Archie didn’t have a reliable enough jumpshot because all he did was drive and dunk in high school.
    4. I don’t think the offense was great, but if you watch they probably spend 10-12 seconds a poession just standing around, no movement without the ball.

  27. Rae
    10:29 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    15. That’s an insult to the pep band. I might be wrong, but I think playing in the basketball pep band is something they earn.

  28. WheelerBear
    10:29 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    take the video and shove it up your ass KSR

  29. Brad
    10:29 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    Take it down. We don’t need this. The team doesn’t need this.

  30. Bird in Kentucky
    10:29 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    Harrow don’t feel bad about this one game bud, You have sucked all year.

  31. UKjoe
    10:30 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    Oh my. he still has ton of growing up to do. so very immature. should not be at 21 years old…

  32. Mike
    10:30 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    Why doesn’t someone have the balls to put a mic in Poy’s face?? He has been coddled and protected all season. He and Harrow have equal blame for our poor play all year.

  33. harrow schmarrow
    10:31 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    Come on down Wiggins, make coach Cal good again! This turd of a season falls on his ass. What a jagoff!!!

  34. stan
    10:31 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    When is post game show?

  35. UKRn
    10:31 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    If this is a players first team then I feel Ryan needs to stay and be supported. A players first program should not mean only when they have the potential to make millions. So why would he not be on the “if it was today” roster?

  36. brkhe
    10:31 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    8. He probably is a good kid, there are a lot of good kids that play. They are just young men, and he will be okay tomorrow, but when you are PG @ UK you have to be more than just a good kid. A leader, a hustler, a coach on the floor. Even a person who talks to his teammates and not only encourages them but gets on them when needed. How can you do that if you aren’t leading by example? In life he will rise above tonight, but for tonight he does carry a heavy burden.

  37. sadInKy
    10:31 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    Oldschool, you’re 100% right. Cal is bagging Ryan Harrow and he should man up and take soome blame himself. Maybe it’s not player’s first; maybe it’s more like Cal first.

  38. JBR
    10:32 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    Are you serious 27? So, playing in the pep band takes the same composure, work, skill, and pressure as playing at the premier basketball program in the nation? People earn a lot of things…like prison time, but that doesn’t make it comparable to UK basketball.

  39. Cawood2Cal
    10:32 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    The kid did not play well, but he did play hard. Harrow tried. The problem is his lack of strength when Vandy was physical on his drives. Archie can handle bumping very well … Archie played very hard as well … Archie is a player that stands out in my mind as one that the fans have not treated fairly. He plays very hard. He takes it to the hole when others are standing around. The problem is Archie is the only player than can take it strong. So he takes it to the hole when he should pass because he is trying to make up for everyone standing around. Archie has not gotten a fair shake from the fans.

  40. Jarad
    10:32 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    Man Ryan you need to keep your head up.!! I know how you feel man, when we lost in the final of JV state this year i took all the blame because i was the point guard and could have played better, But you are a great Player and you are My Idol i look up to Man. Just use this to get Better!!

  41. Bubba Earl
    10:32 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    #22 I agree, you give Stallings players of Kentucky’s caliber and he would win a hell of a lot more games, Cal was outcoached no doubt!

  42. Jeremy
    10:32 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    The writing was on the wall before the first game of the season with Harrow. He can not handle the bright lights, But he is still a kid and it is just a basketball game. Can’t wait to see the twins play next year!!

  43. Sk54blue
    10:33 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    His reaction evokes sympathy, but that sad, pitiful look is consistent with the one that he gave all season long every time his shots weren’t falling. Biggest gap in this team…..Toughness!

  44. Jesus
    10:33 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    Shane on you for sharing this.

  45. Ukcats!
    10:33 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    Are people really questioning cal’s coaching ability? You all are out of your minds…it’s people like you that trash reputations of our fans being intelligent…luckily, you are in the minority. Getyurmindright

  46. Dr.Steve Brule
    10:33 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    Can’t feel bad for him. He knew the spotlight would be bright when he came here. Go hone ya dingus

  47. Just Saying
    10:34 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    Win as a team…Lose as a team

  48. PGS
    10:34 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    Is there gonna be a postgame show?

  49. harrow schmarrow
    10:34 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    In all seriousness, Harrow is not to blame. Coach Cal is. He just sucks. Bottom line. He didn’t get Shabazz so this season went to Hell in a handbasket. Next year though, you watch, we will definately make the tournament!!! What a joke, $4million a year and you don’t make the tournament! He needs to be reprimanded!!!

  50. Jeremy
    10:34 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    You all really going with the Cal can not coach line? Idiots.

  51. DribbleBucket
    10:34 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    Not just his fault. The whole team was a letdown. Take this video off. Serves no purpose……Agree with #21

  52. Alan
    10:34 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    This is hard to watch. I imagine Mullet Cat even shed a tear at this.

  53. Rae
    10:34 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    21. It also isn’t fair to blame solely Cal. It is possible that some guys didn’t want to listen, or bought into hype, or whatever. Do you blame parents for everything their kids do? Cal tried; it just didn’t work. It goes on all shoulders, much like bad breakups. Never one person’s fault in these situations.

    I applaud Harrow for facing the situation.

  54. williamtitan
    10:35 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    u guys are just like poythress and the rest of the team. u dont get it! and u will never get it!!! we need a real team a team that doesnt have all freshman! calipari cant coach and u expect us to win every year with freshman. please, everyone in BBN needs to get it together and realize that if u want what calipari is doing then u should accept the consequences for seasons like this one. it was bond to happen to us. accept it and move on to next year and pray like every other year that we will be good with nothing but freshman.

  55. Marj
    10:36 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    Lots of trolls out tonight

  56. Bird in Kentucky
    10:37 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    For everyone who blames Cal you are nuts, we just won a National Championship. Cal tells recruits if you can’t handle the pressure don’t come to UK, Harrow can’t handle it maybe Poythress also. You come to UK to play you come to bust your ass and play with heart not to sit around and cry.

  57. Seriously
    10:37 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    Maybe Adia Mathies could show him how to man up. He doesn’t feel half as bad as the fans who had to witness that performance tonight.

  58. Ukcats!
    10:37 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    Cal needs to be reprimanded??? Is that a joke? You are such an a$$. How quickly people forget what someone does for them and the program…sad

  59. What?
    10:38 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    What a bunch of dicks you people are with how you speak about kids playing a game. It’s like your self worth depends on it

    10:39 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    This is 100% on Cal. Quit pushing people out the door.
    And before you people start saying ” their draft stock wouldn’t be higher”
    WAKE UP! Do u really think Teague and Lamb
    could not have been drafted higher this year?
    KENTUCKY FIRST! And that’s it. [email protected] the players first BS.

  61. Roggensak
    10:39 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    The guys really fell apart when Noel got hurt… These Kids did their best, Vandy couldn’t miss a shot in the first, throwing up prayers at times…. If we made some more free throws we could have been in position to make a better run…. I GET SO UPSET WHEN WE LOSE, BUT let’s keep our feet and minds grounded as this was a mostly new team… Just like next years team will be… GO CATS!!!

  62. jimmy stallings
    10:40 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    Calipari has peaked. No guarantee next year’s team will be different. Same thing. Bunch of freshman who we are told are the best and even better than teams like Indiana that mix freshman with upper class players. Time to rethink your recruiting strategy Cal.

  63. Rae
    10:40 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    And I wasn’t saying the pep band takes more dedication. I’m saying that comparing the effort of this year to the pep band’s effort is an insult. It takes more heart than they’ve shown in many games this year to be in the pep band.

  64. Seriously
    10:40 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    All of you guys defending this team are enablers. You’re what’s wrong with this country today.

  65. Ukcats!
    10:40 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    If it wasn’t a players first mindset we wouldn’t get those players in the first place…stop being so ignorant.

  66. Rae
    10:42 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    60. I think he thought Teague would be back.

  67. williamtitan
    10:42 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    dribble drive is play ground ball. second, he would rather take talent over experience any day. right? thats what he said.right? he says that cause he knows that the system in the dribble drive cannot work without the best players. and he also knows that he doesnt need to coach as much witht he guys he gets. whats so wrong of recruiting descent people like rick pitino or billy D. and not getting one and dones all the time. why do u have to risk the program and recruit the best of the best? just so u can get new ones again next year and put more players in the NBA? that should not happen. it’s not right. make a real team.not a team with all freshman. god gosh people…

  68. Realist
    10:43 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    If you feel bad for Harrow you’re an idiot. His game, along with everyone else on this teams game is garbage. You’re all idiots if you have faith in this team. Get a grip, team full of vaginas.

  69. oldschool
    10:44 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    62 – So glad people are starting to come around. THink about this – 5 years ago – UK and IU were in the same spot. UK went the get-rich-quick route and got Calipari. IU got Crean who drew up a plan for the long haul.

    IU has a team that’s going to be a number 1 seed, and they’ve got good experience coming back next year (even if Oladipo and Zeller leave) to help with a steller crop of recruits. IU will continue to build a solid program built around mostly 3-4 year players (including a lot of home-grown kids).

    UK meanwhile – will be relying on 18-year-old kids.

  70. Seriously
    10:44 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    68, that’s an insult to the team full of vaginas that are in the top 10 and went to the SEC Championship game.

  71. Roggensak
    10:44 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    Most of you are saying it’s Cal’s fault for being a “Push the player to the NBA after one year” Cal is only doing what is best for the Basketball player… Remember… It’s a Player first program. If my son/daughter was good enough to make millions after one year, Damn right they would go… GO CATS!!!

  72. harroq schmarrow
    10:44 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    I’M NOT A TROLL!!! I LOVE UK SPORTS, EVEN WOMEN’S BASKETBALL! But seriously, Cal is terrible!!! If coach K had this team, we’d be ranked in the top 20 and a team to be scared of. Cal is like, “Just play some playground basketball and hope we score more points!”. What a scam he’s pulled on us! Yes, last year was great, BUT THAT WAS LAST YEAR!!!!!!!!!! Dude gets $4 million a year to get us in the tourney for a chance at the title, and that’s not happening this year. That’s just goofy.

  73. Fire Cal Now
    10:45 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    Cry me a river! Should have stayed at home with ya big fat mama during Thanksgiving. Here’s hoping the team plane get’s lost and ends up in North Korea!

  74. Ukcats!
    10:45 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    How do you fools forget we just won the national championship last year with this exact same approach? And have a great chance at winning it next year with this same one and done approach…stop being so unintelligent and over-reactive. You’re making yourselves sound so dumb and unappreciative of our great coach

  75. Katdaddy
    10:46 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    This has got to be the worst defensive team in uk history. They never ever get stops. And cal has to be the worst zone offensive coach in america. Everytime out the zone looks brand new to this team. What the hell was this team doing in practice? This team don’t deserve anykind of post season. NIT or nothing.

  76. Ukcats!
    10:48 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    I wish I could have a face to face conversation with anyone ignorant enough to hate on cal…your basketball IQ is embarrassing.

  77. Reality Check
    10:48 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    Some of these comments are astounding. Cal forgets how to coach in a few months, players suddenly become no talent bums over the summer, and you think you have all the answers. Sometimes in life things just don’t work out despite everyone’s best efforts and intentions. This team did not click from the get-go this year. It is what it is. You deal with it and move on. There is nothing to be gained from blasting everyone except a bad reputation. So we struggled for one year after an Elite 8, Final Four, and National Championship. I’ll take that over and over.

  78. Winston
    10:48 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    All you people laying this on Cal have already forgotten Ohio State/UNC in 2011. Bad coaches don’t pull off that double. This is an immature team that has never grasped that putting that jersey on doesn’t automatically mean you win. They have lived on the reputation of the program without understanding their responsibility to add to it. They have no heart and a sense of entitlement that they haven’t earned. I’ll be glad when the season is over so we can get back on track.

  79. My Info
    10:48 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    Cry me a freaking river! He’s too soft and so is the rest of the team. Good by freaking babies!

  80. mudcreekmark
    10:49 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    Anyone that is talking crap about Cal should never be allowed to watch basketball again, ever. The guy took us the the Elite Eight, Final Four and won a championship and now all of a sudden he cannot coach? You all are idiots.

  81. meeks54
    10:50 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    Poythress 2-3 from the field, and yet he only takes 3 shots, Wtf man, just leave…

  82. SamIAm
    10:52 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    I feel bad after hating on Harrow. Yes, he’s not prepared for the spotlight at UK, but not many players are. Cal should have payed closer attention to Harrow’s mindset when he recruited him. We are very spoiled as Cat fans and it is very easy to forget that these are kids. Aren’t we lucky that the mistakes we made as kids weren’t broadcast for the world to see. No way the coaches should have allowed these interviews with Harrow after this game when he was in this state. What is this video supposed to accomplish? He knows he played terribly, he was thrown under the bus by Cal after the game, and now he’s humiliated. Awesome. Are we trying to push him completely over the edge?

    If the whole team had played with urgency and given 100% (or even 75%) this one loss wouldn’t have mattered as much. Keep your head up Harrow.

  83. williamtitan
    10:52 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    so u accept all freshman on the team every year. your telling me u want to see 4-6 players go every year to the nba draft and risking to have a year or two every year like this one? is that what u really want? seriously. sounds like u need a little help with your ignorance…

  84. BlueTexan
    10:52 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    If you can’t be the big dog…stay on the porch.

  85. Holler Baller
    10:52 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    Give the kid a break. Imagine answering to a bunch of reporters and a million fans when you mess up at your job. I love UK but basketball isn’t my life. What if that was your kid???

  86. CATandMONKEY
    10:54 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    Anyone with any sense knew we could expect this. Run at title about 3/5 years. We have an Eight, final four, National Title. This years team is weak. Put Noel back and we might have a team with some heart. No question this team is a disappointment, but to claim Cal’s strategy a failure is to ignore THREE STRAIGHT YEARS OF SUCCESS. THAT is ignorant.

  87. idiotsxxxx
    10:56 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    A lot of arm chair point guards tonight and you should finish your bag of Cheetos instead of coming down on these kids. I suspect most don’t even need to take your socks off to count how many little league games you played in so take the high road.

  88. Ukcats!
    10:57 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    Williamtitan…are you telling me you wouldn’t take a 1 out of every four years like this, if we have an elite eight, final four, and national championship in the other 3 years?? I mean how over-reactive can you be…you can’t be great every year…no one has ever been great every year…we have been 3 out of 4 in cal’s tender and now people are mad and blaming him? Grow up…realize what’s in front of you…the greatest recruiter and one of the best basketball minds of all time…you are an idiot

  89. Reality check
    10:57 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    We lost, move on…. No need to bash anyone. Even the best coaches have forgettable seasons and Cal is no different. Did we get the players we wanted? No, because Cal wanted Bazz and Bennett to go along with Noel but settled for Goodwin and Poythress. We’re there issues with Goodwin and Poythress during their recruitment? Yes with their attitudes but Cal thought he could change them. Did we have a top notch PG like we’ve come accustomed to? No, but Cal thought he could change him. Did our best player get hurt? Yes. Do we have a top notch shooter? No because Wiltjer and Mays don’t hit enough shots. Do we have legit players on the bench? No, I love Polson, Hood, etc.. But they can’t compete with the major programs in America on a consistent basis. Add all that up and you get a mediocre season.. No excuses just the truth!

    60) Did you see what happened to Noel? Do you want that on your conscience? Cal doesn’t push them out, the kid and family makes that choice….

  90. williamtitan
    10:57 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    but i just dont get why u accept this. dont u miss the jamal mashburn teams? the 96′ team and 98′ team where we actually had a team? those where the glory days cause they laid their heart out on the line every single game. with cal’s teams u just dont get that. yeah yeah they win. but they win on pure talent. not on togetherness, not on heart, but on talent. and it sound like the 95% of the BBN has forgotten about what a team is really like.

  91. Ukcats!
    10:58 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    Not to mention losing one of the best players in college basketball to injury…and people wanna blame cal…IGNORANT…no other way to describe it

  92. Barry
    11:00 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    How can any of you idiots blame cal. Be a fan for another school. They just come off a nc and his players don’t produce this year. He is the best coach in the country right now. Our best player is out and a lot of our players were just flat out overrated. Elite eight, final four, and nc? Yea cal is a bad coach? You people are idiots

  93. Ukcats!
    11:01 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    Williamtitan….Northwestern players put their heart on the line in games…I don’t really wanna hear that…basically saying the 98 championship means more than the one last year is disappointing…we want banners here at uk…why is one way better than another? That just sounds like someone stuck in their ways…

  94. Reality Check
    11:02 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    The 90’s were great but times have changed. You do not keep elite talent in college for three and four years anymore. There is always the Tubby route of bringing in 4-year players and hope they exceed expectations but we see how that worked out.

  95. Ukcats!
    11:03 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    Anyone who claims they don’t want to win on pure talent sounds like someone who has never gotten over being picked last for dodgeball all of his life…it just doesn’t make sense…

  96. Barry
    11:04 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    And if he is such a bad coach then please tell me who you would rather have

  97. CATandMONKEY
    11:05 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    This is NOT 1996. Different game. Different kids. Different motivations. I wish it were more like ’96 but as the kids say…or said, just a few years ago…It is what it is. Cal has proven his style to be the most successful in the last 7 or so years. This is fact. If he wasnt winning (most of the time) with the best freshmen, year in and out, someone else would be.

  98. HEY 76!
    11:05 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    I would be happy to meet u face to face. Waffle
    House on Newtown Pk?

  99. drew
    11:06 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    I just love the wannabe UK fans!!!! Love em when they win blame everybody and their momma when they lose!!! You bandwagon fans make me sick!!! Its our the (fans/media) fault for making this team into something they clearly wasn’t!!!!!!!!! Shame on all you fugly ass fake ass so called UK fans!!!!! THIS LOSS IS FOR YOU!!!!!! To the REAL BIG BLUE FANS… KEEP YOUR HEAD UP!!!!! #BBN4LIFE!!!!!!!!

  100. williamtitan
    11:06 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    Ukcats!- i respect that but the way they have played all year. they arent honoring the school… they are disgracing it. thats all. louisville and indiana is laughing in our faces. yeah got a championship last year. thats awesome! couldnt be more proud to be a ky fan myself. we, ans i mean us two too, as fans should not be put through this type of season because of calipari’s mistakes. yeah, every team has a few years here and there. but billy d. always goes to the tournament. coach k. goes every year. hell pitino does too. there has to be an another way u know?

  101. Ukcats!
    11:07 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    Hey98! Sure, what embarrassingly unintelligent comment have you made tonight on here?

  102. Stuck on Blue
    11:07 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    For all of you armchair coaches and couch potato players, it’s just too bad you can’t put yourselves up there in the spotlight. I would love to see what you could really do. When you fail in life, as I am sure you do on a regular basis, I hope you get kicked just as hard as you are kicking these guys. You need to get over yourselves.

  103. Remember
    11:08 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    Alex Poythress was not Cal’s first choice. I don’t remember all of the names, but I know that Anthony Bennett (who is tearing it up for UNLV) was one player Cal wanted OVER Poythress. Cal struck out on quite a few of his targets last season. When you’re putting all your eggs in one basket, it’s hard to recover when you find out that the basket has a hole in the bottom of it.

  104. Katdaddy
    11:08 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    Cal did too much showboating this summer and missed out on some of the studs he thought he had in the bag. Shabazz, Bennett. Not saying he didn’t deserve to celebrate but damn. DR team and running all over KY rubbing on that trophy caused uk this terrible season. Let tubby make $5 million a year and miss the tournament. He’d have FOR SALE signs in his yard. But tubby never missed the tournament. No excuse for a season like this.

  105. harrow schmarrow
    11:08 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    Look, all of you idiots! defending the almighty coach Cal need to shut up. The world we live in is a “what have you done for me lately” world. Yes, last year was great, but when you have Davis and Kidd-Gilchrist, that makes it easier. Cal has done a terrible job this year. He can’t reach these kids and he’s kinda starting to put blame on them. HE’S THE ADULT!!! Quit saying that the players haven’t bought in or that they don’t have heart. They play hard, they just have no idea what the Hell they are doing!!! I’m an UK fan, I don’t accept a bad season no matter what, and you shouldn’t either! Shame on you, you stupid a** fans!!!

  106. CATandMONKEY
    11:09 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    Basically some of you would tell Babe, Manny, Griffey, et al to NOT swing for the fence because they have a CHANCE of striking out more than someone who will NEVER hit more than 12 a year over the fence and only knock in 75…max….ever. But hell, they didnt strike out much….

  107. Ukcats!
    11:09 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    Williamtitan…why is going to the tournament just to be mediocre every year a good thing? I would rather have an awful year followed by a great year every other year than sustained mediocrity…but hey, I guess that’s just me.

  108. TeamFirst
    11:10 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    73- There is no way you are a real UK fan to say something like that and if your are then please go kill yourself- dick

  109. Does this work
    11:12 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink


  110. YouTube
    11:12 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    32 – You can watch Poythress’ post-game comments on the UK Athletics YouTube channel.

  111. Ukcats!
    11:12 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    I’m almost laughing at harrow-schmarrow…’you don’t accept a bad season’ haha I’m sure if cal and the players were aware of your expectations he would’ve applied himself more

  112. Katdaddy
    11:13 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    #94 Tubby never missed the tourney!!!!

  113. harrow schmarrow
    11:14 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    107-Seriously? That’s the silliest thing I’ve heard all day. You’re goofy.

  114. Boone County
    11:14 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    Some of these comments are sickening. Grow up people he knows he didn’t play well get off his back.

  115. CATandMONKEY
    11:15 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    Williamtitan….how many teams have won a national title only to NOT make the tournament the next year? ….Not that I wish to join that company but to act like that possibility is only the purview of Cal is, well, ridiculous.

  116. Heart ache
    11:15 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    Post game made me puke. Cal does not get it get the hell out of here

  117. williamtitan
    11:16 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    ukcats!- yeah cant argue with your point there. for the record, doesnt mean u dont support some of the things that the head coach does, doesnt mean your a bandwagon fan. i just dont get how that doesnt make u a fan… not that i am to worried about it. i was a dopted in 96′ and i only loved ky because of my adopted mother and ever since 98′ i grew to love the cats more and more. learning more about its history, watching history in front of my eyes. never missing a game. watching the teams suffer under tubby and gillispie… thats a fan. hearing tennnessee fans say to me KENTUCKY SUCKS!!! and backing my team up 100% of the time. thats a real fan….

  118. Ukcats!
    11:16 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    113…you are telling me you would rather have sustained mediocrity than have a bad year followed by a great year every other year?? Why don’t you become an Illinois fan or something…

  119. Fkdup
    11:17 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    Yall r fkd up. This is college basketball. These r kids. U wanna hate talk sht to the coach. Its on him, he is the leader. This isnt life or death. I love the cats, which is why i wouldnt talk sht about these kids. Lighten up

  120. Reality Check
    11:17 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    #112 Did he ever have a 3 year run of an Elite 8, Final Four, and a Championship?

  121. harrow schmarrow
    11:19 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    Look here Ukcats!, I love UK. We are the Yankees, the Lakers, the Steelers. A bad season doesn’t happen, and when it does, it’s foreign to us. Don’t accept it, that makes it easier for us to have more seasons like this. Look man, I work at Lowe’s, this is all I have!

  122. Ukcats!
    11:19 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    Williamtitan…I am with you, suffering through those times is what true fans do…but we also need to recognize when we have a great thing in front of us and enjoy it, and cal is a great thing…lets not be too over-reactive…I’m with you

  123. CATandMONKEY
    11:19 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    Mediocre every other year? No way.

    The POSSIBILITY (realized, at present) of a mediocre season every 3 or 4 years with the distinct possibility that we will be “in the hunt” and nationally relevant 3 out of every 4? Abso-f-ing-lutely!

  124. Shut up
    11:21 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    Harrow does nothing all year but live the life on campus And has everything made fpr him. Sorry that I don’t feel the least bit bad for him for not giving his all to this team and then losing it. You had all year to show some emotion and change and you wait til you’ve put the final stake in this miserable season to even act like you care. i dont feel bad for you at all. Good riddance, transfer somewhere else.

  125. williamtitan
    11:21 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    ats! im with ya brotha, peace out! hopefully we will have another convo some time. as for the rest of the cats fans out there… well goodnight…

  126. Ukcats!
    11:22 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    I understand your point harrow schmarrow…I am not suggesting we fall in love with the idea of bubbling every years tournament. But lets not blame cal for the job he has done, he is an incredible coach, and has done so much for our program, lets not belittle that

  127. Ukcats!
    11:23 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    Exactly catandmonkey, exactly!

  128. Viren
    11:26 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    You win as a team and lose as a team. I do not blame Ryan Harrow for this loss. It seems like we were just not meant to have a good season, as soon as we were making a turn Noel goes down with a cheap injury. It’s okay we are Kentucky and we bounce back in a hurry. Like our weather pattern for the state if you hang around tomorrow could be very sunny and beautiful day.

  129. harrow schmarrow
    11:27 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    He’s a great recruiter Ukcats!, the best! But this season really is unacceptable. I hope he learns from it, this isn’t Memphis or Umass or even the New Jersey Nets. This is UK, shit is serious here! No offense meant to you or your opinions brother, just a pissed off UK fan here tonight.

  130. CATandMONKEY
    11:37 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    Despite all my prior comments, this team most definitely underperformed even after we realized they were just a “decent” bunch of sometimes very talented kids. Even considering the loss of Noel (Good luck, Nerlens!) and the temporary losses of Harrow and WCS , this team realistically should have had four more wins and NEVER lost by more than 12. Easy for me to say……
    Hoping for the best come Sunday. Not sure these guys WANT to play any more this season.
    Prove me wrong Cats!

  131. AndrewH
    11:39 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    Gosh don’t go kill yourself or nothing ryan we still love you man. I mean if you want to come back and back up the Harrison twins it won’t bother me man.

  132. DJCats
    11:44 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    I enjoy KSR and am as big of fan of it as any of the BBN, but it is also a double edge sword. It’s amazing how the positive comments flow for Cal and the players when the team is playing well and on the flip side how ugly some of the comments are when they’re not. Unfortunately, it exposes some of the ugliness that exists in some of UK fans when they elect to attack the players personally. At the end of the day they are basketball players put on a very big stage with the expectation to perform beyond expectation each year. For me, the most glaring weakness for this team has been on the defensive end. Historically, Cal’s teams have been able to win despite a poor offensive performance because of defense and that goes back to his teams at UMass and Memphis. This team has not been able to this consistently, and in a year when they lost their best defender and have not been able to get an offensive rhythm, we have what we saw tonight. Support these players and Cal and hold yourself from the personal attacks if you really are a UK Fan. They will learn and will be back…if you haven’t forgot we are the current National Champions! Just as these kids learn and rebound, I think as fans, some of us should do the same. Go Big Blue!

  133. oldschoolfan
    11:45 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    I think oldschool has it right as do some others. I don’t like having to go into these games with all of these “kids”, it’s just too much pressure. I don’t know what is going to make next year any different if we can recruit some solid upperclassmen to lead the team. At some point I think that the players mentality is going to decline to a point where they just don’t care if they win or lose tough games…I mean think about it, the way they see it they will be out of college and making big money soon…so who cares if the team wins or loses. Sooner or later players are going to show up knowing that the norm is for them to stay one year and go pro and I just don’t know if, as a fan, I’m ready to accept this mentality. I suppose I’d still be mad if we weren’t recruiting the best but I just don’t know anymore…blah

  134. Lance
    11:49 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    It kills me when people like #59 say you can’t talk about these kids like that. Why not? They came to Kentucky to make more money in the future, essentially a buisiness decision. So, as with buisiness, if you dont perform as you should you are criticized.

  135. Happy now?
    11:50 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    You have heaped and heaped the unrealistic expectations on these kids all year long. This is the result. You people are disgusting BBN. Wake up and get some damned priority in your life.

  136. Late Night
    11:54 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    Mr. Nasty Time will forget this tonight…

  137. MercerNary
    12:02 am March 16, 2013 Permalink

    The point in which I was done with Harrow was the beginning of the season when he was off several weeks with an “illness” then later “family problems”. Cal even said that pulling that stunt negated his ability to be a leader. I feel like Cal, with no depth, had no choice but to start him after that but that incident ruined any team chemistry they would ever have. While this team is fighting in practice, against Maryland, against Duke he is at home crying about how hard it is.

  138. ruppstattoobooth
    12:06 am March 16, 2013 Permalink

    LEAVE THAT KID ALONE. The poor guy is supposed to be the “leader” of a team that sucks. OK? WE SUCK. No big deal, we’re still national champs. Madness is 7 months away.

  139. Going too far
    12:17 am March 16, 2013 Permalink

    Let’s try and move in a positive direction. Those of you making such ridiculously harsh comments towards college kids are simply pathetic. Nothing good will come from that. Do you think that the game meant more to you than to them? The ones who sweat it out at practice? Banged with physical teams all season? Who’ve spent years becoming BB players? Silly notion.

    If we don’t get in the big dance, there’s next year. We still had a winning season. I’d like to see these young guys come back and give us a deep team with a lot of weapons next year. They just needed time to grow and develop and evidently that isn’t something we allow here, which is crap.

    If anyone’s to blame it’s coach Cal who is obviously great. So stop blaming and start enjoying. It’s a disappointing loss. Not a terminal disease. Not Armageddon. Not the end of the world.

    GO CATS!!!

  140. We want real uk fans
    12:21 am March 16, 2013 Permalink

    All the commenters on here making fun of harrow for showing emotion and taking blame for a game that he himself didn’t solely lose, should really step back and put someone that Ryan’s age, in that same video, would you do or say the same thing about them?

  141. j8
    12:27 am March 16, 2013 Permalink

    I thought this was a fan site? This clip is in very poor taste to be posted on here, signed: Anyone that has actually ever played a sport before. Reporter: “How does it feel to not hit shots?” Is this foreal? Get out of his face.

  142. harrowfan
    12:39 am March 16, 2013 Permalink

    Hey harrow you have a lot of huge fans keep your head up. You will come back and play well next year and UK fans will always love you and have your back! Can’t wait to see you show everybody how good you really are but some fans, like myself, already know! So keep your head up you are my favorite player

  143. Ashamed Cats Fan
    12:49 am March 16, 2013 Permalink

    People need to grow up and not be so impacted by a basketball game… IT’S A FREAKING GAME AND THESE ARE MAINLY 18-19 year old boys! Back off, grow a pair, take the loss like a respectful fan and support the boys no matter what. If you trash the players then go cheer for philidelphia or New York where nagging players is accepted. Here is just shows no class and shows you’re an ignorant jackass that doesn’t understand the game of basketball. I have played, watched, and coached this game for 20 years. Sometimes shots don’t fall, but you don’t belittle someone because of it…you learn move on and get back to the grind. Sometimes the “passionate KY fan base” looks like a spoiled brat fan base when a SMALL FEW take losses way too seriously

  144. Sympathetic
    1:09 am March 16, 2013 Permalink

    Ryan shouldn’t have had to face the media. He isn’t a paid athlete. Despite the performance, he clearly cares. I feel for him more than I care about this one loss. Disappointing yes, but he alone can’t take the blame for all the pressure on one game. My favorite moments this season have been when you guys are smiling, and helping each other off the court when one of you goes down. Keep your chin up Ryan, BBN still has your back. Tomorrow is a new day.

  145. Youtube
    1:14 am March 16, 2013 Permalink

    KSR comments are worse than mine.

  146. matt
    1:15 am March 16, 2013 Permalink

    The kid wanted to go to the NBA, he came to Coach Cal University to go pro. He found out in college that he isn’t good enough for the league.

    Ryan, this loss was NOT all on you.

    Julius Mays played like crap (O and D).
    Wiltjer didn’t hit his 3 pointers.
    Jon Hood can’t keep anyone in front of him.
    Poythress disappeared in the 2nd half.
    Cauley-Stein played stupid D and got in foul trouble early.
    Goodwin was his inconsistent self.

    Harrow was a part of the equation, but this is a TEAM loss. Not a HARROW loss.

  147. Harrowmyhero
    1:24 am March 16, 2013 Permalink

    Ryan, keep your head up! Thank you for all the time you spent last year practicing and busting your ass without a minute on the floor. Thank you for pushing yourself this year and giving us some fantastic games as a point guard. You’ve been a joy to watch on numerous occasions! We all have bad days, and blame ourselves when things don’t work out. I’ve been an enormous UK fan all my life, and for me personally…it breaks my heart a bit to see you take this so hard. Our fans, coach, and spotlight can make playing here overwhelming! Thank you for everything you do for our team and for the obvious amount of care you have for what transpires on the court! I’m grateful any year to have players that care the way you do!

  148. KSR Standards Committe
    3:16 am March 16, 2013 Permalink

    @145 – Thank you. It’s taken years, but we have finally lowered our comments section acceptance level to allow even pond scum to remark. You have been an inspiration.

  149. billyclyde
    5:36 am March 16, 2013 Permalink

    are you guys serious? cal can’t coach? i think you forgot what happened last year.. i guess its like how tubby won it with pitino’s team you fulkin morons. “Give stallings the same team and he’ll have a way better team” SHAADDDDUPPP!! Look what cal did with harrellson and that team. 4 years-elite 8, final four, championship, then MAYBE NIT.. still better than your other favorite team

  150. WHERE U AT 76?
    6:03 am March 16, 2013 Permalink

    Where u at tough guy? Been waiting over 5 hrs.

  151. ak40099
    8:32 am March 16, 2013 Permalink

    this breaks my heart. i feel for the kid, he isn’t having much fun playing basketball and thats what it’s all about. He’s just a KID and it’s just a GAME.

  152. fjm
    9:25 am March 16, 2013 Permalink

    Lot of pressure on this kid. Sorry to see anyone feel this way, but that’s Kentucky. Fans are too over the top, win or die with basketball. They should think more about winning and losing with dignity, than winning at all cost. A little humble pie makes for better sportsmanship. Right now, I think Kentucky is most hated program in US….

  153. MeanToughGuy
    9:30 am March 16, 2013 Permalink

    This is sad and I feel for him – then again he’s a 19/20 year old PG at UK. Like Cal said, he can’t hide you. Even Saul didn’t cry after a game. This just shows how weak this team is mentally as well as physically. Yeah, you got drubbed by 20 points to a garbage team. It stinks, life moves on. He should be angry not crying. It was all their faults, get mad at everyone (lead).

  154. whodat
    9:32 am March 16, 2013 Permalink

    This clip would make anyone feel for another human being. However, none of these players are “kids”. They are young men. They are the same age as many who have had their arms and legs blown of in ‘stan or Iraq. Failure is a part of life. Harrow and the REST of the team are just going to have to live with what they have been unable to accomplish this year… and they are going to have to pick themselves up, dust themsleves off and make lemonade out of lemons as they move forward with with whatever they choose to do.

  155. MeanToughGuy
    9:39 am March 16, 2013 Permalink

    Totally Agree #154. I’m reminded of the scene in the Godfather when Marlon Brando smacks the Johnny Fontane character and smacks him and says “YOU CAN ACT LIKE A MAN.” Remember these “kids” are 18 year old + adults. I know 18 year old adults that are more mature and don’t have the good life playing basketball at UK.

  156. Sad Cat
    9:40 am March 16, 2013 Permalink

    Feel bad for the kid, you can see he genuinely cares. Can’t say the same about some other guys like Poythress, biggest bust in my Uk memory

  157. Ukcats
    9:54 am March 16, 2013 Permalink

    Here I am beyatch!! come get sum!!

  158. Not Marc Sigoloff
    10:02 am March 16, 2013 Permalink

    People need to lay off of Ryan Harrow. He is essentially a freshman at UK and has the potential to be a great point guard with the right supporting cast. This team plays no defense and that is not Ryan’s issue. Give him another year at UK and see what happens.
    Cal saw greatness when he recruited him. He just needs time to adjust to the spotlight.
    As another commenter said, and I paraphrase, he doesn’t need ‘hillbillies who have never attended UK taking shots at him on Twitter’. This team needs our support right now. They are just young and not yet consistent. Give them another year or two and they will be vying for No.9.

  159. Diehardcatfan
    10:28 am March 16, 2013 Permalink

    Some of you so called UK fans are assholes!! This is a team loss for sure..Harrow had a off night just like the rest of the guys..So be it.. We lost..

  160. TheWayItIs
    10:35 am March 16, 2013 Permalink

    He makes shots we win, it’s just that simple and he knows it. I dont have a problem with all of these negative comments and I don’t care how old he is because at the end of the day he has to take responsibility for his actions as a team leader. I would have liked for him to have held his head up and accepted responsibility but instead it almost seemed like a pity party. Every answer was, “I messed up” ect. He was acting like a child, not a man.

  161. Parker
    11:33 am March 16, 2013 Permalink

    Cal cant coach without the best of the best, and or oddly freak of nature body set. The team last year had two freshmen that pshed everyone and a senior to calm them down. Next year could very well be great, but somthing feels maybe simply a bad year and well move on i hope!

  162. tdaddy
    11:47 am March 16, 2013 Permalink

    i am confused. during last year all over this website, everyone was saying that Harrow was a monster and was one of the best dunkers on the team. what happened?!?!?!

  163. bluemister
    12:19 pm March 16, 2013 Permalink

    I don’t know why I continue to read these posts, maybe I just can’t believe how stupid some people are. You people like williamtitan and you Tubby lovers are the same ones who never wanted Tubby in the first place. The truth is Tubby was lazy and had a bunch of loser and lazy assistants who couldn’t recruit four star or five star players and never tried. How many 30 win seasons has Tubby ever had? How’s that Minnesota thing working out? You morons probably love Billy Clyde too, how’d that work out for you? This year’s team just didn’t get it done, do you think they are happy about that? Do you think they like losing and having a bunch of mouth breathers criticizing them all the time. If you aren’t glad Cal’s here, go someplace else, like the IU and UL trolls, why don’t you just go back down in the basement of your mama’s house and get your bottle of hand lotion and do the only thing your good at.

  164. BBN
    1:28 pm March 16, 2013 Permalink

    This made me sad. Keep your head up bro, BBN is behind you Harrow. Come back and win #9 next year!

  165. odrivero
    1:33 pm March 16, 2013 Permalink

    +1 bluemister. I couldn’t agree more.

  166. JBD
    1:35 pm March 16, 2013 Permalink

    Real fans stand behind these kids no matter what? He understands what happened and feels bad. The people that say crazy things on these boards have probably never played sports (video games don’t count).

  167. Mentally Weak
    3:15 pm March 16, 2013 Permalink

    Quit pampering this kid. He’s mentally weak and has proved that time and time again. Instead of holding hands and pouting about it, confront it with a little attitude that says – “if we make the tournament, it’s not happening again and I’m getting it done.”

  168. DC
    3:25 pm March 16, 2013 Permalink

    these reporters are disgusting…

  169. Bamacat55
    4:54 pm March 16, 2013 Permalink

    Ryan had a pretty crappy game but he had LOTS of help losing this game.

  170. This Sucks
    6:36 pm March 17, 2013 Permalink