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Watch Cal’s postgame presser

Article written by Mrs. Tyler Thompson

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20 Comments for Watch Cal’s postgame presser

  1. Wow
    8:03 pm December 29, 2012 Permalink

    Here we go free throws don’t matter bit….

  2. Joe
    8:06 pm December 29, 2012 Permalink

    Why did Pitino take off his tie at halftime? Was Karen Sypher in the locker room?

  3. Mark Liptak
    8:08 pm December 29, 2012 Permalink

    Free throws, free throws, free throws. I can get 8th grade kids who can make them, but supposedly the top recruits in the country can’t.


    Absolutely cost them the game. The only real knock on Cal and one that he can’t seem to fix is free throw shooting. As good of a coach as he is, there has to be a way to correct this…maybe bring in a guy who is specifically a free throw shooting coach. They are out there.

    Hey, how would it hurt?

    Mark Liptak

  4. Tony
    8:08 pm December 29, 2012 Permalink

    Who put up the money to fly Dieng’s parents in from Senegal? #NCAAViolation

  5. JBR
    8:16 pm December 29, 2012 Permalink

    Cal is 100% correct that he screwed up not calling that timeout with Goodwin in trouble late in the game. He also needs to start coaching more to this team’s needs and not worry so much about “getting it” with his little PR stuff he does all the time. It is simple, work on free throws and attitude, heart, and desire. We are lucky that the SEC sucks this year…we will have a little more time to get these guys ready.

  6. FT king
    8:19 pm December 29, 2012 Permalink

    Shooting free throws is alot of mental. Even if ur mechanics are half ass, most is mental. I like the way Kobe broke his funk way back. He starts off center to the right about an inch, leaves left foot back. His shoulders stay square. An old coach told me years ago to visualuze the ball going in before you shoot. It relaxes the mind.

  7. Dung's Parents
    8:20 pm December 29, 2012 Permalink

    Ons het ‘n goeie reis op die vliegtuig. Ons gevlieg eerste-klas al die pad van die tuisland! Ons bly by Rick se huis tonite en eet by Porcini!

  8. SammyB
    8:25 pm December 29, 2012 Permalink

    Cal is a Stand Up Guy,..always speaks the truth, we couldn’t have a better coach.

  9. Rae
    8:28 pm December 29, 2012 Permalink

    5. Heart is the hardest thing to coach. You can work on technical bits and come up with game plans, but you can’t force a kid to have the will to win. They have to want it too, at least a little. If a kid is lazy and unmotivated and wants to stay that way, they most likely will.

  10. dragonlord741
    8:43 pm December 29, 2012 Permalink

    Biggest surprise of that presser – took almost 7 minutes for an, “I really like my team” comment…

  11. Whatttttt
    8:52 pm December 29, 2012 Permalink

    LOL 7 number 4 all they had to do was drive in from Park Hill

  12. mudcreekmark
    8:59 pm December 29, 2012 Permalink

    WCS’s free throw stroke doesn’t look that bad. I think he may be able to fix his free throw issues. On the other hand, Noel has no idea how to shoot a basketball.If you have shot a basketball a certain way all your life it is really hard to break that muscle memory.

  13. Cal Speak
    9:16 pm December 29, 2012 Permalink

    Haha… Cal, “there might be a team better than Louisville”


    He likes his team. I like my coach.

  14. kramer
    10:37 pm December 29, 2012 Permalink

    Looks like Cal is getting ready to dance “Gangham Style”, hety sexy lady….

  15. Rose Tosser
    11:38 pm December 29, 2012 Permalink

    Love KSR. The Post Game Presser I can’t find anywhere else. Thanks for giving us what we want.

    Love the way Coach took the blame. Trying to deflect the cricitism a UK loss always bring.

    Young Team. Getting Better. Alex P. will blossom someday. He has Jamaal Mashburn potential. Hope the blossoming occurs this season. But in any decade but this one, we would be willing to wait until that sophomore/junior year. Perspective Peeps….

  16. louieg
    11:58 pm December 29, 2012 Permalink

    You will never hear Rick Patino say that he is the reason they lost a game by not calling a time out it just goes to show you how much of a class act that Cal is and how he doesn’t throw his players under the bus to make himself look good.I not only like our team but I’m thankful we have Coach Cal running the ship!!!

  17. brb
    4:50 am December 30, 2012 Permalink

    1—3—5 thats why u all are coaching ncaa basketball….please go cheer for somebdy else…please…freakin fence ridin fans…..

  18. wildcat golf
    8:07 am December 30, 2012 Permalink

    Looks like someone got a new Spider jacket for Christmas!!!

  19. well said 16
    10:57 am December 30, 2012 Permalink

    1-3-5 you are the know it all idiots who drive me nuts. You know absolutely nothing about coaching basketball. The man just won us a National Championship in his 3rd year shut the hell up!!!!

  20. KA in CO
    11:36 am December 30, 2012 Permalink

    I noticed that too, wildcat golf