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Washington fans seem mad about something

Lorenzo Romar is a great recruiter for Kentucky.  Unfortunately for him, he coaches at Washington.  The Cats have now signed two bluechip recruits who had previously committed to Romar and Washington, and, for some reason, Husky fans are very upset. So upset that they went all “Mark Hamilton” on Twitter last night…

Washington fans harass Terrence Jones on Twitter

meaty71 — @TerrenceJones1 u need ti stop being a lil beatch and just be a man and be done with it

snydro81 — @TerrenceJones1 Get over yourself. Personally, I am very glad that an immature young man like yourself is not attending my alma-mater.

DJS425 — @TerrenceJones1 just stfu we are sick of you…go get obese in kentucky. so sick of your ungrateful a**! u r CLASSLESS! Please STFU PLEASE!!

n8s8s — @TerrenceJones1 Wow…. you’re just dripping with maturity and integrity.

JakeCap — @TerrenceJones1 f*** you for even choosing uw on the fitst place. Needed the attention huh? F*****

jamie_starr — @TerrenceJones1 U need to learn something about integrity young man. go to kentucky, this #dawg dislikes your style. good luck, grow a pair.

UNCisFamily — @TerrenceJones1 U handled your decision very poorly. U deserve everything u get, including trouble when the NCAA comes after Cal

jay_256 — @TerrenceJones1: Cal aka the devil must have offered u a nice bit of $$$ to go to UK. U must be proud of screwing ur home state team.

RockChalkJBlog — @terrencejones1 You don’t get it, dude… You told Washington that you were committing to them and then you let scumbag Calipari call yo

Bandit3234 — terrencejones1 most hated person in the northwest, stay in Kentucky and don’t come back. way to honor your commitment

Kinkoncito — @TerrenceJones1 U giraffe lookin f***** I hope u break yo leg @ kentucky with yo sugar daddy Calipari UK aint gonna be s*** anyways biyaach

DJS425 — @TerrenceJones1 cal has 0 championships and 0 final 4’s.u will b lost in a sea of plyrs at one will give a s*** bout u. insignificant

(H/T Fake Gimel)

In my opinion, Washington is completely oblivious to how the game works. Know your role, Huskies. You have officially become UK’s wingman. Accept it. You can flirt with the cream of the crop all you want, and they might even lead you on, but at the end of the night they’re coming home with us.  That’s just how it works.  But don’t worry, we’ll always leave you with one of their fat friends.

Go Cats.

Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR