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Washington bad for Wall? (also more on Dale Peterson)

Who is this guy?  Nobody knows.  But its actually the Wizards first round draft pick in 2007. 

I gotta be honest, the thought of John Wall going to the Washington Wizards kinda bummed me out.  That team has no spark, no quality that is identifiable nationwide, and the only reason they are ever in the news is because Gilbert Arenas wanted to start a mini-war in the lockerroom.  But, initially I thought that John Wall could change all that.  He could be the spark that ingnites Wizards passion throughout the USA.  And then I did a little research at the draft history of the Wizards.  And I have become fully convinced this is a bad place for Wall to be.  Look at the last 9 drafts for Washington, dating all the way back to 2001 and the great Kwame Brown selection:

Jermaine Taylor (Traded to Houston on draft night)

Javale McGee-Nevada (6.5 ppg in 2 seasons, 33 starts)
Bill Walker-Kansas St. (Traded to Boston on draft night)

Nick Young-USC (9.1 ppg in 3 seasons, 30 starts)
Dominic McGuire-Fresno St. (2.4 ppg in 3 seasons, Traded to Sacramento)

Oleksiy Pecherov-Ukraine (3.9 ppg in 3 seasons, Traded to Minnesota)
Vladimir Veremeenko-Belarus (Never Played in the NBA)

Andray Blatche-High School (averaged 14.1 ppg this season)

Devin Harris-Wisconsin (Traded to Dallas on draft night)
Peter John Ramos-Puerto Rico (Played in NBDL for 3 seasons, played in 6 games for Wizards, now in Europe)

Jarvis Hayes-Georgia (8.9 ppg in 4 seasons with Wizards, now in New Jersey)
Steve Blake-Maryland (5.1 ppg in 2 seasons with Wizards, now on his 6th NBA team)

Jared Jefferies-Indiana (5.5 ppg in 4 seasons with Wizards, now with Houston)
Juan Dixon-Maryland (8.0 ppg in 3 seasons with Wizards, played for 3 other teams, came back to Washington in 2009)
Rod Grizzrd-Alabama (Never played in NBA)
Juan Carlos Navarro-Spain (Never played for Washington)

Kwame Brown-High School (7.3 ppg in 4 seasons, Traded to Los Angeles)

Embarassing.  That is the only way I can describe the way the Wizards have not only drafted, but developed their players over the past decade.  First of all, they traded 3 of their draft picks before they ever got into a Wizards jersey, including Devin Harris, who is by far the best player of the group.  Another 3 guys never made it to the league.  So, 6 of the 17 guys listed above never saw the floor in Washington.  Two other players were traded from Washington before their rookie contracts were up.  That makes 8 of 17 guys who never had any significant impact on the team.  And out of these 17 players drafted since 2001, a total of THREE are on the current Wizards roster.  And if anybody thinks that Nick Young or Javale Mcgee are going to be all-stars someday, you’re dreaming.

Andray Blatche is the lone exception of this group.  He actually DEVELOPED into a quality NBA player this past season.  And the key word there is DEVELOPED.  You see, I have no problem with the Wizards drafting crappy players.  We all know that Wall is not a crappy player, so that is not the issue here.  The issue is the Wizards seem to have no ability to develop their players.  Their players don’t get any better during their time in Washington.  Kwame Brown, hello????

Look, John Wall is going to be very good in the NBA, I have no doubt.  But I feel he will be laying in a wasteland of basketball for the next 3-4 years until his rookie contract is up and he can go somewhere where his game can develop.


Also, in response to yesterday Dale Peterson for Ag Commish video, here was the response from Funny or Die.  THIS IS TOTALLY NOT SAFE FOR WORK.

Article written by Bryan the Intern