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Wait? Soccer is actually trying to IMPROVE the sport? Huh?

soccer.jpg HAHA SOCCER SUCKS image by ismaeladrian

FIFA looking to eliminate ties in ALL World Cup games, including pool play. 

Now what will “soccer fan” have to argue about the strategy of pool play?  Guess they can now argue why soccer only has one field referee on roughly the same size field as football, which has 7 officials.  Or why there is no instant replay.  Or why guys who are professionals can’t seem to EVER hit the goal with a free kick, instead blasting the ball time and time again into the stands.  Maybe they are just trying to be more fan friendly with that one. 

Yes, I know.  I just can’t help but criticize soccer, but I remember quite well soccer fans trying to justify the absurd amount of ties during this year’s World Cup as “part of the strategy of pool play”.  Maybe soccer fan should instead justify why people would ever want to watch something for 2 hours without a winner.

Oh, by the way, the MLS is getting worse TV ratings than the WNBA.  And that’s since the World Cup.

Boom.  Roasted.

Article written by Bryan the Intern