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Vuvuzela’s Tuesday Notes


I am way too into this World Cup. At this point, I have studied the tables for all the various groups, am starting to believe in this Paraguay team and can even tell the various British announcers apart (isnt it hilarious by the way, that we feel we must have British announcers for all of our soccer telecasts? It is like the accent will make Americans think it is important). I however am still absolutely driven crazy by the vuvuzelas. For those of you that have been on the moon, these horns are the worst thing to come to South Africa since apartheid and have taken away a good part of what makes soccer entertaining. Even those of us who like the sport can acknowledge that there will be vast section of the game that are boring and can put you to sleep. But listening to the crowd sing and chant could always fill some of that time and the differences in the various nations’ fans was one of my favorite World Cup experiences. Now all we get is the constant blowing of these miserable horns that make it sound as if millions of bees are hovering above the stadium, ready to take aim at Maradona’s goatee. FIFA said today that they wont ban the horns, which I understand (you shouldnt go into a country and tell everyone to stop their traditions), but it does make watching the games maddening. And if any one brings even one of these into Commonwealth Stadium, they should be sentenced to life in prison.

To the (very few) notes:

— There is literally nothing going on in Kentucky except heat, but nationwide the Midwest breathed a sigh of relief as the ten teams in the Big 12 stayed together, with Texas leading the way. Fox Sports Channel came in and saved the day with more money and a late Texas demand for its own tv network in the Pac 10 ended the deal. In the short term, it saves the college sports realignment, but long term there will still be more problems. The Big 12 is on shaky ground and the tv contract simply will not make money. If the Big 10 goes to 16, other conferences will have to make a move and the postponement of the inevitable seems to be the going storyline. But for now, Kansas is saved and the doomsday scenario that could have left Louisville out in the cold goes away. But one has to admit that those Nebraska and Colorado Big 12 games next year should be very entertaining…and awkward.

— The Cats lost a basketball recruit (something you rarely hear these days) when Arnett Moultrie committed to Mississippi State tonight. The UTEP transfer was a target of UK in the last few weeks and he ended up joining the bizarre pack of big guys that the Bulldogs seem to grow in Starkville. Because Moultrie is a transfer and would have to sit out a year, I always thought that it made more sense to get a 2011 recruit, but he does have big time skill and a potential NBA future. Another great get for Stansbury and foe for future SEC battles.

— Seriously Antoine, how? You have lost so much money and it keeps falling apart. I almost want to see a shimmy for old times sake, just to cheer me (or maybe you) up.

— Someone really has to talk to UK women’s coach Matthew Mitchell about his tweets. Tonight he named his “Song of the Day”, Paula Abdul’s “Forever Your Girl.” Now listen, I know that I have some tastes which would lead people to question my man card carrying abilities (fondness for “The Bachelor” likely being the biggest). But after a night of Carrie Underwood and Paula Abdul, we may need a Matthew Mitchell intervention. Where is our girl Chelsea Chowning when we need her?

— I must admit that I am pumped about the Demarcus Cousins vs Derrick Favors matchup in New Jersey for the third pick. Big props to both guys for having the guts to do it and I think it says a lot about both guys’ confidence and self-belief. Isnt this how it should be though? These are the two contenders for the 3rd pick, let them go at each other and see who is better. And if you combine Boogie and the Russian Billionaire…oh things could get good.

Its a short update, but there is very little going on. If you havent done your UK Fan Outfitters shopping at the link below, please do. I will have more on the Canada trip on Tuesday and some news on the rest of the summer on KSR. Stay tuned…

Article written by Matt Jones