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Vikings vs. Wildcats for Scholastic Domination


Comparing Kentucky to Louisville, Kansas, and North Carolina is nothing new. Comparing Kentucky to Portland State? Now there’s something you don’t see everyday.

Continuing the epic insurgence of UK-related topics along the west coast, John Canzano of the Oregonian has written a piece on the unfairness of the academic standards of the BCS schools versus the Mid-Majors. Facing academic sanctions for their less-than-stellar academic progress, Portland State is staring down the barrel of a post-season ban from the NCAA. Coming to their rescue, Canzano writes:

“Three freshmen leave Kentucky after one year to go to the NBA, and the Wildcats likely will not be penalized under the current APR system because they are expected to get a guaranteed professional contract. But should one of the Vikings players leave PSU, seeking employment in Europe after one season, and fail to stick, PSU takes a “non-retention” hit.”

As a side note, I’m thinking this guy is a closet UL fan who has infiltrated the Oregonian in order to spread UK hate everywhere. Why else would he link a draft list available across the Internet, directly to the Card Chronicle? But I digress.

I’m not one to care about the mid-majors much, as my favorite teams are all BCS and like most women, I only care about things within the bubble I have created for myself. Nonetheless, he makes good points. There is a (relatively) huge percentage gap between BCS schools being sanctioned for academics and non-BCS ones and clearly a lot of it has to do with their prospects once they leave. Blaming the system for kids and coaches no graduating players seems a bit of a cop-out, but in this case there has to be a better way to measure the “student” in “student-athlete”.

Article written by Katie Martin