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Vandy isn’t short on confidence

So, let’s picture a scenario. Let’s just say that you’re a team that hasn’t been to a bowl in 26 years and you haven’t won one in 55 years. Let’s say that you’re playing a team that’s beaten you 10 out of the last 12 years. Let’s just say you’re a team that started out hot and got over-ranked on the heels of beating two teams that were getting way more credit than they deserve.  Let’s say that you then proceed to plummet out of the rankings by losing four in a row.  Let’s say that in the last five games, you’re offense hasn’t scored more than 14 points and your offense is ranked 117th in the nation.  What do you do?

How about calling out the other team’s defense, which happens to be strong to quite strong?  That’s right, Vandy is dishing out a little bulletin board material for Saturday’s game thanks to QB Mackenzi Adams, who made quite a statement after the already dumb thought that the UK defense is a lot different than last year’s edition.  Adams told the Vanderbilt Hustler (the student paper that seems like it’s overcompensating for being a dorkfest by calling it “Hustler”) that…..drumroll…

I have a lot of confidence in the offense around me and we’re going to make some big plays.”

Wow.  Seriously, man?  Right now, the quarterback of Vanderbilt has about as much right to run his tongue about being successful as the CEO of Lehman Brothers.  Dude, your offense sucks.  Big time.  I mean, like worse than ours.  So, lock it up, holmes.

And, I don’t care if you didn’t mean it to be taken this way and that it was more of an innocent statement than I’m hyping it up to be.  I need this to be a sexy, controversial statement.  We all do.  After all, this is just about the only thing of interest so far about this game. 

Article written by Thomas Beisner