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University Of Kentucky Wildcats Running Back Preview

The “Five Guy’s” (not the restaurant) are going to be responsible for making this season memorable.  With fullbacks John “The Terminator” Connor and AJ Nance leading the way, there is no reason why the ground game should not be highly effective. The top three guys this year will come as no surprise. Our backfield appears to be one of the fastest backfield’s in the country, if not the fastest. We will find effective ways to utilize these guys because we have great talent at the position.

Alfonso Smith

Superman, a.k.a. Alfonso Smith” will be my guess to begin the season as the starter. With his work ethic and amazing “Sonic the Hedgehog like” speed; (4.27 40 yard dash) he is long overdue for a huge season. Smith has gained some weight during the offseason and he has prepared himself physically to be ready to take a high number of snaps during his senior season. Expect to see Alfonso take on a role of coming out of the backfield more to catch passes.  I could get used to seeing him blow by some unsuspecting defenders this year. This guy can be an absolute game changer once he gets in the open field.  This is the reason why he has to be used more, especially in the passing game.

Derrick Locke

Derrick “D-locke” Locke is returning from a season ending injury last fall.  He has worked harder than anyone to make sure that he returns this season with his usual stride.  This guy is a workhorse despite his size. He can run well between the tackles, catch passes out of the backfield, and explode on special teams returns. His heart and determination have been evident since his freshman year. Expect to see this guy contribute this year and not miss a beat. Derrick is a very special person and player. He is one of my favorite players on the team because he knows what it takes to be successful.  His practice habits are evidence.

Moncell Allen

Moncell “Turtleman” Allen is a linebacker’s nightmare. He is 5’7 and runs through the gaps like a train. He has had some stellar performances, but the coaches want to see if he can keep his weight under control and take care of business in the classroom.  He has done well thus far. The summer school session is coming to an end in about 2 weeks and he will be ready to enter camp.  Moncel is one of the more talented running backs I have ever been around.  He has excellent strength and quickness.  With his lack of height mixed in,(perfect for pass and run blocking) he is an absolute beast.  Moncel is “hands down” the most multi-talented running back on the roster.

RJr Trey Bowland and RFr Coshik “Spidaman” Williams are two walk-ons who have flashed in previous spring practices and spring games with big performances. These guys are hard nose and show up to work everyday waiting for their chance to contribute not only on special teams, but during the drives.  Who knows what will happen with these two guys, but they are guys that have worked hard. They are both quick, scat backs that love to make people miss in the holes.  They both have good lateral quickness. However, Bowland lacks the break away speed to outrun the defender for a touchdown.  Their best football is between the tackles.  I have known Trey for a few years and he is an exemplary student-athlete.  Time will tell the future of these two backs.  Williams could find himself on scholarship if he keeps his motor running and makes positive strides every day in practice.

NFL Supplemental Draft News

I find out tomorrow what team will drafting me in the 2009 NFL Supplemental Draft.  I am excited about moving to another city.  It was hard for me to pack and move my belongings from Lexington last saturday back down to Memphis.  However, the past 4 years have been incredible in Lexington. I can’t wait to figure out when I will be able to return in the fall for games. Workouts with teams have gone well and I have enjoyed this process.  The short term goal for myself is to get better everyday.  The current long term goal is to make the team. I will find out probably some time around 1:00 or 2:00 Central time where I will be going. The next post will be a FB/TE preview.  Thank you so much for your messages!

Article written by DoubleJJ199

I am 21 Years Old. I was born in Fort Knox, Kentucky. I grew in Memphis and I played football for the University of Kentucky. I recently graduated with my Political Science degree.