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UNC scandal “academic” not “athletic.” Huh?

It’d be pretty if it didn’t reek of bullsh–

After a three-month investigation into the UNC academic fraud scandal, North Carolina governor Jim Martin has concluded that the scandal was just that–academic, not athletic. Huh?

The independent investigation found that student athletes and students at large benefited from anomalies in the African and Afro-American Studies Department going back to 1997, including unauthorized grade changes, forged faculty signatures on grade rolls and limited or no class time. BUT, since no members of the athletic department were found at fault, they can’t be punished.

Again, huh?

I guess I can see Martin’s twisted reasoning; because no members of the athletic department, including coaches, were found to be directly involved, they’re in the clear. It’s the academic department that’s to blame, not the players, who merely took advantage of the situation, along with countless other students. However, in July, a faculty committee issued a report saying that academic counselors may have pushed athletes into those classes, which means that the corruption wasn’t just limited to the Afro studies department–it had spread to faculty from other departments as well. Do you think those counselors just thought to recommend those classes to the players all on their own, without some gentle prodding from the athletic department? Please.

For an investigation to completely absolve coaches and players of any wrongdoing, you would expect those coaches or players to be interviewed, right? Wrong. According to the report, no UNC basketball player or coach, former or current, was interviewed. Why? Martin: “There was no coach that knew anything about this. They didn’t need to know. That was not their job.” The players? “They have enough to do.”

Hmm. On Twitter, our dear friend Fake Barney pointed out, the report found that six UNC basketball players were pushed to take a Naval Weapons class (not offered in the Afro Studies department, mind you) to help discourage “disrespectful graffiti” on a class building. Martin called that a “reasonable explanation.” For the record, that Naval Weapons class just happened to have no tests or quizzes and a first time instructor.

If you’d like to read 77 pages of hypocrisy for yourself, here’s the link to the Martin report.

UNC Chapel Hill: getting away with things since 1789.

Article written by Mrs. Tyler Thompson

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50 Comments for UNC scandal “academic” not “athletic.” Huh?

  1. Bicycle Seat Sniffer
    2:03 pm December 20, 2012 Permalink

    Absolute bullshit.

  2. Hater
    2:05 pm December 20, 2012 Permalink

    This is Cal’s fault. I don’t know how, I just know it is.

  3. SexnNursinHomes
    2:07 pm December 20, 2012 Permalink

    Sandusky felchering lil boys wasn’t an academic issue either, but they got the death penalty.

    unc is absolutely untouchable whenit comes to crime and cheating.

  4. Dear IU and UL, We are National Champs; you are not. The end.
    2:09 pm December 20, 2012 Permalink

    Wow, “academic anomalies”.

  5. J in Orlando
    2:09 pm December 20, 2012 Permalink

    Once again, the lesson learned here is that UNC and Duke are allowed to cheat to stay competitive and other schools are not.

  6. tyrone biggins
    2:11 pm December 20, 2012 Permalink

  7. Sam
    2:13 pm December 20, 2012 Permalink

    Not surprised in the least. But if Enes Kanter documents all receipts, saves his money, and actively consults NCAA rules and tries to stay compliant, then just strip him of his eligibility PERMANENTLY! Makes perfect sense.

  8. Huh
    2:16 pm December 20, 2012 Permalink

    The Governor gets to say who is involved and who isn’t? Cool. Everyone should be doing this.

  9. Linda Taylor
    2:17 pm December 20, 2012 Permalink

    investigation [ɪnˌvɛstɪˈgeɪʃən]
    the act or process of investigating; a careful search or examination in order to discover facts, etc.

    In no way could this be considered an investigation according to this definition. It more closely resembles the definition of the following word:

    joke (jk)
    1. Something said or done to evoke laughter or amusement, especially an amusing story with a punch line.
    2. A mischievous trick; a prank.
    3. An amusing or ludicrous incident or situation.
    4. Informal
    a. Something not to be taken seriously; a triviality: The accident was no joke.
    b. An object of amusement or laughter; a laughingstock: His loud tie was the joke of the office.

    2:25 pm December 20, 2012 Permalink

    Can you even imagine if this was uncovered at UK? It would be national news. Can’t believe this.

    2:25 pm December 20, 2012 Permalink

    Has this story even been mentioned on ESPN

  12. JG
    2:33 pm December 20, 2012 Permalink

    Aren’t they student-athletes? Wouldn’t an academic scandal also impact a “student-athlete”??? If an athlete is taking fake classes then they aren’t eligible to be on the athletic team…

  13. STEVE!
    2:35 pm December 20, 2012 Permalink

    UNC-Chapel Hill is a prestigious academic public university, but the ex-Governor throws them under the bus to protect the basketball program. Shows who really runs the show there. It doesn’t matter who was at fault, if the players took bogus courses, they should be retroactively ruled academically ineligible, ala Derrick Rose.

  14. I'm confussed
    2:45 pm December 20, 2012 Permalink

    NCAA, I’m confussed. Eric Manual is kicked off UK’s team due to cheating on a test and this is part of the reason UK got hit so hard in the late ’80’s.

    BUUUUUUUUUTTTTT UNC has student’s…C H E A T I N G but it’s ok becuase the university allowed it…..

    Man! I can’t wait untill the super conferencece split from the NCAA and they go bye bye.

    2:46 pm December 20, 2012 Permalink

    MAN! UNC and the NCAA have B A L L S of S T E E L

  16. Reality Check
    2:46 pm December 20, 2012 Permalink

    Something happening to UNC BB team over this is about as likely as the Mayans being right about the fate of the world tomorrow………….the Earth will keep spinning and UNC will keep all their wins and banners.

  17. ok then
    2:47 pm December 20, 2012 Permalink

    Ok then UK should start doing the EXACT thing….

  18. Keep Rock
    2:48 pm December 20, 2012 Permalink

    Let it go people. I’m sure every school does this. Do we really want people poking around our program, I think not. Karma people Karma. We need good karma.

  19. F the NCAA
    2:48 pm December 20, 2012 Permalink

    F them! I say the Basketball team just apply to be a new NBA team

  20. dave
    2:48 pm December 20, 2012 Permalink

    –if your coach has any info regarding said academic cheating
    –if only athletes & not students were participating in said cheating
    not cheating:
    –when student athlete brings up academic scandal to any coach & coach nothing?
    –when academic scandal involves any number of non-athletes

  21. BeastmanandHemanGettingiton
    2:49 pm December 20, 2012 Permalink

    The NCAA has all you can abuse farm animal friday’s

  22. BeefJones
    2:51 pm December 20, 2012 Permalink

    Uh can you guys push anything else on this site…I mean holy crap.

  23. Reality Check
    2:51 pm December 20, 2012 Permalink

    dave….You just recited the preamble to the NCAA Standards and Guidelines Handbook. Anybody know where I can get a copy to use as toilet paper?

  24. DR
    2:52 pm December 20, 2012 Permalink

    #11, ESPN has a write up on it. It doesn’t even make the front page of ESPN. You have to look under the NCAABB tab. Oh, and it was written by Robbi Pickeral, UNC grad and longtime UNC blogger, also the former sports editor for the Daily Tar Heel. No “dog in the fight” there.

    I’m still confused as to how this is an “academic issue” and not an athletics issue. How did DRose’s test scores become athletic and not academic and why were they treated differently? You could argue that one was about admittance and eligibility (DRose), but wouldn’t these kids be ineligible to play as well if they were found to be taking fraudulent classes (which they were)? If someone else was doing their homework for them does it then move into the athletic/academic realm? Is knowledge of the fraud necessary (not sure this matters because both parties obviously had knowledge)?

  25. rick
    2:54 pm December 20, 2012 Permalink

    Duke, N.C. and Louisville, 3 schools that cheat and the NCAA approves. Dont forget Hurtt and Bridgewater, the ncaa has.

  26. Keep Rock
    2:59 pm December 20, 2012 Permalink

    13) Your half way right. The only problem I would have with your statement is that they actually had proof in UNC case! Rose was never proven to have cheated. The only thing against him was that the ACT said it was unlikely that someone could improve a score that much. A hand writing excepert said it was possibly someone else’s signature but could not say for sure with out cooperation from Rose which he refused. That said let it go

  27. Keep Rock
    3:21 pm December 20, 2012 Permalink

    #12 You bring up a good point! I’m sure Athletes don’t handle a big class load except for the rare case like Knight and students like him I’m sure wouldn’t be enrolled in fake classes. If the classes in question have been ruled fraudulent then I’m sure the credits where disallowed for everyone enrolled even if they had 0 knowledge of any wrong doing. I’m sure that would take most under the minimum hours to be a full time student.
    Part of being eligible to play college sports depends on students being full time, to be on scholareship you must remain full time hence the reason Matt Linart was taking dance classes his senior year. He had already taken the classes for his degree so he had to take a full load of electives to be eligible.
    If any player played on any of UNC games that where under full time hours all those games must be forfeit. Even if the student athlete had no knowledge of any wrong doing. That’s the rules and they should apply to everyone.
    #14 there was numerous reasons we got hit so hard in the Sutton years. The Eric Manual was part of it, but that one incident wasn’t why we where hit so hard. Paying players to sign was the biggest thing. I do think we broke rules, but I’ve never bought the Emory package thing. I don’t think UK would send a recruit money threw the mail with a assistant coaches name on it? And I’ve never bought that it mysteriously opened and a worker looked in and reported it. Seems to easy. I think it was more like next year Sutton had put together a great team, if that class had come to campus with what we already had that would have easily been the best team ever assembled ever!! Sutton just got to many and the NCAA wasn’t going to allow that. Manual and Casey where scapgoats or escape goats if you will

  28. Will S
    3:21 pm December 20, 2012 Permalink

    Unbelieveable. But that’s what happens when a former-governor with HUGE unc ties heads the investigation. Everyone in the state already knew this report would conclude nothing. Tyler Hansbrough in Swahili? No big deal, he just happened to choose that class…

  29. StupidKat
    3:26 pm December 20, 2012 Permalink

    22.) Love getting this news, helps paint a true picture of UNC, is that why you hate it BeefJones? Morality is an ongoing evaluation and the more the world spreads this of UNC’s obvious academic fraud and coverup, the more detrimental effect to their image. Better to be honest and take punishment, recruits don’t like “FAKE”!

  30. Rob
    3:27 pm December 20, 2012 Permalink

    SMU’s “packages of cash” problem was financial, not athletic.

    Terrelle Pryor’s “clothing and tattoo” problems were sartorial, not athletic.

    Jerry Sandusky’s “child-rape” problem was pedophilia, not athletics.

    3:35 pm December 20, 2012 Permalink

    30 – I was talking about the Ad’s…..

  32. TOtheWALL
    3:37 pm December 20, 2012 Permalink

    Hey Taylor whatcha get ya man for christmas

  33. syrin
    3:44 pm December 20, 2012 Permalink

    So using this logic, if an athlete takes money from a booster, shouldn’t the athletics department be cleared of any wrong doings?

  34. arlen sphincter
    3:50 pm December 20, 2012 Permalink

    what a crock

  35. Keep Rock
    3:50 pm December 20, 2012 Permalink

    29) Stop with your holier then thou stuff! Duke had a guy named Corry Maggettee remember him! Duke played a player who was ruled to have been ineligable and didn’t have to forfeit any games. How can Duke or the NCAA justify that. Camby’s case was identical to Maggette’s. Cal got branded a cheater and had to forfeit a final four season and Duke didn’t get punished please explain the justice in that?
    I don’t like UNC but I do respect ole’ Roy he is a hell of a coach. He and Cal have a lot of the same ways of re recruiting and coaching. Rat face on the other hand tried to recruit several of the one and done players Cal landed. He then tried to yell foul after UK won with them. How can any man defend Bobby Knight then criticize any coach, knight is a admitted abuser of young men. Mentally and physicaly

  36. Keep Rock
    3:53 pm December 20, 2012 Permalink

    34) depends on what school. If its UNC or Duke then yes! If it’s UK or any school then no.

  37. Greg
    3:59 pm December 20, 2012 Permalink

    So how do they know that no coaches knew about it if they didn’t interview any coaches? “There was no coach that knew anything about this. They didn’t need to know. That was not their job.”

  38. JMFATZ47
    4:06 pm December 20, 2012 Permalink

    So you can get in trouble if a HIGH SCHOOL player is found that their grades were changed in HIGH SCHOOL but if a “student-athlete” AT the actual university takes FAKE classes there is no problem whatsoever? Biggest pile of horseshit I have ever seen….

  39. Rest of the USA outside the broders of N. Carolina
    4:15 pm December 20, 2012 Permalink

    Why are we not surprised by this?

  40. basketball jones
    4:36 pm December 20, 2012 Permalink

    at least there won’t be a ncaa after tomorrow

  41. Mash UKs best ever
    5:17 pm December 20, 2012 Permalink

    Yep you pretty much have it right! That’s is why the super conference thing and going away from the NCAA is starting to gain real support. With the millions of dollars major college sports generate I’m surprised no one has sued the NCAA to be more transparent and universal in their penalties.
    Kanter was ruler permently ineligable while anther player on the same team came to America with the same infraction and money got suspended half a season.josh Selby admitted to taken money from a agent and only got a handful of games. Maggette and Camby had identical infractions UMass got punished Duke did not. The list goes on and on. They need 1 set of rules for everyone this variable punishment is horse manure.

  42. Kujo
    5:31 pm December 20, 2012 Permalink

    TX pg loses a season because he lied about a plane ride to a workout and UNC is not responsible for multiple athletes taking courses in a fraudulent academic department. Maybe the end of the world will be limited to the NCAA?

  43. Beavis
    5:53 pm December 20, 2012 Permalink

    If anything inappropriate turns up at Uk,,,,,I expect our governor to get involved. NCAA has no authority in the matter,,,,just the governor of the state. I repeat,,,the NCAA with Mark Emmert has become a complete joke.

  44. Yeah
    6:39 pm December 20, 2012 Permalink

    @9 Linda Taylor….good post.

  45. Them
    8:10 pm December 20, 2012 Permalink

    The sooner we can get rid of the NCAA out of College Sports the better an independent conference czar could handle this crap,

  46. In cal I trust
    9:05 pm December 20, 2012 Permalink

    43) kinda seems a little backwards don’t you think.

  47. nccat
    9:10 pm December 20, 2012 Permalink

    Who the hell is Jim Martin? The govenor of NC is Bev Perdue (as bad as she is!)..incoming govenor is Pat McCrory. I’ve lived here 12 years and I’ve never heard of Jim Martin……as a major UK fan in ACC land….y’think I would have heard of this twerp by now…..

  48. beegsBlue
    10:28 am December 21, 2012 Permalink

    That’ like sayin’ Eddie Sutton & Dwayne Casey got fired and UK was put on 3 years probation for an “accounting error due to an overnight courier’s mishandling”. Just sayin’ . . .

  49. Katbluefan
    9:48 pm December 22, 2012 Permalink

    What a crock of crap from UNC. Will it ever end ??? What has happened to D-1 Coaches, Presidents, have they lost their smarts ? To make a statement about cheating like UNC did is beyond reason. Duke and UNC can get by with any and everything and nothing is ever done. I would like to know how much money is paid to the President of the NCAA and is buddies to keep these two universities clean ? It has gotten to be a sicken thing. It will be like John Wooden, one day the roof will cave in on these two programs and I just hope I’m alive to see it.