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It’s all about the memories…

For those of you who can include yourself in the Facebook generation, you’re probably well aware of the hottest trend on the internet right now, Yearbook Yourself.  It’s just a simple idea that allows you to upload a picture of yourself and then see what your yearbook picture would look like at various points in time.  It’s really quite addicting and pointless to be honest, making it ideal for my age group.  Check it out and I promise it will leave you feeling good like the first and the third.

What was interesting though, is that there were several familiar faces lingering on the site and their yearbook photos were accompanied by a short bio of them from their yearbooks.  Take a look.


Billy Gillispie, Class of 1976

The free-spirited Gillispie roamed West Texas with his boys jamming to tunes and making their way with every cowgirl they could find, earning him the senior superlative of “Most likely to actually be your biological father”.  Gillispie was most remembered by those in his class for his bitchin’ van and the bumper sticker that summed up his high school existence.  Ass, Gas or Grass:  No one rides for free.


Jeff Snedegar, Class of 1980 

How was anyone at Buckeye Trail High School supposed to know Jeff Snedegar if he didn’t know himself?  Sure, he was the bruiser on the football field and the only guy in school with a legitimate goatee, but what he really loved was poetry and expressing his feelings through the slow rock ballad.  People didn’t always know what to make of the super-sensitive Snedegar, but they knew one thing:  He ate, breathed and lived all things Manilow.


Rich Brooks, Class of 1982

Don’t let the smiles fool you.  Brooks was a mean-spirited bully in his 4-year tenure at Norte Del Rio High in Sacramento, known for his menacing growls and fits of rage induced by questioning his claim that he taught Ozzy how to bite the heads off of bats.  This festering rage was caused mostly by his parents who “just didn’t get him” and he would often sob uncontrollably after knocking back a case of Falls City.


Patrick Patterson, Class of 1984

Patterson was a real lady killer back at Huntington High School.  When he wasn’t working on his moonwalk, he was getting real soulful on dudes and wearing his Michael Cooper jersey at least twice a week.  Earned four varsity letters in “getting his freak on”.


Bruce Pearl, Class of 1990

Beatrice Pearl, as she was known to her classmates, wasn’t exactly Ms. Popular with her classmates due to her shyness, but she was a big hit with the coaching staff at Sharon High School, who she let treat her like a $2 prostitute.  There are still legendary stories around the athletic offices of the “Pearl Ring”, which is a ring of lipstick left on your…ummm…after you…ummm…..nevermind.  Anyway, after being caught under the bleachers with Coach Spurlock for the third time, she moved away and had a sex change.  The Pearl Ring lives on forever, though.

 That’s all.  Carry on with your day.

Article written by Thomas Beisner