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UK Wedding Fan of the Day Wants Weekend Notes


If your bachelorette party somehow includes Razor Ramon Harris…then you should be a Fan of the Day. Some notes:

— Calipari spoke this weekend in Louisville and said the usual stuff about the season. He did however add one interesting note, mainly that he was not a fan of his players playing pickup basketball. He said that pickup games are misleading when it comes to players’ skills and they play in a way that is not like what they will do in games. Thus he asks his players to only play three times a week, and instead work on individual skills and working out in the weight room. Yet another reminder of this fact as the “pickup game” reports increase through the summmer, including on this site. As former “pickup legends” like Todd Tackett, Josh Carrier and of course the all-time king, Matt “The Beast” Pilgrim should have taught us, pickup games tell only a miniscule part of the story.

— Calipari did not address the future of Darnell Dodson, which still is unclear. Terrence Jones will be taking his #3, Calipari said he right now had 10 scholarship players (which he would if you didnt include Dodson) and I have heard some whispers that he may no longer be on campus. I cant confirm that fact, and at this point the situation is still up in the air. The Cats could use Dodson as a shooter, but it was told to me back in April that Dodson had a lot of work to do on and off the court to still be a part of the team. We shall see if that work was done.

— Louisville made two additions to its program today, adding Memphis transfer Roburt Sallie and a new assistant coach, who comes to the team from Nike, where he was a team representative. I find both additions interesting, not because of their effect on the program (Sallie has been a disappointment at Memphis but could excel at a new home and the Nike guy will probably help recruiting because of his relationship with NBA players), but because of how they take away some Louisville fans line of argument. If Calipari is so bad and “shoe deals” are what has cost UL, then how do you go get a former Calipari player and hire a guy from a shoe company?

— UK recruit Quincy Miller is lighting it up for Team USA in the under 18 championships. He had 17 points and a record 21 rebounds in a game against the Virgin Islands (that hardly seems a fair match) and continues to excel at the tournament. Add Miller and potentially Deuce Bellow….and oh my the 2011 class is crazy.

— Finally, the NBA Summer League begins soon and I am making plans as we speak to try and go to Vegas for part of the action. The league starts in Orlando from July 3-9, where Daniel Orton and Orlando will be in action. The other four UK guys will be in the Vegas version, July 9-15. UK guys all play on the 10, 11 and 12, which is when I am trying to make the trip. It should be quite the scene in Vegas as Wall, Patterson, Cousins and Bledsoe all take the floor. The games are available to watch online and if I go, we will have lots of reports on here.

More all day as Hunter Campbell takes you through the day. Watch here for news as it happens.

Article written by Matt Jones