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UK Turkish Fan of the Day Has Afternoon Notes


Watch those eyes Cal!

It is a gorgeous day, potentially the last great one before Derby but that wont stop us from taking a look at the notes of the day:

CJ Leslie and Terrence Jones decide on Friday. Both are Top 20 2010 players, both are power forwards and both are considering Kentucky. Both are making a choice between a home school (NC State and Washington), another power (UCONN and Kansas) and Kentucky. The tea leaves in the last few weeks have seemed to have the home school winning for both players, but no real news or good scoop has come out since. It could go either way for both kids and Friday either becomes the final piece to the 2010 puzzle, or the path for Marcus Thornton becomes much clearer.

— Terrence Ross, who is almost certainly headed to Washington, will announce his decision at the same time as Jones. This could be relevant or mean nothing…probably the latter, but its late April and we have to have something to talk about.

— All anyone was talking about last night was the Drake concert with the UK team. The word was “family” as Drake said the UK team was his family and John Wall said Drake was his family. We are all one big family and it was great to see the guys (including the best member of the Young Money crew Mark Krebs) on stage and having fun. Some have jabbered today that Drake is not a good role model, blah, blah, blah. Tell them to hush. Players and kids like Drake, Cal wants players, Drake seems to like the Cats…done deal. Trust me, when you have kids (or if you have kids), you wont want to hear what they are listening to either.

— Yes I have seen the fake Facebook exchange between Calipari and Teague that was created and then put up on Deadspin. It seems totally fake to me (Cal’s certainly is and Teague’s seems to be), but it means nothing. I do give the UL fans credit for the prank though…but it isnt an indication of anything to me. Now someone just needs to get them back.

— I am told that a couple of UK players got into a debate with a couple of students on campus about the Arizona immigration bill, with the players getting very upset and saying it was unfair. I love this story not because of their position (which I do agree with), but because this group has some knowledge of affairs in the world beyond their own lives…that makes me happy.

— The Derby Post Draw took place today and the big story is that the favorite…nah nevermind, I am already bored.

— The late night podcast will be released on Monday…making it a totally separate account to alleviate confusion and it takes a few days to get ready.

— I think its a good decision for Bledsoe to not hire an agent, but I dont think folks should get their hopes up. If he has the ability to go, or even if its close, he is likely to leave. So prepare for that likelihood and then anything else is a bonus.

More later in the day…

Article written by Matt Jones