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UK Professor to Talk about UK Basketball Grad Rates on TV


You probably thought that when the season ended, so would the bad press and “haterade” poured on the Cats by the national press. You would be wrong. According to the Kentucky Kernal, UK Professor Alan Desantis will be on Anderson Cooper tonight to discuss UK’s low basketball graduation rates. According to the newspaper article, Desantis says that basketball players miss too much class (true), dont have time to focus on their studies (depends) and should only be permitted to play games on Friday afternoon through Sunday (good luck). He is going on Cooper’s show to discuss the issue, particularly as it relates to UK.

I will say this about graduation rates. As I said on the Boston radio show two weeks ago, a graduation rate number without context is meaningless. It doesnt include transfers, those that leave for the NBA or those that graduate early and drop off the team (like Porter). It is thus a statistic that screams loudly but says very little. I hope such context is given by Desantis, but my guess is that it wont be. The relevant number is the amount of four-year players who graduate from the University and at Kentucky, that number has been relatively high. I bet we wont hear that tonight from Alan, but who knows. What I do know is that Beisner likes the guy and that is good enough for me. We shall see…

QUICK UPDATE: Wow Mr. Desantis is a popular dude. I was not in any way saying that he would be unfair or do anything awful for UK. My guess is that Cooper is not doing a story about how great the NCAA system is or what a great graduation rate that UK has. I was just merely pointing out that having seen this song before, both would be criticized…and possibly deservedly so.

I will say this, if I ever need to get a round of applause somewhere, I taking Alan here with me. Judging by the reaction, he the most popular Commonwealthian this side of the Heavy Hitter.

Article written by Matt Jones