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#40MINS of UK Hoops Live Diary

We’re baaaaaaaack…

Today’s the day: the first Kentucky women’s basketball game. The Cats take on the Hornets of Delaware State, and Wilder Treadway and Hayley Minogue will have a live diary running from press row of today’s game. If you couldn’t make it down to Memorial Coliseum this afternoon (shame on you) we got yo updates on deck right here.

First game of 2012-2013 UK Hoops season vs. Delaware State

Postgame/Press Conference: The Cats were led by A’dia Mathies and her 16 points, but the entire team chipped in as all 13 players recorded at least one point. Kentucky shot 54% for the game and held the Hornets to 37% shooting. Kentucky also forced 31 turnovers so it was OVER on the pregame bet. Coach Mitchell says he was “really pleased in a lot of areas today” and despite making “a ton of mistakes” (22 turnovers) he’s still very happy with how uncomfortable the Cats made Delaware State today. It’s been fun. It’s been real. Check ya next week as the Cats take on #1 Baylor.

FINAL SCORE: Kentucky 90 Delaware State 50 That’s all folks. The Cats stomped the Hornets in a very methodical opening game of the season. Kentucky has no time to rest though, as they travel to Waco, Texas next week to take on the defending national champions and best team in the nation: Baylor. From what was seen today, Kentucky has the pieces and the players to compete with the Bears, it’s just a matter of executing and not being intimidated. Press conference here we come…

2nd Half 6:17: DeNesha Stallworth has been a big part of todays game and is obviously going to be a big part of this season for the UK Hoops team. She started in her first career game as a Wildcat, and has made the most of it scoring 11 points so far. Her height and experience will be key in the Cats reaching their full potential as the year goes on. The electricity of this game has toned down a bit as the outcome of this game is obvious. The Hornets are completely irrelevant on the offensive side of the ball, and UK continues to make it an all-team effort, winning big 79-33.

2nd Half 11:58: The Cats are attempting to throw it into the post as much as possible, probably/hopefully to get the inside players prepared for the beast/man/monster/player that is Brittney Griner when UK takes on Baylor next week. Announced attendance is 4,637 today, pretty good for a Saturday afternoon game against Delaware State.  Bria Goss goes to the line for a flagrant 1 foul, and with her new hairstyle (pony tail) she swishes in both. Cats still dominating 66-28. UK DANCING MAN/MONY MONY DANCER IS BACK. Thank God for basketball season.

2nd Half 15:27:  A slow start to the second half as there have been more people falling on the ground that points being scored. The Hornets head coach must have instructed her team to be as physical and annoyingly scrappy as possible, but ain’t nothin’ but a thing for the Cats. They’re starting to make it rain with their jump shots, look for them to score a lot this second half. Cats up 55-23. 

Halftime : Hayley again.  All I can say is WOW.  This team has matured so much in the off season.  Everything has been very crisp and precise.  They have kept their heads about them and are truly playing their game.  A’dia Mathies is leading scorer with 10 points, and the Hoops team has forced 14 turnovers.  Wanna talk about depth?  10 players have at least two points.  Run and tell that, homeboy.  Dance team time…

HALFTIME SCORE: UK 46 Delaware State 21 The Cats closed out the 1st half playing very exciting and effective basketball. Conwright caught Jennifer O’Neil on a fast break no look pass that made the crowd erupt in cheers, and the post players were found wide open. The Hornets have really only been able to score from the free throw line, as the Cats aren’t letting them even look at an open uncontested shot. On another note…the UK band is…weirdly interesting #walrusnoises #singingirrelevantsongs

1st Half 3:38: This game is scrappy and you can tell the Cats still have a lot of offensive kinks to work out. They seem juiced to be able to finally play, but they obviously need a little fine tuning. Mitchell isn’t doing a lot of stand up coaching this game either, sitting on the bench and watching a lot more than he usually does. My guess is that he’s trying to see which combination of players works the best, and key in on what the Cats need to do to play most effectively. Bernisha Pinkett drains two 3-pointers, Cats threatening to run and lead 35-11.

1st Half 7:55: It’s hard to keep track of who’s playing at what time for Kentucky because Coach Mitchell is a huge believer in the mass substitution strategy, and when he has 13 players on his team that can all bring tons of talent to the floor, why not? The Cats have used multiple players to run to the point for them today, so one would think Mitchell hasn’t yet chosen his every game starter for that position. With Walker, Stallworth, Bishop, and Henderson all powering the inside game for the Cats and Mathies, Goss, Thompson, Conwright, and Pinkett dominating the ball outside..this team looks hard to beat. Cats still winning 27-7.

1st Half 12:52: Hey guys, Hayley here.  One huge thing I’ve noticed so far with the team is consistency.  They have been playing hard every second.  Last year, there would be times that they would seem to be tired or not giving it their all, but this year, it is 100% every minute.  They are really living up to the 40 Minutes motto.  PS- Delaware State is scrappy. Kentucky 18 DSU 4.

1st Half 15:54: The biggest thing I’ve noticed about this team so far that differs from last year: the height. DeNesha Stallworth and Samarie Walker both got the start for the Cats and have dominated offensively and defensively inside against a very small Delaware State team. As always, you can count on this team forcing boatloads of turnovers, and UK’s defense hasn’t disappointed. Cats up 11-2 at the first media timeout. Have I mentioned this team is fun to watch?

BZzzzZzZZzZzzZ: We’re underway here in Memorial and let me just say the intro videos and starting lineups this year for UK are better than ever, the whole crowd was on their feet jamming to some Nicki Minaj. The personality of this team is electric, and the crowd went crazy when A’dia Mathies was announced. The Hornets get the tip, and turn it over…here we go…

10 minutes before tip: Hayley and I are posted up here on press row, and man does it feel good to be home. This team is without a doubt one of the most fun and entertaining teams in the nation, and the environment in Memorial Coliseum when they play is really a special thing to be a part of. The Cats are getting ready to take on the Delaware State Hornets….a team who finished with only 7 wins last year and is picked to finish 11th in the MEAC this season. Can I get an over/under on the Cats forcing 30 turnovers today?

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  1. ghostface
    12:54 pm November 10, 2012 Permalink

    *Ladykats. Amateurs shoot “hoops” at the park. Matthew Mitchell need to crawl out from Mickie Demoss’s labeling of the women’s BASKETBALL team and change their name from the insulting title of “hoops” back to Ladykats. Go Ladykats. (Sarcasm…..kinda)

  2. JR Hop
    1:00 pm November 10, 2012 Permalink

    what you can do is take this picture down

  3. UKPez
    1:03 pm November 10, 2012 Permalink


  4. Are u serious Bro
    1:26 pm November 10, 2012 Permalink

    This site use to post hot girls, not Perez Hilton???

  5. Gypsy Robyn
    1:31 pm November 10, 2012 Permalink

    How many came out for the game today? I’m out of state, wish I could be there.

    1:41 pm November 10, 2012 Permalink

    #8 theres about 4 or 5 thousand here today. but it sounds like theres about 10 thousand! great crowd today!

  7. Dick N. Dabutt
    1:45 pm November 10, 2012 Permalink

    RC, so you think Polson will be a the first one to announce his decision to head to the NBA? Seems early in the season to make that call. But, Cal knows what he’s doing. He’s a wizard.

  8. Rumor Contol
    1:47 pm November 10, 2012 Permalink

    DnD, Polson has enough credit to grad in Dec.

  9. Dick N. Dabutt
    1:48 pm November 10, 2012 Permalink

    Westcoast Kat, do you, by chance, have pics to support your blogging comment?

  10. Gypsy Robyn
    1:53 pm November 10, 2012 Permalink

    Come on fellow bloggers, let’s get behind out Ky Hoops team. I love the mens bball team but our Hoops team deserves our support as well. Thank you KSRCollege for this Live Diary.

  11. Gypsy Robyn
    2:04 pm November 10, 2012 Permalink

    Pat#23??? No confusion here, cheered for Coach Cal & our guys last night. Following Coach Mitchell & our Hoops girls today. Go Cats!!!

  12. Gypsy Robyn
    2:36 pm November 10, 2012 Permalink

    Is that the UK band I hear? Cool. Go Cats!

  13. mashburnfan1
    2:53 pm November 10, 2012 Permalink

    would love to see both teams win a title…both have a shot

  14. Gypsy Robyn
    2:59 pm November 10, 2012 Permalink

    #17, absolutely agree, the UK Cats & Hoops team have great leaders in Coach Cal & Coach Mitchell. So excited about this season.

  15. Gypsy Robyn
    3:00 pm November 10, 2012 Permalink

    Good Luck A’dia Mathies on the Wade Watch List!

  16. Reply
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  17. Linda Taylor
    7:00 pm November 10, 2012 Permalink

    Nice post Wilder & Hayley. It really is amazing to see what a high level our ladies are already playing at this year. Of course, that is due in some part to the level of competition we have faced up to this point. The Baylor game will give us a much better idea of where we stand. So far I am impressed with how well the new players have already fit into coach MM’s system. They are making mistakes, but they are hustling the entire time they are on the court. Our defensive pressure must feel like a swarm of angry bees to the opposing team. Memorial Coliseum will once again be turnover city. There can be no doubt that our ladies will be a formidable foe for any team in the country. This is truly the most wonderful time of the year!