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UK Hoops Live Diary: Stomp not Chomp Edition

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Hey Wildcat fans. Hayley Minogue and Wilder Treadway are back in action from press row at Memorial Coliseum for a big SEC showdown between the Florida Gators and Kentucky Wildcats.  The Cats enter today’s game ranked 6th in the nation with a 13-1 record and are 1-0 in conference play after a road win against Alabama.  Moving into today’s game, one can’t help but ponder a few crucial questions… Will the cheerleaders stop yelling in my ears ever?  Will Florida Head Coach Amanda Butler stomp her way into a Florida victory, or will Coach Mitchell’s Wildcats claim their first SEC home victory of the season?  Will Azia Bishop’s extra time in the gym shooting free throws help?  Was DeNesha Stallworth warming up or was she just messing around?  Will the Frisbee dogs be the halftime entertainment for the second year in a row?  Will my wildest dream of getting snowed in Memorial Coliseum finally be fulfilled?  Only time will tell….

#6 Kentucky Wildcats v. Florida Gators

FINAL:  Didn’t see that one coming… the six game winning streak has ended for the Wildcats with a loss to Florida, 83-73.  In all honesty, Florida deserved that victory.  They out hustled Kentucky on the floor and off the board, and the score shows it.  It’s going to be tough for the Hoops to get a road win over Florida.  This is mine and Wilder’s second loss in Memorial since we started interning for KSR… let that sink in.  Stay tuned for his full post game…until next time, stay golden.

2nd Half 0:59.9 Hayley-…we might lose this game.  The refs are calling every move Kentucky makes a foul… Florida at the line shooting 2.  FL77-KY72

2nd Half 3:30 – Hayley- This game guys.. I’m not even going to pretend that I’m not freaking out under the table.  Kentucky is trailing Florida by just ONE point.  I’m not sure how attentive I’ll be able to be in these final minutes, but know this; it’s going to come down to free throws.  With both teams in the bonus and the gameplay getting so physical, free throws are going to have to be made… UK 70, UF 75

2nd Half :4:25: Hayley- This game is getting increasingly physical.  There’s been more hard fouls and flailing bodies since the last post than in the whole game thus far.  Both of these teams place such an importance on beating one another, and neither one of them wants to have the lower hand when the teams meet again in one short month.  If there’s one thing to take away from this game, it’s that this is going to be a very tough SEC season.  In the non conference play, I didn’t think there were two teams that could beat Kentucky, and now… The entire SEC is going to be stacked.  The physical play continues, and I’m liking seeing not only the players, but also the coaches get so worked up over this game.  Kentucky 68 Florida 69

2nd Half 7:36: Wilder- Well, like we anticipated, today’s game has been a back and forth affair. Florida ran out to an 11 point lead in the first half, UK has built a nine point lead here in the second half, and here we are with just under eight minutes left and it’s just a three point Kentucky lead. In terms of offense, the Cats have really had no star performances, but you can see it in the eyes of Jennifer O’Neill that she wants to be the one with the ball in her hands to finish this game. Jaterra Bonds from Florida has been amazing, scoring 20 for the Gators. This game will come down to free throw shooting and fast action decision making, so we shall see…Wildcats lead 66-63.

2nd Half 8:40- So so sorry folks, internet problems have us feeling some type of way.  Score is 63-59 in Kentucky’s favor.  We’ll get more in depth in the next post…

Beginning of Halftime: Hayley- The lead in this game is not going to ever stretch out.  This Florida team is just so exponentially better than the Florida team I remember from past seasons.  Jaterra Bonds has always been good, but she has grown into the star of this team.  She has 12 points and 2 rebounds so far in the game, and I have a feeling it’s going to double in the next half.  Bonds doesn’t even look tired out there! She’s superhuman fast and just really freakin’ good.  Meanwhile, Bernisha Pinkett is leading this Wildcat team with 9 points, all of which were three’s, and she’s shooting 75% from behind the arc.  Bria Goss and Jennifer O’Neill each have eight points, and Azia Bishop is leading boards with seven.  So far, some of our questions have been answered… The halftime show was not frisbee dogs (bummer).  The varsity dance team preformed their nationals routine, which was pretty good.  Cheerleaders will not stop yelling in my ears.  Butler hasn’t been very stompy (again, bummer).  Everyone get your snacks and use the potty, cause you’re not gonna wanna miss a minute of the second half of this game.  Kentucky 44, Florida 45

1st Half 3:33 : Hayley- The Wildcats and the Gators are battling for a lead that keeps switching possession.  No one is on #MinogueDubDubWatch, which is actually really sad, but Coach Butler is in fact on #MinogueStompStompWatch.  First person to tweet that at me gets a free hotdog.  The Hoops are slumping a bit in their game play, but surely Coach Mitchell will tell these ladies to get it together in the timeout they’re currently taking.  Stallworth looks rusty to say the very least, and can’t seem to even hit little layups that were such a lock for her earlier in the season.  Let’s hope that she can shake it off and get her head in the game.  UK36-UF37

1st Half 7:28: Wilder- Mitchell has urged his team to match the conviction and energy of the Florida Gators early on, and two straight 3-pointers from senior Bernisha Pinkett certainly helps, but the Gators are on an offensive tear, scoring on nearly every possession. The speed of their guards and quick passing has really confused the Cats on defense. Big news! Senior DeNesha Stallworth has entered the game for her first action since December 6th. The crowd just geeked. This is gonna be a crazy game and a crazy finish, I just know it. Cats have cut the Gators lead and now only trail 31-29.

1st Half 12:28: Wilder- Coach Mitchell commented earlier how Florida always tends to do well against the UK press because they have strong guards who aren’t afraid to attack the ball into the front court. That’s holding true early on as the Gators are playing at lightning speeds, which is impressive against a Kentucky team known as one of the fastest in the country. The energy for both teams early on is sky high and you can feel the sense of urgency for everyone on the court. You know Florida’s Amanda Butler is hungry for a victory against the Wildcats as her team has fallen short by the slimmest of margins the past few years. All the loose balls, hustle points and “effort” plays have gone Florida’s way so far and you can tell the Gators simply want it more. Mitchell isn’t happy and calls a time out down 21-10.

Gametime: Hayley– Stallworth not starting, but still warmed up with the team.  Walker, Bishop, Goss, Evans, Thompson starting. Kentucky won the tip, then turned it over.  Big wakeup call to the Cats, Florida is looking good on offense today. The Hoops are gonna have to clean it up if they’re planning on beating this team by more than four.  Wilder just told me he looked up pictures of Coach Amanda Butler when she was a player… guess what?  She looks the same.  Thanks for your knowledge Wilder.  He also wants everyone to know he and Coach Butler are matching.  The Gators aren’t spending much time in the mid court, which is going to make it harder for the Cats to execute their signature press defense.  Cats are gonna have to find a way to shut down Jaterra Bonds, who averages 17 for the Gators, and already has eight. Florida leads 13-8.

10 Til Tipoff: Hayley- Florida opened up their SEC play with a victory over Mississippi State and is on a seven game winning streak.  I contacted Wilder Treadway and asked his permission, and he said it was ok if I used some stats he looked up (lolz).  He told me that the past five times we have played Florida, we’ve won.  In those past five victories, the margin of victory has been, on average, four littleuns. In the past five games without Stallworth, UK has had FIVE different leading scorers.  For those of you who are faithful followers, you know Coach Butler is a favorite of Wilder and mine because of her extremely vocal and stomping coaching habits.  Let’s hope that all our questions get answered today as we prepare for the tip!

Article written by Hayley Minogue

You're nobody until somebody hates you. @KSR_allHAYL

9 Comments for UK Hoops Live Diary: Stomp not Chomp Edition

  1. Go Lady Kats!!!

  2. Robyn
    3:16 pm January 5, 2014 Permalink

    I see you, Hayley & Wilder, on ESPN3! Thanks for bringing coverage of the UKHoops team! Go Cats!

  3. Linda Taylor
    4:15 pm January 5, 2014 Permalink

    Wilder your shade of yellow is much classier than hers. You could see her coming a mile away in the dead of night.

    • Linda Taylor
      5:16 pm January 5, 2014 Permalink

      Wilder, come by later and we can do each others hair and make-up and sing songs from Les Miserables.

  4. Bradinmississippi
    4:32 pm January 5, 2014 Permalink

    So just wondering why none of these games are on tv?

  5. mashburnfan1
    5:01 pm January 5, 2014 Permalink

    Very poor shooting {25-65 I think} missed free throws {11 so far} and Jen O’Neill with 5 turnovers is what is keeping this game too close for comfort. C-A-T-S trail 71-70 with 3:50 to go.

  6. jpg
    5:15 pm January 5, 2014 Permalink

    Wow, UK hoops is just as bad at shooting FT’s as the men!!! That is the difference in the game.

  7. blue
    5:23 pm January 5, 2014 Permalink

    Team is good, but not elite. Florida is average at best with loses to Illinois State and Virginia Tech. Elite teams blow the barn doors off teams of this caliber.

  8. mashburnfan1
    5:28 pm January 5, 2014 Permalink

    This loss is simple, Gators shot nearly 50% from field and 75% at ft line. UK is at 36% from field and 56% at ft line. And complaining about refs is weak. With 35 seconds left UF has shot 27 ft’s and UK has shot 30. O’Neill worst player of this game with 6 turnovers, 3 assist, 0 steals, shot 33% from field and 6-10 on free throws. Thompson also had a horrible game. Props to Walker and Bishop with 23 total boards. UK did not play well, get em next time.