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UK Fans of the Day Want the Latest on Andrew Wiggins


I never thought there would be a question in my life that I would answer more than the one from (now six) years ago, “what is the latest on Patterson and Lucas?” The Patrick Patterson and Jai Lucas recruitment was really the first in the modern internet era that totally captured the UK fan base online and turned everyone into recruiting obsessives. Because of the timing of Lucas and Patterson, first during the final year of Tubby and then the Spring of Billy Clyde, their importance grew by the day and following those two young men was the crucial building block to making KSR a success. However now, six years later, a question may be surpassing it. In the eight years of KSR, “what do you think Andrew Wiggins will do”, has become the most-asked question in our history. Part of that is sheer numbers, there are more people on the site now than six years ago and a much bigger radio show, but part of it is just the nature of the unbelievable talent that Andrew Wiggins possesses. I still believe he is the best high school player I have seen since Lebron, and Kentucky fans understandably really want to see him become part of the Big Blue Nation. Even though the Cats ALREADY have the best recruiting class in the HISTORY OF COLLEGE BASKETBALL (read that again…it is truly amazing), we have become like the girl in the AT&T commercials who says, “WE WANT MORE! WE WANT MORE! WE WANT MORE!,” wanting to not just create a juggernaut, but one that will stand over its opponents and get medieval on their ass.

However while interest in Andrew Wiggins is at an all-time high (I think at this point there are almost no UK fans who don’t know his name), I am not sure that there has ever been a recruit that has leaked less useful information. Usually by this time in the recruiting process, I am almost certain where a kid will go…and if not certain, down to two favorites. Looking back at the Calipari years, there has only been one recruiting announcement that truly shocked me (Terrence Jones picking Washington…and he then of course changed his mind) and one that left me perplexed (Alex Oriakhi to Missouri). When Kyle Wiltjer picked Kentucky, it sort of came from left field, but it was early enough in the decision process that the hordes of internet journalists had not completely surrounded the kid. The reality is that nearly every kid is predictable in his final decision if you follow all the information, and the ones who aren’t can certainly be narrowed to two. Not Andrew Wiggins. All four schools, Kentucky, North Carolina, Florida State and Kansas, can believe they have a legitimate chance of getting his services. While I am sure he has narrowed the group in some respect in his mind, publicly he hasn’t uttered a peep and those that know the most about the kid, INSIST he (a) hasn’t made up his mind and (b) they don’t know what he will do.

So how do we determine where he goes? I can say with confidence that both the coaches involved and the recruiting people I trust the most (and there are three) all say they aren’t sure what he will do. Internet conspiracy theorists (and there are many) insist this isn’t the case and that coaches surely know but are “hiding the information.” I honestly don’t believe that is the case. Every coach and guru has their hunches, but none know for sure. At this point, here is what we know about his four choices:

Florida State: His parents both played here in their athletic days and still have a close connection to the school. Virtually everyone I have spoken to about the recruitment suggests that they would prefer to see Andrew a Seminole (especially the father) and they are the biggest influence on FSU being in the top four. Andrew’s high school teammate, Xavier Rathan-Mayes is also scheduled to go there this fall. And then of course was his infamous official visit hosted by the FSU coeds. The biggest weakness of course is that it is Florida State and they suck.

Kentucky: Obviously playing for the best college basketball program in history, the greatest recruiting class ever and a juggernaut team next year would seem to be enough. But when combined with the things Wiggins has publicly said are most important (coach relationship, facilities and chance to win a title), UK seems the no-brainer. But the Cats also have the advantage of Wiggins’ relationship with Calipari, which most insiders believe is the best of any of the coaches. Add in the marketability of playing for what will be college basketball’s biggest traveling road show next year, and Wiggins could become a superstar in one season that would command huge endorsement money the moment the 9th Championship is won. The biggest problem seems to be the connection between the staff and the parents, which according to a close source, just hasn’t clicked at quite the level it has with Andrew.

North Carolina: The Heels have been the late closer in this recruitment and one source told me Saturday that if he were placing the money in Vegas, they would be the pick. They are of course a great program, and they will be really good next season if Wiggins comes…not UK good, but maybe #2 in the nation. Plus Roy Williams has sold Wiggins on the idea of being the next UNC “icon” (the one thing UNC always sells..the Jordan factor). If he picks UNC, it might be what I would call the “compromise” pick…second choice of family, second choice of kid. Plus, it isn’t like UNC would be the worst place to go to school. The biggest drawback? Roy Williams’ last two “superstar” players, Harrison Barnes and James McAdoo, didn’t necessarily reach anywhere close to their potential.

Kansas: Most everyone involved believes Kansas is in 4th place, and that would be my take as well. However, one source I trust a great deal, insists that Kansas is much closer than anyone publicly believes. You remember how ALL ESPN analysts said that Julius Randle was either Texas, Kansas or Florida? Well at least a month before that, Randle had already committed to UK, and when I heard this and expressed confidence, it went against the grain. My source pushing Kansas as a viable (but not yet selected) option could be the same way. Kansas does have benefit of having his brother close by and the need for him next season to make them a contender. There is also the rumored story that when he “ranked” the schools with a family friend on ten criteria, Kansas came in first. The weakness however would seem to be Kansas’ late arrival to the party and the notion that whatever they have to offer, UK and UNC would seem to have the same, only better.

So what will he do? I honestly do not know. Calipari visited Wiggins two weeks ago before the All Star game gauntlet and now Roy Williams comes Monday, Bill Self Tuesday and Leonard Hamilton on Wednesday. There is speculation an announcement could come on Thursday, but Wiggins’ high school coach insists that no decision date has been contemplated. Signing Day is May 15th, but he could wait if he wanted, as all schools would leave a spot open for him. Message board “insiders” and various teams’ fan “sources” have said all four of the schools are the leader. And one of the four groups will end up looking correct as he will pick one at the end of the day. But this unbelievable talent still has me, and everyone involved on a daily basis (maybe most especially the coaches) guessing. If I were ranking likelihood today, I would probably go:

1. Kentucky
2. UNC
3. Florida St
4. Kansas

But if you ask me tomorrow, the ranking might be different (it has already changed a number of times and even today, I could easily flip UK and UNC). I give much credit to Andrew Wiggins…as of now, he has us all baffled…and all we can do is wait to see what the biggest talent, and program maker, of the last decade is going to do. One fan base is going to be very pleased.

Article written by Matt Jones

87 Comments for UK Fans of the Day Want the Latest on Andrew Wiggins

  1. Wayne
    8:05 pm April 21, 2013 Permalink

    I am quite pleased where we stand mow. Having said that, Yes Wiggins would ne a plus nut something I dont think now males or breaks our upcoming season.

  2. UK Grad
    8:07 pm April 21, 2013 Permalink

    Matt- any chance there are other schools other than these 4 being considered, or is the 1 certainty about his recruitment that its down to these 4?

  3. John Ellis
    8:08 pm April 21, 2013 Permalink

    I am sick of hearing about him, I am with Tubby in that these high school kids getting so jacked up is ridiculous. UK has much more to offer him than vice versa, so I hope he makes up his mind now and we can cheer him or boo him when we play him. But enough already. The selection of the Pope was humbler.

  4. Matt Jones
    8:10 pm April 21, 2013 Permalink

    #2 I dont think there is another. I think it is this group

  5. Travis
    8:11 pm April 21, 2013 Permalink

    We want more! Haha and we are definitely going to go medieval on teams next season. Nice post!

  6. George
    8:12 pm April 21, 2013 Permalink

    Rowland says he got huge news from Horton and confirmed by Hendrix. Anybody who pays on rivals got a hint at what it’s about?

  7. Blake
    8:15 pm April 21, 2013 Permalink

    He’s not going to Kentucky. This is an extremely biased article, he’ll be heading to UNC in the fall.

  8. Lil c
    8:15 pm April 21, 2013 Permalink

    Another Andrew Wiggins post, awesome……. NOT!!!!

  9. UNClurker
    8:20 pm April 21, 2013 Permalink

    UNC is his pick. UK fans listening to insiders are in for a terrible outcome. Our UNC boosters who know way more about the situation AND have spoken to ROY himself are saying it’s done and UNC is his pick. Read it and weep Wiggins is a heel!

  10. Random
    8:23 pm April 21, 2013 Permalink

    And I’m sure you wouldn’t happen to be a UNC fan would you, Blake? No, I’m confident you’re 100% bias free.

  11. Hazard Kidd-Katt
    8:23 pm April 21, 2013 Permalink

    The fallout from the UNC Academic Scandal is not over. A factor hopefully Wiggins will consider.

  12. Brian
    8:23 pm April 21, 2013 Permalink

    If it is was going to be FSU I think he would have already committed and just doesn’t want to give them a no.

    This doesn’t feel like there is a UK commit coming. And honestly UNC seems like the best fit for next season.

  13. Harrison Barnes
    8:24 pm April 21, 2013 Permalink

    Don’t wear the Tarheel blue, Andrew! Biggest mistake of my career!

  14. blw
    8:24 pm April 21, 2013 Permalink

    1, 2, 4, 3

  15. Hey Now!
    8:25 pm April 21, 2013 Permalink

    3-1-4-2… One position would be enough.

  16. Colton
    8:26 pm April 21, 2013 Permalink

    This is the first time I have heard of UNC being this high on the list! Every other school has a X factor(fsu-parents KU-brother close UK-recruiting class) in my opinion UNC would be 4. On his list with UK and FSU moving from 1 or 2 and Kansas solid at 3.

  17. Boogie
    8:28 pm April 21, 2013 Permalink

    The kentucky basketball program is so much bigger than this kid. If you look at his skill set, he has a LONG way to go to be able to contribute on an NBA team. Some of you all think he will waltz into any NBA locker room and players and coaches will bow down to him. Kid hasn’t proved anything.

  18. Shad
    8:29 pm April 21, 2013 Permalink

    it’s obvious you’re an homer, saying UK is THE BEST program…you could’ve said arguably or something else.
    Then you’re saying James McAdoo and Harrison Barnes didn’t reach their potential… let me ask you something who from UK is doing it in the pro’s?… Anthony Davis can’t stay healthy, John Wall isn’t the player I expected him to be, Terrence Jones is riding the pine, Doron Lamb idk where he’s at, Marquis Teague…no, Brandon Knight is an okay point guard on a sorry team, Gilchrist started out okay, but slowed down, Demarcus Cousin is doing good on a bad team…

    Harrison Barnes is a starter on a playoff team and have to be the 4th option right now, he’ll come around.
    Ty Lawson is a starter (borderline star) on a playoff team and is doing his thing.
    Wayne Ellington was starting for an bad Cav’s team and wasn’t too good.
    Kendall Marshall was playing well toward the end of the year, dishing out assist.
    Tyler Zeller was starting for an bad Cav’s team had couple good games, he is decent…not too good.
    John Henson performed great for a playoff team the Bucks when he got the minutes.
    Danny Green is playing in a significant role for a good spurs team and has been starting all year.
    Tylrt Hansbrough is playing decent ball for an playoff pacers team…
    Marvin Williams is not doing so good, but is starting for an almost playoff team Jazz…he is okay.

    I mean?

  19. SeaCat
    8:30 pm April 21, 2013 Permalink

    Wiggings will pick UK
    I saw it in a dream last night

  20. VP
    8:30 pm April 21, 2013 Permalink

    I bet she is skilled in every position; probably since the 8th grade. Oh, and by the way, Wiggins is coming to UK.

  21. Kimberly Williams
    8:31 pm April 21, 2013 Permalink

    His father’s family stays in North Carolina also.

  22. Colton
    8:31 pm April 21, 2013 Permalink

    If I had the choice I’d probably go to Kansas, Allen fieldhouse is second to none! Fans are great! Obvious need with a contending school! Great coach! No chance of being over shadow! (Randle with Kentucky). Close to brother(not sure how close they are).

  23. Pat
    8:32 pm April 21, 2013 Permalink

    Lol. FSU sucks? In our one down year in the past 6 seasons (after losing SIX seniors)we still managed to finish .500 in the ACC. Not to mention we have a VERY good chance at being a top 25 team WITHOUT Wiggins on roster. Maybe you should watch a little more basketball out of the state of Kentucky, pal.

  24. JoeMoney333
    8:32 pm April 21, 2013 Permalink

    3. “But enough already. The selection of the Pope was humbler.” That doesn’t really mean what you want it to mean.

  25. Random
    8:33 pm April 21, 2013 Permalink

    UK has three more National Championships and more all time wins than UNC. What more statistical proof do you want that they’re the better program?

    The only way you could dispute it is if you were a UNC homer.

  26. Mack
    8:37 pm April 21, 2013 Permalink

    VP – They say practice makes perfect!

  27. Ridge Runner
    8:37 pm April 21, 2013 Permalink

    Wonder what the latest date is a kid waited to announce? Just curious if we are approaching record setting times or not? hahaa

  28. Jkiser
    8:37 pm April 21, 2013 Permalink

    I truly want Wiggins to come to Ky, but if he does not then I hope he takes the advise of his parents and goes to Florida State. (I don’t see Florida State as a threat to KY even with Wiggins)

  29. tungate
    8:38 pm April 21, 2013 Permalink

    I think he picks kentucky. he waiting till the last minute to commit because he dose not want to hear the grief from home. so he commits and leaves home with the shortest amount of time between. also this kid loves that the world is waiting on him. know matter how many times he says he don’t like the attention. thats like sayin matt jones don’t like the sound of his own voice. I’m not buying.

  30. Boogie
    8:38 pm April 21, 2013 Permalink

    @19 kid, are you serious? Nobody has heard a single word about Kendall Marshall, wayne ellington, hansbrough, marvin williams?? And I follow the NBA closely. D Cuz finished his season with a 36 pt 22 rb game….nobody from UNC in the last 5 years has ever had a game even close to that besides maybe Ty Lawson. Please….

  31. AndrewH
    8:38 pm April 21, 2013 Permalink

    I am looking at his recruitment like this I really want this kid, but I hope he doesn’t go to Carolina. If we don’t get him it is ok life goes on. We have James Young and Alex Poythress and I think Julius could play some three as well. I personally think this decision is really easy it looks like he could look at the situation and say you know I want a national championship and I want to be on the greatest college basketball team ever assembled. I really don’t know, but if I were him and for whatever reason I didn’t want to go to Ky I would probably go to Carolina.

  32. Mack
    8:42 pm April 21, 2013 Permalink

    AndrewH – You hit the nail on the head.

  33. The Huffinator
    8:43 pm April 21, 2013 Permalink

    This article is pretty good, but you can obviously tell that this article is completely biased. What happened to unbiased reporting? You noted UNC will not be UK good, everyone said that last year and look what happened,…they flopped. Granted these recruits are better, but how do you know for sure they will be amazing. Everyone thought you guys could go back to back last season, and we all know how that ended up. I’ll admit I am biased toward the heels, but Iam a realist. Kentucky willbe good but who knows that UK will be better, do you have a crystal ball? It was obviously broke last year. Just saying if you are gonna publish an article, regardless the region, put your first, not your heart.

  34. bosshogg24
    8:43 pm April 21, 2013 Permalink

    I believe the decision by Wiggins was made 6 months ago and UNC was not the decision!

  35. 4-Life
    8:44 pm April 21, 2013 Permalink

    Why would any top prospect not want to play at UK? Best chance to win title, play in front of 25k fans every night, coached by one of the best who puts just about all of his players in the nba. And be treated like a rock star every where you go.

  36. bosshogg24
    8:46 pm April 21, 2013 Permalink

    If players want to be 3 and done or 4 and done UNC is the place for them! If they want to be ONE and done UK is the only place for them!

  37. TylerUNC
    8:46 pm April 21, 2013 Permalink

    19: I agree with what you are saying, being the “Best” is atleast a little bit subjective, but boy did your defense of the Heels crash and burn, you said absolutely nothing of value. Im embarrassed on behalf of UNC fans.

  38. Ukfan4life
    8:48 pm April 21, 2013 Permalink

    A friend of mine is personally friends with a UK assistant coach and the coach has given him a lot of info in the past about recruits, like Randle, Noel, Shabazz, etc. The coach told him Wiggins was coming to UK. Wiggins committed on Cal’s visit. UK fans just have to wait. This is a done deal. He’ll hear final pitches, like the Harrison’s heard from Turgeon and he’ll commit soon after. You just have to wait right now.

  39. NL
    8:49 pm April 21, 2013 Permalink

    19. Wall was hurt and came back strong. Half the guys on our list are rookies. You can’t compare the NBA rookies to veterans like Lawson. Also, all of those North Carolina players played multiple years in college. You can’t compare 19 year olds to 23 year olds. UK is putting out studs year after year. After our guys have been in the league as long as Lawson has, I guarantee you we will have multiple NBA all-stars while Carolina has maybe one.

  40. ukfan
    8:50 pm April 21, 2013 Permalink

    Matt- From what you’ve heard what has the staff done wrong to make them not clique with his family as well as they’d like? I’d hate for AW to say he’s picking UK and then his parents try to persuade him in another direction..

  41. Catlanta
    8:51 pm April 21, 2013 Permalink

    There are rumblings that Wiggins is considering 2 schools not on his list.

  42. Blueston
    8:51 pm April 21, 2013 Permalink

    @19 You are comparing heels players that are in their prime vs. UK players that are all in their first 3 years. You are retarded.

  43. James Mcadoo
    8:52 pm April 21, 2013 Permalink

    Hey Andrew dont make the same mistake I did!! I was goin to be a one and done but ole crying ass roy said come back one more year. Even though I was a sure lottery pick! So I came back now my stock has fallen. Ill be returning to unc for my JUNIOR yr now. Haha tarholes suck!!! Come to UK Dude.

  44. jumpman78
    8:52 pm April 21, 2013 Permalink

    LOL # 19. Try again.

  45. Doubting Thomas
    8:55 pm April 21, 2013 Permalink

    I believe he will end up at Florida State. His parents win the recruiting war.

  46. mudcreekmark
    9:04 pm April 21, 2013 Permalink

    I’m not just going to take your word for it,you are going to have to prove to me that you are indeed skilled at every position.

  47. soggyUKgrad
    9:04 pm April 21, 2013 Permalink

    @ #23..Pat. FSU has not made it past Sweet 16 since 1993, only has ONE Final Four appearance (1972), and only has ONE conference season title (1989…and that was in the Metro Conference)……so YEAH Florida State sucks!!!!

  48. Wildcat Brian
    9:05 pm April 21, 2013 Permalink

    Personally I don’t see wiggins coming to UK. There have been no signs pointing him to UK as of late. Even though I haven’t seen any for other school I just don’t see him coming here. After watching the recent all star games I have not been that impressed with him either. As of now I think randle is better than wiggins .

  49. Zack
    9:07 pm April 21, 2013 Permalink

    If Roy’s got him locked up then why is he visiting him this week? Seems unneccesary don’t u think?

  50. BBN
    9:12 pm April 21, 2013 Permalink

    @46 you’d be wrong. @23 FSU has had 24 straight double digit loss seasons. And only 3 single digit loss seasons in the last 37 years. And lost atleast 4 non conference games each of those years. So yes they suck. @33 NOBODY thought UK was going back to back after losing all 5 starters and their top 6 players.

  51. Ed has Tickets
    9:14 pm April 21, 2013 Permalink

    #33, this a UK blog, of course it’s unbiased. If you want an article, go read the Wall Street Journal. Most UK fans knew going back to back last year was unrealistic, since we only had one returning player that contributed and he came off the bench. Now, we have some returning players to blend with the new talent coming in and the future does look bright. Do I have a crystal ball? No, but I do know that ball has been right three more times than yours.

  52. AnthonyBBN
    9:15 pm April 21, 2013 Permalink

    What I am trying to figure out is why people are complaining this article is biased towards UK. Are you stupid or something? Of course it is, this the Kentucky Ports Radio blog, your source for everything UK. The surprise would be if it wasn’t biased for UK.

  53. Mr. Knowitall
    9:17 pm April 21, 2013 Permalink

    #46-I see where you’re coming from but at the same time i can’s see wiggins going anywhere else then uk. I think he realizes that his best chances of winning a championship is at kentucky. As far as randle being better than wiggins well thats a topic that we could debate back and forth but there is no way that wiggins is better than randle. They both can ball and i can see randle having a better stat line when its all said and done but wiggins is the best and its not even close in my opinion.

  54. Mr. Knowitall
    9:19 pm April 21, 2013 Permalink

    there is no way randle is better then wiggins***

  55. Bobbum man
    9:25 pm April 21, 2013 Permalink

    If there’s more less stuff…..

  56. Bobbum man
    9:27 pm April 21, 2013 Permalink

    I don’t know if wiggins has already committed as someone said but it wouldn’t suprise me, Cal visits a few weeks back and now a mad rush from 3 other coaches in 3 days?? Smells like a last ditch effort on their behalf

    9:28 pm April 21, 2013 Permalink

    i want video proof

  58. Buckets
    9:32 pm April 21, 2013 Permalink


  59. T-dog
    9:33 pm April 21, 2013 Permalink


  60. Platinum Unis
    9:39 pm April 21, 2013 Permalink

    Any coincidence that we’ve also not heard the intentions of one Jarrod Polson? Two studs. One scholarship. I’m not saying, I’m just saying…

  61. Bleedblue
    9:44 pm April 21, 2013 Permalink

    41. Louisville is the only other school… #fact

  62. Terry
    9:45 pm April 21, 2013 Permalink

    I just wish it was over enough already he knows in his heart so just go where u r going to go!!

  63. UK22
    9:47 pm April 21, 2013 Permalink

    For anyone who says this is a biased article..Go **** yourself. Thanks for your insight on a UK website! You’re so clever…you must read between the lines. Glad you act like you know where he’s going.

  64. Clyde
    9:49 pm April 21, 2013 Permalink

    When is the deadline for this announcement? Is there one?

  65. Ukcatsfan
    10:05 pm April 21, 2013 Permalink

    Shad………., your arguments arejust stupid. Plain and simple stupid. You argue that because the teams that UK players are on are bad teams that somehow that has anything to do with their talent or level of play. Thats the dumbest argument Ive ever heard. All that means is that UK players were drafted higher by worse teams and that your Tar Heels didnt play well or get better at UNC. Thats more of a knock on UNC than anything. How can you honestly say that Harrison Barnes reached his potential at UNC. The fact that he is getting better and playing well would make me cringe if I were a Heel fan. If a UK player gets drafted high and doesnt have a good career but played amazing at UK, I would think that my coach got everything he could out of that player. Your argumentis just stupid and why are u trolling a Kentucky site?

  66. UKCats
    10:18 pm April 21, 2013 Permalink

    At the bar as soon as the cats won the NC last year this Carolina fan immediately said “we would have beat you if healthy, this was our championship” ..umm didn’t we beat your healthy team with freshman-soph team in EARLY December?? I simply smiled patted him on the back and enjoyed the celebration with the fellow UK fans. He was obviously a sore loser..or just dumb and drunk. prob both

  67. Shad
    10:30 pm April 21, 2013 Permalink

    Harrison Barnes played with Kendall Marshall, John Henson, Tyler Zeller, Reggie Bullock, PJ Hairston and James McAdoo… all 3 of them were first rounders (two went lottery), Reggie Bullock should be late first to mid second round this year, and PJ Hairston and James McAdoo both have lottery potential, definite first rounders… Harrison Barnes was on an actual team, he didn’t have to take 25 shots a game and average 25 points a game and people tabbed him with unrealistic expectations, so… that’s stupid. I’m just asking since UK produce so many NBA players… how is that when these guys are on everyone’s draft boards coming outta high school… some of them even play themselves down on the draft boards when they start playing at UK (Teague, Poythress, Goodwin, Jones, Harrow, etc)… I mean come on, and the argument about our guys getting drafted late is the reason they’re on play off teams.. Kendall Marshall, Harrison Barnes, John Henson, Marvin Williams, Raymond Felton, Ed Davis, Brandan Wright, and Tyler Hansbrough all went lottery…and I may be leaving someone out.. Tyler Zeller is with the Cavs and Ty Lawson is with the nuggets and he’s a big factor why they’re in the play offs. People was doubting Kendall Marshall and Tyler Hansbrough will never make the league… look what happen… went lottery

  68. Shad
    10:39 pm April 21, 2013 Permalink

    Henson had 28pts 16rebs not too long ago, 17pts, 25rebs, and 7blks not too long before that c’mon now… obviously you do not follow the nba closely… Like I said when he gets the minutes he’s a beast

  69. Makers Mike
    10:41 pm April 21, 2013 Permalink

    Lets all take a moment to hate on #18.

    Congratulations dude, you’ve proven to everyone on this thread that you know nothing about anything.

  70. Shad
    10:42 pm April 21, 2013 Permalink

    And it isn’t Roy Williams fault players come back to school to get more experience and he doesn’t pressure players to leave college or recruit kids with that mentality… Yes their first option is to get to the league, but they’re willing to wait for money and enjoy being a kid… get more experienced, then leave college to be ready to contribute right away. Shit, who couldn’t get Anthony Davis picked number one, he could’ve went to a Community college and got drafted number one… same as with John Wall.

  71. Shad
    10:43 pm April 21, 2013 Permalink

    Makers Mike… idk nothing about, I know Andrew Wiggins want go to Kentucky how bout that.

  72. Shad
    10:44 pm April 21, 2013 Permalink


  73. Jared
    11:24 pm April 21, 2013 Permalink

    UK players on playoff teams:
    Bledsoe(Clippers), Meeks(Lakers), Prince(Grizzlies), Jones(Rockets), Teague(Bulls), Mohammed(Bulls), Bogans(Nets). Forgive me if I missed any (Rondo is a star for the Celtics with multiple finals appearances and a ring). Davis, MKG and Miller were drafted by horrible teams, so we’ll see what happens there. Wall will be a superstar soon, Knight and Cousins are very good players on a bad teams. So tell me again Shad how UK players have underachieved in the league.
    Harrison Barnes was gonna be the #1 pick hands down til old Roy got ahold of him, and McAdoo’s stock is falling faster than Enron. Meanwhile, Calipari has had 2 number 1 picks in three years, and another (Nerlens Noel, maybe you’ve heard of him) is probably on the way.
    That one’s free, but if you require additional education I’ll have to charge.

    11:42 pm April 21, 2013 Permalink

    Shad……..all of the players you mentioned were at UNC for multiple seasons. None of those players, with the exception of maybe Barnes woud have been that highly drafted if they had come out after 1 year. NONE OF THEM! And to call out the fact that some players stock have dropped, wrong about Teague though and everyone else you mentioned was from this year, is just crazy considering LOTS OF UNC PLAYERS STOCK DROPPED after playing at UNC. You have lost all credibility now. All!! Your argument is so obviously dumb. Its kinda sad that you come here trying toconvince us about our own players. Yet you fail to mention Bledsoe, Meeks, Jones, Bogans, and Rondo. We have so many players in the league right now that of course some arent still playing in the playoffs. I never said that UNC players arent making noise in the league, im not on a rival site hating like you are doing. But to say that UK players arent making noise either is just ignorant. So go home, youre not convincing anyone and you are going to lose this argument cause the facts dont add up.

    11:50 pm April 21, 2013 Permalink

    Shad………youre saying that Roy doesnt ask playersto come back? Sometimes it is in the best interest of the player to advisehim to go but i have never heard of Roy advising a kid to makethe jump.

    11:53 pm April 21, 2013 Permalink

    Micheal Beasley has had those numbers before and look him. Henson has had 2 good games, thats it. Takes morethan that to be a good player. IM done with you, youre a complete tool.

  77. Bman
    11:55 pm April 21, 2013 Permalink

    Wiggins is great but I will make the argument that John Wall was the best highschool talent I’ve seen since Lebron. Yes, more impressive then Wiggy. Not saying Wiggins may not end up the better pro.

  78. Katbluefan
    12:03 am April 22, 2013 Permalink

    I guess there are others like myself who are tired of hearing about Wiggins. He will go where ever his parents tell him to go. My thought is, his parents “my be” a problem for the coach where ever he goes. If he doesn’t get the playing time or the ball as much as they think he should then there could be problems. With all the talent at KY then there maybe problems “if” Wiggins isn’t the “Star” that some thinks he should be. I don’t know just wondering !!!!!!!!!!!

  79. The Dude
    1:14 am April 22, 2013 Permalink

    Anywhere but UNC.
    UK, great but we don’t really need him.
    FSU, they would compete for the ACC championship but that’s it.
    KU, they would be a good team, probably end up a 1 seed like they always do but no match for UK.
    UNC, with Wiggins would be the only team that could compete with UK next year.

  80. I know people
    7:16 am April 22, 2013 Permalink

    I know a guy that lives next door. He knows about one hundred people total. There’s a good chance that one of them knows somebody that knows a neighbor that knows a guy that got an autograph from Cal once. He says that Wiggins is picking UK for sure. Solid intel!

  81. TheColoradoWildcat
    8:24 am April 22, 2013 Permalink

    @80 – lol. Now that is funny,and just as accurate as most that claim they know for sure…

    @78 – good point; however I do not think they [whom ever the parents may be] would be any intimidation to Coach Cal. On the other hand, they, through their son, could wreck havoc with the players…and we have seen this past season what that can do –players not buying in, I have no idea if parents were behind it.

    @60 – Great point! Probably not a coincidence at all. He was a walk-on as a Freshman, so it would appear that the family has some means, and could consider it again…and Jarad is just the type of person that thinks “team” first. One the other hand he graduates next month, and could just be making other plans, or at least checking them out, and has not made a decision as of yet. But thanks for raising the point…had not thought of it that way. 🙂

  82. LexCathCat
    8:49 am April 22, 2013 Permalink

    People who think they know where he’s going are just pulling it out of their @$$. The thing people need to keep in mind is half of the people I know (I’m a Senior in high school) don’t even know where they are going to school. They aren’t 5 star athletes, just average kids. So back off a kid trying to make his college decision, when all you want is to know where he plays basketball. The time will come, and we will all know soon enough.

  83. LexCathCat
    8:54 am April 22, 2013 Permalink

    Oh, and Shad, tell Roy to teach you better grammar before you go and make an ass of yourself on a UK site

  84. Y'all all crazy. Long post to follow.
    11:13 am April 22, 2013 Permalink

    Andrew Wiggins is going to ole miss to team with Marshall Henderson.

    I don’t care where he ends up. I’m way more of an NBA fan anyway.

    This is going to sound crazy and people will hate but truth be told….If a kid can play….I honestly don’t think it matters who coaches them. You will never convince me that if a player plays for Calipari, or Roy, Coach K, or fill in the blank…..that they will go on to have hall of fame careers, or even great careers as result.

    Lets look at the best players from the NBA this past season…..and let’s look at who coached them prior to their arrival in the NBA
    Lebron….Dru Joyce
    Durant….Rick Barnes…..most overrated coach in the game. But has actually prouced two amazing talents in Durant and LaMarcus Aldridge. Maybe he’s as good as producing pros as calipari is? Who knows? We’ll see….
    Kobe…..Gregg downer
    Tony Parker……overseas….
    Melo…..a coach that a lot of people say is overrated….but a dang good interview. For what it’s worth.
    Chris Paul…..skip prosser
    Stephon Curry….Bob McKillop
    harden……Herb Sendek
    Griffin……Jeff Capel
    Westbrook…..Ben howland

    The best rookie played from this past season played college ball at weber state.
    The three best rookies from a season ago played their college ball at duke, morehead state and Washington state.

    Programs like uk, unc, duke…..they are putting in a large quantity of players. Which is something to brag about, for sure! However, it’s not like their producing high quality players.

    IMO, John wall will be a great nba player! He will be on that list of best players in the league. he likely would have been on it this year had he been healthy the whole season. the turn around that the wizards made after wall’s return backs this claim up. however, Anthony Davis? he’s just way to small. He can’t hang with Blake Griffin…the gasol’s, zach Randolph, lamarcus Aldridge…..Kevin love. He will block shots….for sure. But dont get lost in the numbers. Boogie is an example of that. Sure he averages a double double, but who else on his team can score and rebound? The Kings are awful. Therefore, by default, he will get his numbers. That’s like a Bobcat fan celebrating Kemba Walker averaging double figures, or getting excited about Byron Mullens scoring. Someone has to score! it doesnt mean their turning the franchise around. Boogie is not turning around a franchise.

    anyway, back to anthony davis, overall, he’s to thin to hang with the elite power forwards in the league. lets talk about some other kentucky first rounders…..Terrence jones? Who? Doron lamb, I will give him grace because he is behind some guards who score….a ton. But, he’s a lifelong midcarder. Hes like wayne ellington, but worse. Sure Ellington starts for the Cavs, but its the Cavs. Patrick Patterson? Never heard of em. Orton? Moving on…..knight? Decent player! Will always be overshadowed by a point guard that was taken ahead of him in that draft, Kyrie Irving. Irving…..he’s a franchise changer…just needs to stay healthy. All of these guys who uk has produced…..sure their in the NBA…very cool! Im not taking anything away from it. im not taking anything from Wayne Ellington. Every team needs role players.

    But playing for calipari didn’t necessarily propel those guys listed above into the NBA. They all would have ended up there anyway. They all would have had the same type of career no matter who they played for.

    The same goes for. Harrison Barnes and Mcadoo.

    I’m not taking anything away from any of those players……just making a point that just because you play for a certain coach that does not mean that you’re destined for NBA greatness. I promise, if this years uk recruiting class was headed to play for Oliver Purnell at DePaul, I promise they would all make it to the nba next season and would go on to have similar careers that they would have had if they had played for calipari, k, Roy, bill self, whoever….

    When does coaching help you make it to the NBA? In my opinion, I think when your a guy like Darius Miller. He had a small chance of making it to the NBA but because he stayed around and worked hard…..calipari’s coaching elevated him to the next level.

    The same could be said about about a Jeffery Taylor or festus Ezell. Danny green. Miles plumlee.
    Those are examples of players who were borderline nba players but were propelled to the nba because of coaching.

    To say that Harrison Barnes career is screwed because he went to unc is stupid. His career wouldn’t have changed that much from one coach to the next.

    When your great, your great.

    No matter if you play for coach calipari or Gregg downer.

  85. DCS195
    9:40 pm April 22, 2013 Permalink

    Shad #67. Great. You named five UK players by name who you feel lost draft position while playing for Cal. Three of those players played on last season’s team. Granted, the team did not do well, but one bad season does not destroy what Cal did the previous three years at UK or what he did before that as far as team success and player development. There is a reason that the great high school players believe whether they come to UK or not that Cal is one of the few coaches that really has their future well-being as the number one priority. Cal has basically pushed a few of the players out the door when they really had nothing to gain as far as draft position, a possibly a great deal to lose, by coming back even when at the time he had no one to really replace them on his team. Has Ol’ Roy ever done that? Never. He has actually tried hard to get players that should enter the draft to return to UNC. Why? It’s easier for the coach to have good returning players than it is to try to develop good inexperienced high school players every year. Cal has never tried to take the easy way out at the expense of his players. So keep on believing what you want to because it does matter. High school players know the truth.

  86. uk wildcats
    2:12 pm April 23, 2013 Permalink

    Hahahaha this is the most biased article i have ever read in my entire life. Obviously no on except andrew and his family have ANY IDEA where he is going. If i had to guess i would say andrew is a UNC lean but that is just a hunch. GROW UP PEOPLE

  87. Howmanyteethdoyouhave?
    3:54 pm April 23, 2013 Permalink

    DCS195 stated:
    “There is a reason that the great high school players believe whether they come to UK or not that Cal is one of the few coaches that really has their future well-being as the number one priority.”

    Ryan Harrow says hello!!!!