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UK Fans of the Day Want Some Wednesday Night Thoughts

cayts cutler

This picture has nothing to do with anything, but I still love it

It is a beautiful Wednesday night here in Louisville, where I am stuck watching Georgia-Vandy and Wisconsin-Purdue for CBS. Both games are close and mediocre, which seems to be the theme of the season. I thought I would check in with a few thoughts on the goings on as of late.

— I cant remember a UK game in a long time that produced as many talking points as the game vs Mississippi State. From the awful Sky Cam to Rick Stansbury blowing a gasket to Renardo Sidney being fat, there really was something for everyone. I was impressed with how well Kentucky moved the basketball and just how thorough they played on the offensive end. However the defense still concerns me as it was the second straight game where the Cats didn’t extend out after the shooter and allowed wide open three point looks. Calipari for his part still seems confident and I like that…but as for me, I am just taking everything with a grain of salt. This team could do anything in March, from making the Final Four to losing in the first roun. I will hope for the best and whatever happens, happens. Until then, enjoy the ride.

— A source told me tonight that UK is attempting to get a visit this weekend from 2011 sharpshooter Trevor Lacey. Lacey would be the final member of the class and if he can get qualified, is exactly the type of perimeter threat that UK needs. Also, he is a four year guy, the type of player that I think you will see Calipari add more and more as the years go on. We should know tomorrow if he will be able to actually make the trip.

— I know I say it a lot on radio, but it deserves repeating here. Tee Martin is an absolute superstar as an Assistant coach. If you talk to him, you just know he is headed for big things and his impact on recruiting has been absolutely huge. An observer of recruiting in the South told me this weekend that “Kentucky is in earlier on better kids in the class of 2012 than they have ever been.” Whether that will equate to huge dividends at the end remains to be seen, but it can’t hurt. As the year goes on, we will see more and more that the biggest recruit UK landed this Spring was Tee Martin. Kudos to Joker and Mitch Barnhart for making it happen.

— Speaking of Mitch, the story about the UK Board of Trustee members being frustrated on the contract extension doesn’t surprise me. In my conversations with some members before the story broke, I could sense some discontent for what they felt like was a forgone conclusion by Lee Todd. I like Lee Todd a great deal and I think Mitch is a good athletics director. But I think it was a poor move by an outgoing President to make such a decision without the Board being involved and before a new President comes on board.

— I am very proud of Beisner for getting KSR involved in the Jimmy V showdown with North Carolina to raise money for cancer research. Beisner came up with the idea and it was his work on the project that helped get UK, UNC and Vitale on board. There are many things about KSR that I am proud of, but when we do things like this, it makes me the happiest.

— If you are going to be in Louisville tomorrow, remember to go to the Dance Blue fundraiser at 7 pm at Big Blue Country. The list of UK people involved is extensive from Kenny Walker to Perry Stevenson to Mark Krebs to Dave Baker, etc. It should be a fun night for UK fans in the Ville to get together and make jokes about the Cards. Plus BTI and the TUrkey Hunter will make a public appearance. If that isn’t a reason to go, I don’t know what is.

— A couple of links to KSR endeavors you may not have seen. Below are some CBS articles I have done in the past couple of days, and the link to subscribe to our podcasts for the radio show and the KSR podcast on iTunes. We will be at Dance Blue Friday night for our next edition of the podcast and we look forward to you listening up if you can.

SEC and ESPN screwing up games with so-called innovation

Now as a member of the media, I wrote this article crushing the college basketball media

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Keep the faith….beat South Carolina and Arkansas and there is still a chance for big things coming this year. And either way, with the SEC Tournament upcoming and 13 KSRers and friends going to Atlanta to share one house, I am going to have fun no matter what.

Article written by Matt Jones

28 Comments for UK Fans of the Day Want Some Wednesday Night Thoughts

  1. tom5673
    9:05 pm February 16, 2011 Permalink

    go bearcats.

  2. Rhodesmissedfreethrow
    9:05 pm February 16, 2011 Permalink

    my only concern with the game, Matt I was going to call into the show today, I know we are thin on the bench, but how come every time we get up about 6 late in the 2nd half we start playing “tubby ball”. Also we lose our minds at the end of a game, if I’m a deep team playing UK, I press the entire game, I dont think we can handle it. I think at this point other than Jorts our team is low IQ. But a win is a win, and I love beating Stansbury, he’s so jealous he cant contain it. If we lost to MSU at home to break the home winning streak he would have probably Pitino’ed it in his pants.

  3. tom5673
    9:09 pm February 16, 2011 Permalink

    pilgrim starts for oklahoma state. he would have been a huge help for us off the bench this year.
    he might have even started. nothing against jorts…

  4. GoCats2010
    9:15 pm February 16, 2011 Permalink

    1. get that out, don’t trip on the Cards, ain’t worth it and I hate it when they do that to us

    3. there are many reasons why he’s not still at UK, he was nothing but trouble even when he wasn’t playing. Note the troubles he’s had at OK St

  5. BigCatFan
    9:15 pm February 16, 2011 Permalink

    Whenever Alan Cutler’s Fart makes a comment I picture a guy wearing a wife-beater with various holes and stains, heart covered boxers, and black socks pulled up to his knees. Not the person making the comment but the actual fart.

  6. Pokey Chapman
    9:19 pm February 16, 2011 Permalink

    The defense still concerns you? In the last 5 games our opponents, who collectively averge 38% from 3, have shot just under 50%. Last 5 games! The offense looks better but our defense has been very inconsistent since conference play started and now seems to be settleing into just…..not good. Its clearly not getting any better and I honestly think we now have more longer stretches where its headed in the other direction.

  7. tom5673
    9:23 pm February 16, 2011 Permalink

    4. sorry, i hate the cards. as for pilgrim, i’m just saying he could have helped THIS team.

  8. Dragonophile
    9:31 pm February 16, 2011 Permalink

    Wow, girl on the far right is stunning!

  9. Lunardi
    9:41 pm February 16, 2011 Permalink

    Newest Bracketology has UK in a potential matchup w/ Memphis as a 5/12 game in the 1st round.

  10. Stickman
    9:44 pm February 16, 2011 Permalink

    Alan Cutler–what a tool.

  11. Band Of BlueCats
    9:48 pm February 16, 2011 Permalink

    Lacey wont be the only addition to this class. Staff also wants to add a big man. Possibly a F/C type.

  12. BBN
    9:54 pm February 16, 2011 Permalink

    Eric Bledsoe was also projected to be a 4 year guy…

  13. Matt, when you are not going to be on the radio show, you have to have Drew, or some UK person on for you. 2 hours of E-Z and Jimmy6x is too much to stand.

  14. bigblucuz
    10:03 pm February 16, 2011 Permalink

    8- that girl is ulinski’s gf

  15. Dragonophile
    10:22 pm February 16, 2011 Permalink

    14- lucky guy! I am a happily married 63 year old geyser who lives on the West Coast, so my remark was just a spontaneous compliment with no other thought. Just a very pretty young lady.

  16. KarlMalone
    10:25 pm February 16, 2011 Permalink

    Far right, by a longshot.

  17. Horny UK fan!!
    10:25 pm February 16, 2011 Permalink

    Girl on the far right is take home to mom material……

  18. echo 1
    10:34 pm February 16, 2011 Permalink

    2 3 1

  19. rocketcat
    10:41 pm February 16, 2011 Permalink

    girl on the right is a good shelbyville girl…go rockets!!

  20. Response from ESPN on Skycam
    10:42 pm February 16, 2011 Permalink


    Thanks for contacting ESPN.

    The use of varying camera angles is part of a larger weeklong initiative to give fans different perspectives of coverage via new and innovative production techniques and enhancements. While some fans are enjoying the different perspectives, we realize that some are not. We will be sure to provide all of the feedback we receive to our producers for their review.


    ESPN Viewer Response

  21. robby
    11:01 pm February 16, 2011 Permalink

    I don’t know if anyone has said anything about this article or not, but Beisner gets a small shout out in it.

  22. BigBlueKyle
    12:02 am February 17, 2011 Permalink

    Loved the article on Boeheim but I am surprised that you didn’t call him out on saying he beat Pitino when he was at UK. Way I remember it, we beat him in the Title game. So instead of 6-0 against him I guess he was more like 5-1.

  23. Vargas
    1:00 am February 17, 2011 Permalink

    Could you see me brick that dunk as bad with the skycam? I hope it took some emphasis off my miss…

  24. tomas
    7:55 am February 17, 2011 Permalink

    cheerleader in the middle is the same one who got arrested with Mike Hartline. I worked with her at abercrombie and fitch.

  25. bmt22033
    8:59 am February 17, 2011 Permalink

    If the rumors surrounding Trevor Lacey’s academic situation are true, it might be in his best interest to be a ‘one and done’ player (if he can). From what I’ve heard, it sounds like he may have some trouble getting eligible. Assuming that he does, it’s certainly not impossible but perhaps unlikely that he’d suddenly have an academic turnaround and maintain grades good enough to stay in school for four years. But who knows. With all the tutoring, etc., that athletes get maybe it would work for him. I hope so. He’s a good player and I’d like to see him wearing blue.

  26. Wildfan
    9:28 am February 17, 2011 Permalink

    Matt… do some digging with any sources you have. What’s the thought for who will play center next year? The Wiltjer and Davis have some height but neither is really a center. Jorts will be gone and Vargas will still be Vargas. I like the idea of adding a pure shooter as Lacey is reported to be but it seems like without adding a true post player, we will still have a glaring hole in the roster next year regardless of how many current players with remaining eligibility choose to stay.
    What does everyone else think? Am I missing something here?

  27. tim
    11:15 am February 17, 2011 Permalink

    girl on right, best looking fan of the day ever

  28. Rondos dribbling hand
    5:49 pm February 17, 2011 Permalink

    Girl on the far left and the one on the far right look like sisters, twins maybe even. Any one else see this, of is it just me?