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UK Fans of the Day Want Afternoon Notes and Podcast

The news coming out of Newtown, Connecticut is sickening. If you haven’t heard, 24-year-old Adam Lanza went into an elementary school this morning and fired off around 100 rounds, killing close to 30 people, most of them children. Lanza is believed dead. There are no words for a tragedy like this, and I speak for all of us when I say our thoughts and prayers go out to the people of Newtown. What is the world coming to?

— How do you even transition to basketball news after that? Cal met with the media today to preview the Cats’ game against Lipscomb tomorrow, and it sounds as though the week between games has been a productive one. Cal said that yesterday’s practice was the most fun he’s had in months. It was so fun that “Alex smiled for the first time this season.”

— It hasn’t been all fun and games this week. Cal said that he’s making the team hold each other accountable for their mistakes by running suicides. If a player messes up in practice, the whole team has to run. They ran as many as twenty suicides in practice this week. Just writing that made me tired.

— One player Cal says his team should look up to is Marquis Teague. Cal said he spoke to Teague last night and complimented him on his work ethic. The Bulls’ GM told Cal that Teague has basically been living in the practice facility in Chicago, going at least three times a day, something which he wishes his players would start doing:

Be a gym rat. You have nothing else going on. You have nothing else going on. Why wouldn’t you be in the gym five times a day? We go three, you go two more. Why wouldn’t you? ‘Well, I got video games to watch and I like to watch a little TV and some reruns of the SquarePants. I got some stuff I got to watch. So I can’t be in there.’ I just don’t understand what would keep you from being in there and just saying, ‘This is what I do. I love this.’”

— Jarrod Polson is listening. Cal singled Jarrod out as one player who used to never go to the gym, but has spending all of his extra time there lately. The result? “He’s not the same player.”

— One problem that still plagues this squad is silence. Cal said this is the quietest team he’s had, and that’s a problem: “If a team is a quiet team — even though those kids are good kids — they don’t understand that’s being selfish. They don’t know. ‘I passed the ball.’ It’s not about that. You’re into your own thing if you’re not communicating with your team.”

Who’s the most competitive player on the team? If you ask Archie Goodwin, it’s Archie Goodwin. “If [the other players] told you that they were, they’re lying, because I’m the most competitive person on this team.” Archie also said he finishes first in every sprint, but isn’t very vocal, choosing instead to lead by example. Speak up, Archie!

— Come and get your podcast! It’s not on the widget yet, but it has been posted on the Talk 1080 website. Enjoy.

Article written by Mrs. Tyler Thompson

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56 Comments for UK Fans of the Day Want Afternoon Notes and Podcast

  1. MattO
    3:07 pm December 14, 2012 Permalink

    Just a heads up: the picture they keep showing on CBS/Fox/MSNBC may not be the correct “Ryan Lanza”, if that’s even the shooter’s real name —

  2. schwing
    3:09 pm December 14, 2012 Permalink

    has the NRA showed up yet to hold their regular post-massacre pro-gun rally?

  3. 3 fan
    3:10 pm December 14, 2012 Permalink

    I can’t even grasp the tragedy in Conn. 18 children dead so far, most in Kindergarden???? Seriously? How screwed up could this person be? Why don’t these people just kill themselves???

    Whoever this shooter is, may your sorry ass burn in hell for eternity.

  4. UK Fan
    3:10 pm December 14, 2012 Permalink

    This team doesn’t have a great deal of confidence in themselves. Hopefully that will change, but time will tell.

  5. SteveM
    3:12 pm December 14, 2012 Permalink

    In an increasingly dysfunctional family/society, we shouldn’t be too shocked that this sort of thing happens. Terrible thing nevertheless.

  6. Ridge Runner
    3:15 pm December 14, 2012 Permalink

    I would not be surprised if more crazieness doesn’t occue btw now and Dec 21st. Nuts need an excuse and the mayan calendar certainly can stimulate nutty-ness.

    But yes, a very sad day for sure.

  7. UK2001
    3:16 pm December 14, 2012 Permalink

    The podcast us not up. That is from yesterday

  8. Cats in the NBA
    3:17 pm December 14, 2012 Permalink

    Sometimes TT does a good job picking a photo for the “Fans of the Day…” post, but lots of times she does not. Let Matt or Drew do this post.

  9. Ridge Runner
    3:19 pm December 14, 2012 Permalink

    8- Are you serious? That is the one thing you wanted to type out?? whewwww

  10. Bob Loblaw
    3:22 pm December 14, 2012 Permalink

    Archie’s comment shows why this team is not doing well right now. He is young and selfish and doesn’t listen to Cal. I have faith in Cal to change that, at least the last 2 points.

  11. lonnieb
    3:23 pm December 14, 2012 Permalink

    Is it not awesome b/c this picture doesnt have half naked sluts with three goggles. Who gives a shit about the photo

  12. lonnieb
    3:24 pm December 14, 2012 Permalink

    Do you come to this site for the non-athletic related photos.

  13. Mark
    3:30 pm December 14, 2012 Permalink

    2- Nah, they will be replaced by the “Bad people don’t kill / Guns Do” group.

  14. finally
    3:30 pm December 14, 2012 Permalink

    Can we get a recap on who has been hired to coach what and who is still rumored? Ive heard Hinshaw was WR coach but never saw an official release from UK, if not then who is being targeted? Also heard rumors about Robert Prunty coming, are they true? What about LB coach? Is there a recruiting coordinator being pursued? Any thought on Special Teams coach either? there has been so much news, info, and rumors it would be nice to have a post clearifying everything up and letting us know what to look forward to over the next couple weeks.

  15. CT Native
    3:35 pm December 14, 2012 Permalink

    Newtown is a very short distance from my town. It’s a great small town. Prayers with everyone there, especially the families affected.

    You shouldn’t give that coward the notoriety he sought by publishing his name. May he rot in hell.

  16. Wow
    3:50 pm December 14, 2012 Permalink

    Yes, let’s blame guns. The gun went into the school by itself and started shooting. If they didn’t have a gun, psychos like this would still find a way to kill. He would use explosives or other form of killing. Liberals are ridiculous in their arguments. We don’t need less guns, we need less stupid people. Even if you have gun control, a criminal won’t care and would still use it. C’mon man.

  17. RealCatsFan
    3:51 pm December 14, 2012 Permalink

    Archie needs to recognize that he is supposed to compete against the other team, not his teammates. Hope he learns, but at this point I am starting to wonder if this is one of the issues with this team – an “I’ll get mine” mentality.

  18. Argument
    3:54 pm December 14, 2012 Permalink

    Can’t believe all the idiots harping on Archie. Dude is competing against his team in practice. He is trying to be the best player and to do that you have to go harder than those on the team. We have a bunch of soft posters here who have never played a sport. Can’t believe you all can call him selfish over this one comment. Admit it, you don’t like Archie. If MKG had said this, you would praise him. Idiots

  19. RealCatsFan
    3:56 pm December 14, 2012 Permalink

    2, 13, 16, how about we leave the political diatribe for tomorrow, and spend the remainder of this day praying for the victims and their friends and families. This is supposed to be a time of year that centers around childhood happiness and families being together. The perpetrator of this horrible crime has done his best to snuff that out. Let’s do our best to NOT let that happen. Go out and do something kind for a total stranger in honor of the victims. Donate to a favorite charity. Say something nice to someone who really needs it. Lastly, and I intend to do this myself, if you are a parent, go home and give your kids an extra big hug tonight, and tell them that you love them.

  20. RealCatsFan
    3:58 pm December 14, 2012 Permalink

    18, I have played plenty of competitive sports, so I can see your argument, but I have seen Archie many times on a fast break neglecting a wide-open teammate and trying to force the ball to the rim, only to commit a charge or turnover. He is young, so he will learn to share the ball, but until he does, he is coming nowhere close to his full potential.

  21. Argument
    3:59 pm December 14, 2012 Permalink

    19 – you’re right. We should bash an 18 year old kid for a comment he said instead.

  22. Bob Loblaw
    4:00 pm December 14, 2012 Permalink

    #17 This is what the One and Done rule does for college basketball. The rule needs to be changed.

  23. Testing
    4:03 pm December 14, 2012 Permalink

    I think the site needs to have posters complete an IQ test before they are allowed to post. 20 & 22 are absolute idiots. No logic from either of you. I’m sure you would rather have Tubby back so we have players for 4 years.

  24. not liberal
    4:11 pm December 14, 2012 Permalink

    16, I don’t want to get into a debate on this but it is logic like that which results in absolutely nothing ever getting done to change things in this country. Of course it is the primary fault of the criminal, or the insane, when they senselessly murder innocents through the use of a gun – or in many cases an assault rifle; but it isnt is simple as you would think. Is your solution to just do nothing and let people keep killing each other? Wouldn’t it make more sense to at least make it more difficult for these people to get ahold of these weapons. Why make it so easy? The excuse that someone will get the gun anyway or use a different weapon alltogether is a cop out. Something needs to be done. As long as people like you exist nothing will ever change and nothing will ever get done.

  25. Wowzers
    4:14 pm December 14, 2012 Permalink

    24 – it’s logic like yours that results in absolutely nothing getting done to change things. Where did he/she say that there are no solutions or things that needed to be done? You assume and that makes you look ignorant.

  26. Joe
    4:15 pm December 14, 2012 Permalink

    Wouldn’t it make more sense to at least make it more difficult for these people to get ahold of these weapons. Why make it so easy?

    Already waiting periods and background checks, what more do you want?

    And MOST crime, committed wuith firearms, aren’t legally obtained, any way. Boris Burglar and Albert Armed Robber don’t by from Evens Firearms & Archery, they buy from the back of a trunk.

    So basically, most gun control affects LEGAL gun owners, not the illegal ones.

    To relate it to sports, this being a sports site, would you favour NCAA regulations that limit rule-abiding programs, and leave rule breakers like Sampson, Tressel, Tarkanian unscathed?

  27. Joe
    4:18 pm December 14, 2012 Permalink

    Something needs to be done.

    Dangerous words, my friend, “something needs to be done.” Rather open-ended…did you say the same thing post-9/11?

    It’s what the Germans said from 1931-33, in response to the economic collapse and political debacle that was overtaking Germany. “Something” WAS done, but I think, if Germans had had a chrystal ball, they might have been a little less demanding that “smething be done.”

  28. Tyson
    4:21 pm December 14, 2012 Permalink

    Drew, the media has corrected the name of the killer as “Adam”, not “Ryan”. It sounds like Ryan was his brother.

  29. Larry Bird's Mullet
    4:22 pm December 14, 2012 Permalink

    The guy’s name is Adam, not Ryan(his brother). Needs to be corrected in the post.

  30. RealCatsFan
    4:39 pm December 14, 2012 Permalink

    #21, – sigh – re-read my post at #20, and then go ahead and accuse me of “bashing” Archie if you must. I thought I was merely offering my take on his playing time. Oh well, I guess you are just trying to live up to your moniker.

  31. Raazoul
    4:47 pm December 14, 2012 Permalink

    Some of you are morons. Gun control? Ha! It’s never worked anywhere. If anything, someone in that school should of been armed, would of stopped it. You know what country completely bans guns? Requiring you to purchase them from the government? Mexico. One of the more dangerous places in the world. Also, the most dangerous cities in America have gun control laws… NYC and DC.

  32. Raazoul
    4:50 pm December 14, 2012 Permalink

    Oh, and a school shooting happened a while back at an Appalachian school here in KY. Only it was cut short because armed students stopped it. They went to their car, got a gun and saved lives. Luckily for those students it happened in KY where we still have gun rights

  33. SeoulCat
    4:56 pm December 14, 2012 Permalink

    A real nutcase went apesh*t on a bunch of elementary school kids at a school (Ikeda Elementary School) not too far from my home when I used to live in Osaka, Japan. I think he killed around 10 (or so) kids, and did so with a knife. Guns aren’t the problem here, folks.

  34. Roland
    4:59 pm December 14, 2012 Permalink

    Some how the internet will be tied to this unbelievable act in Conn. Internet rage is evident even in this tread. Calling people degrading things. If you want to STOP IT, You start being more tolerant of people who posts things you don’t agree with. Ignore them.

  35. RealCatsFan
    5:00 pm December 14, 2012 Permalink

    I agree with some of the other viewpoints on here that the genie is out of the bottle – no way gun control can prevent a tragedy like this from happening. Not sure how I feel about every Joe Blow carrying a firearm either, because there are way too many hot-headed assholes out there who would react with deadly force on a provocation. Unfortunately, there is no way to add an IQ or common sense detector to a firearm. The root of the problem is our society’s glorification of violence. These things get trumpeted across the airwaves, and these nut cases think they will accomplish a type of immortality through their crimes. Sad.

  36. Keep Rock
    5:22 pm December 14, 2012 Permalink

    #34 I do think the Internet has a part in some of these shootings. I’m not familiar with some of these games so forgive me. I think the first person shooter games are a bad thing. A lot of these trouble people play these games and twist reality. Remember the people who do these things are twisted. 100 normal people could play these type of games and not have a effect but one twisted person could play them and get it in there head to kill people.
    Where dealing with the human mind of twisted people so I don’t know if their is a right answer. I don’t think gun control would fix any thing. I do think people should pay closed attention to what types of games we buy our childern. We are raising generations of childern softened to violence.
    All I know is 20 kids where useless killed today and we should be open to finding a solution but not be like #2 and use a tragedy to advance their own agendas. #2 is yelling for gun controll and doesn’t even know what happened. All that does is gets emotions involved and nothing good happens

  37. Keep Rock
    5:29 pm December 14, 2012 Permalink

    #35 I think you hit on one of the main things. These people think it makes them famous. Most people of my generation know the names of the Columbine shooters and the Owensboro shooter. I think a lot of these people are twisted to begin with and are looking for fame regardless of what kind. One of the columbine shooters in his note said everyone would remember his name! I think the media needs to back off from their coverage not release the names of the shooters and stop covering it for months. That is exactly what these shooters are wanting.

  38. Cats in the NBA
    5:29 pm December 14, 2012 Permalink

    9.) You are right, RidgeRunner. Having a serious political debate about gun control is a much better use of the comment section at KSR than an off-hand quip about the ‘Fan of the Day’ photo. My bad.

  39. Sammydog
    5:35 pm December 14, 2012 Permalink

    There is no good reason why assault weapons designed for military action should be legal. This is an entirely different kind of weapon from handguns used for protection and rifles for hunting and sport. The only purpose for those kind of weapons is to kill large numbers of humans very quickly. To allow those is insane.

  40. lexslamman
    5:46 pm December 14, 2012 Permalink

    The right to bear arms – of any kind, nuclear, chemical, guns, biological – is ensured by the second amendment of the constitution. If this country has a problem, it starts at the second amendment.

    There is a remedy.

    Anyone know what the 21st Amendment did?

  41. Roland
    6:05 pm December 14, 2012 Permalink

    The Twenty-first Amendment to the U.S. Constitution reads:

    Section 1. The eighteenth article of amendment to the Constitution of the United States is hereby repealed.

    Section 2. The transportation or importation into any State, Territory, or possession of the United States for delivery or use therein of intoxicating liquors, in violation of the laws thereof, is hereby prohibited.

    Section 3. This article shall be inoperative unless it shall have been ratified as an amendment to the Constitution by conventions in the several States, as provided in the Constitution, within seven years from the date of the submission hereof to the States by the Congress.

  42. Roland
    6:07 pm December 14, 2012 Permalink

    The 18th Amendment reads:

    Section 1. After one year from the ratification of this article the manufacture, sale, or transportation of intoxicating liquors within, the importation thereof into, or the exportation thereof from the United States and all territory subject to the jurisdiction thereof for beverage purposes is hereby prohibited.
    Section 2. The Congress and the several states shall have concurrent power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.
    Section 3. This article shall be inoperative unless it shall have been ratified as an amendment to the Constitution by the legislatures of the several states, as provided in the Constitution, within seven years from the date of the submission hereof to the states by the Congress.

  43. Roland
    6:11 pm December 14, 2012 Permalink

    The Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution reads:

    A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

  44. Raazoul
    6:13 pm December 14, 2012 Permalink

    It’s clear who has and hasn’t ever fired a gun/assault rifle on this thread. These aren’t fully automatic like the military version. You can fire a handgun just as quickly as a semi auto rifle. No advantage except for better accuracy. Which never plays a part in these mass shootings. So banning assault rifles is pointless. Just say “I’m afraid of guns so I want them banned” and stop pretending you aren’t a coward.

  45. Roland
    6:26 pm December 14, 2012 Permalink

    It is ALL interpretation. Hence, we have the Supreme Court.

  46. Roland
    6:31 pm December 14, 2012 Permalink

    44# If that comment is aimed at me, you WAY off. Almost, 10 years of service and that includes combat.

  47. Stig
    6:33 pm December 14, 2012 Permalink

    “Banning assault rifles is pointless”. Maybe the dumbest thing ever posted on the Internet. Ever

  48. Roland
    6:43 pm December 14, 2012 Permalink

    This Conn thing smacks of a problem with a child and his mother.

  49. Roland
    6:47 pm December 14, 2012 Permalink

    His mother was one of the 1st of his victims.

  50. MaroonBellsSnowmass
    7:37 pm December 14, 2012 Permalink

    Fan pic…Yeah I’m not a large breasted female but I’m scenic…Just hiking to this point would kill most of you fat windbags.

  51. Roland
    7:50 pm December 14, 2012 Permalink

    That is SKINNY windbags if you must. 6′ @ 185 down from 195 @ 6′, Thank You.

  52. Windbags
    7:52 pm December 14, 2012 Permalink

    I like that handle.

  53. Windbags
    8:36 pm December 14, 2012 Permalink

    Inspiration….Now what you gonna do?

  54. SonsOfAnarchy
    8:46 pm December 14, 2012 Permalink

    37- Ive been telling people the same thing all day. Find some way to take their names from these events. Some preople are so evil they dont care what they do as long as their names are forever spoken even if it is for something this awful. I know it wont prevent all tragedy but for the ones that have that mindset, it may make them think twice.
    As for gun control. The ones that support gun control are morons. These schools need armed officers. Atleast enough to cover main entrances and atleast 75% of the hallways. And teachers should be able to recieve the proper training and certifications to carry a concealed weapon or have it locked in a special compartment in their desks.

  55. Josh-Lex
    2:37 am December 15, 2012 Permalink

    This pic was taken at Snowmass Lake in Colorado. I did the same loop last year, Snowmass/Maroon Bells Loop in Aspen. Beautiful area!

  56. plowboy
    10:53 am December 15, 2012 Permalink

    #40 If you think this government( Republican or Democrat) is going to allow a private citizen to obtain a nuclear, biological or chemical weapon then you are out of your everloving mind. That’s the kind of thinking that got all those children in Conn. killed. You sir are a sick puppy. Get some help before you do somthig drastic