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UK Fans of the Day Want Afternoon Notes


In honor of Opening Night for the great John Wall, lets get it going:

— By now you know about the one game suspension for Matt Roark after the DUI arrest, but you may wonder how that decision was made. The University of Kentucky now has a set policy for alcohol related incidents and that policy is to apply uniformly across the board. The Athletic Department suspends players for 10% of their regular season games for an incident such as a DUI, meaning Roark was to miss one game for this season (it is actually 8.5% but I guess we round up). A spokesperson at the University told me that Joker Phillips found out about the incident Sunday morning and the punishment was given then. When the media then asked him about it on Wednesday, he mentioned that further internal punishment besides the one game suspension had occurred, but according to the spokesman, that was actually handed out on Sunday as well. So no additional punishment was given this week, it is just the media found out about it in drips, due to no questions at the time of the release.

— Speaking of DUIs, the former UK player trouble with the law train has been going full steam in the last few weeks. We have heard the Anthony Epps, Jules Camara, Rashaad Carruth and Ed Davender stories so often that it is becoming a bit depressing to see some of the former boys in Blue and the problems they have had post-college. Unfortunately, for some of the non-stars, life after the Big Blue can be an adjustment. Hopefully more will follow the path of Mark Krebs, who was on our radio show today and who has had a lot of success with his recent book. I cant read another headline in the days ahead such as “Buddy Halcell pleads no contest to loitering.”

— Speaking of Krebs, he commented on the radio show that he was a bit concerned at the Blue-White game about not seeing a leadership and killer instinct from the players on this year’s team. He said that last season’s team had such strong vocal guys in Patterson, Wall and Cousins that if you werent in the right spot, they would tell you and make sure you got there asap. This team is much more likely to just go about its business and he said that there was very little on-court communication. Something to watch for as the season progresses…

— The Notre Dame football story is tragic and only getting worse. If you havent heard, a student manager died when winds blew down the lift where he was filming the practice. Today it came out that he had sent two tweets right before the incident, complaining about the winds and expressing the fact that he was worried about being on the tower. He then tweeted that “gusts of winds of will be fun at work…guess I’ve lived long enough,” followed by “Holy ****, Holy **** this is terrifying.” Tragic result and Notre Dame has a lot of explaining (and likely paying) to do.

— A Mississippi State message board is reporting that Derek Jeter will be at the UK-MSU game this weekend in Starkville. The newly engaged/married player has clearly had enough of the rock star life, as making the trip to Starkville couldnt be less glamorous. He is going with one of his teammates, who has a nephew on the MSU team.

— Thanks to the good folks at Business Lexington who wrote this very nice story about KSR today and the history of this enterprise. We very much appreciate it.

— Finally, a word of thanks to the KSR fans who as of noon today had made the KSR App the #4 sports app in the nation on iTunes. The only three ahead of us were produced by ESPN, and we once again thank all of you who support what we do.

Below is the radio show from earlier today…keep trucking and come on back:

Article written by Matt Jones