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UK Fans of the Day Want Afternoon Notes


This is a nerve-wracking afternoon in UK land, so we might as well just get right to it:

— At 5 pm Eastern, we get the Eric Bledsoe grade investigation report from the independent investigatory team in Birmingham. At this point, no one…and I mean no one, is really clear on what it is going to say. There are two things to remember as we wait for it this afternoon. First, if he is cleared, then someone should really go after Pete Thamel for basically making it impossible for Bledsoe to have his reputation brought back after TWO stories in the paper. If it is found the grade was changed, then the question will be what, if anything, the NCAA will do to Kentucky. It is important to remember that no one is accusing Kentucky or Calipari of doing anything wrong. So it isnt like there will be a probation or the like involved. But will the NCAA use a “no tolerance” policy on UK to potentially vacate games? That is the question that would then be the focus of the situation. We will know a lot more in a few hours.

— Also yesterday, Calipari expressed his belief that Enes Kanter is an amateur and that he should be cleared by the NCAA. This got reported by many in the media somewhat incorrectly as Calipari saying that he WOULD be cleared, when actually Calipari specifically said that he had no idea what the NCAA would do. We have hashed this out on here many times concerning the money given, the incentive for the Turkish GM to lie and all the other subplots. The only thing I would add is that the argument made by Calipari yesterday, that basically because he wasnt 18 then he wasnt considered a professional in Turkey, is actually a non-starter for me. What he was considered in Turkey is irrelevant…it is what he did in Turkey and how that plays under NCAA rules that matters. Turkish descriptions of his status dont matter…what matters is if he took only expenses and whether they were “excessive.” That is what we will have to find out. If you like more reading, here is Gary Parrish on Cal’s new comments.

— We had Adam Reardon of ESPN Radio in Gainesville on the radio today and he said that most around the Florida program believe that Kentucky actually has better players at the skill positions than Florida. The Gators belief as to how they win the game on Saturday in the Swamp is that they have a better overall Defense and that they are able to move the ball down the field methodically against the UK front 7. That means that the Dequin Evans and Danny Trevathans of the world are the key to victory. Get it done boys.

— The ESPN world continues to raise the potential of a shocker in Gainesville. Herbstreit and Corso both said an upset is possible today and Herbie (still reeling from his encounter with Drew Franklin at Keeneland this Spring) said that if Kentucky’s offense does what it can, the streak could very well end. I cant sip that blue Kool-Aid yet, but I am getting closer and by gametime, I am sure I will be all-in.

Come back later this afternoon for the Bledsoe determination and then get ready for an exciting day of eating “Gator burgers” (if you dont know what that means, you need to listen to today’s show on the podcast link below). Go Cats!

Article written by Matt Jones