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UK Fans of the Day Want Afternoon Notes


I am sure John Wall is happy to see the dance performed by our man above. It is one of the last weekends before sports descend on us and I hope all are ready for seven months of UK action. We here at KSR certainly are, after a long summer of posting videos of people talking to Eric Bledsoe. Here are some afternoon notes as we get ready for September 4th:

— The big news last night was the reclassification of Deandre Daniels to the Class of 2010. Some are reporting its done, some are reporting its not done, but the general consensus is that when the dust settles, Daniels will be playing college basketball next season. Kentucky is very interested in Daniels and he could receive an offer as soon as today from the Cats. There is a lot of research that has to be done by all the schools involved to make sure he is academically set to play next year, but the working assumption is that he will be. For UK, he would be an immediate contributor and would take the 13th scholarship (Jarrod Polson took the 12th) for next year. I have thought since the Canada trip that Kentucky was potentially one player away from being great. This could be that player.

— The football team has another scrimmage on Saturday and it is of huge importance, as it may decide the QB going into the Louisville game. All indications are that the race is extremely tight and that Hartline/Newton have been pretty consistent, with Newton looking better in the past week or so than he did at the beginning. As I said earlier this week, two different sources have told me two different things, with one saying he thought it would be Hartline and one Newton. But at the end of the day, the only two people who will make the choice are Joker Phillips and Randy Sanders. I still think the smart money is on Hartline to get the call, but if one truly sets himself apart on Saturday, it could lead to taking the first snaps in Papa Johns Stadium.

— Its being reported on some Louisville outlets (and clearly fed by Tom Jurich) that Kentucky sent back 5,000 tickets for the UL game this year. Dont believe it. In order for UK to give 5,000 tickets back, they would have had to have been sent about 20,000, which didnt happen. There will be a lot of UK fans there as there always are….and it will be the one game all year Louisville sells out in the end. And if you read BTI’s post earlier, you would see….for the success they have had, there may be no more loyal football fans than the ones in Blue and White.

— If you ever wondered “how do girls always end up with jerk guys” in your life, then watch “The Jersey Shore.” No matter what Ronnie does to Sammi Sweetheart, she comes back…even after saying “its over” 5,000 times. “One Shot” Ronnie may be hard to like, but “Pauly D on the Ones and Twos” could be my favorite person on television….and not just because of his amazing, gravity-defying hair.

— Please dont write recruits on Facebook…please. I already feel bad for Deandre Daniels and his name has only been known for less than 24 hours. Go Cats, Kentucky loves you, etc are bad enough…but please dont try and talk to them….please. It is painful for me to see.

— If you dont yet have tickets to the Maui Invitational, the remaining ones go on sale August 25th. This will be my first trip and I cannot wait.

— Does anyone know what has happened to the once loveable John Clay? The man who used to embrace his nerdom and was like your funny, goofy uncle has become bizarre in recent weeks, turning his Herald Leader blog into some odd middle-aged cry for help. First he is copying/stealing pictures of porn stars in locker rooms, then he is taking shots at the “cool kids” of KSR (and believe me, if you saw us at any point in Canada, have ever met Bryan the Intern, or could see our Fraternity composites in college, you know we are anything but cool….goofy, yes…cool, no) and now telling people that he likes “Arcade Fire” as if he is some skateboarder hanging outside EarXtacy? John…we like you even if you dont like us. But I kind of feel like I am reading the internet version of when Mr. Belding came to Bayside and tried to fit in with the student body by wearing Hammer pants and sunglasses. Just do what you do John…link other sites, take up for all things Cincinnati like the blogger homers that you hate in the Kentucky world, copy the format of KSR while complaining when Fake Gimel takes your spreadsheets and be the grumpy old guy telling the kids to get off your lawn. That is the John Clay we love…this one makes me a little uneasy.

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Article written by Matt Jones