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UK Fans of the Day Want Afternoon Notes


It has been a hot and long day…so lets get to it:

— The big news of the day is the John Calipari interview with Andy Katz in which he states that no current investigation of Kentucky is being undertaken by the NCAA. He says he thinks the Bledsoe story is a non-issue (someone should tell that to the press members I have been fighting with all week) and that he is not a package deal with Lebron James. Call it the “interview to end all the summer speculation.” Of course it wont, but it was a good attempt.

— Chalk this up as one of the strangest weeks I have had in a long time. Beginning with the Bledsoe work from the weekend to now, it has been a whirlwind of radio shows, blogging, meetings about future plans and general head-spinning events. Some of the results of all this you guys will know in the weeks to come and some I cant discuss. But I will say that overall one truth seems to be agreed upon by virtually everyone involved: KSR has the worst site design in America. Thank you.

— Big ups to former Cat Adrian “Odie” Smith who was inducted into the Naismath Hall of Fame. Smith played for the 1958 Championship UK team “The Fiddlin Five”, my grandfather’s (who taught me to love UK) favorite team. Odie then played for the 1960 US Olympic team and had a distinguished career in various pro situations. Smith is an often forgotten part of UK’s past and his honor should be celebrated by all. You can read more about him here.

— I was on the Joe B and Denny Show today and it showcased once again why I love Joe B Hall. When he brought me on the show, here was his introduction, “now lets bring on a good fella who Oscar (Combs) tells me is on top of things. Matt Jones, tell me whats going on in sports?” I wasnt sure what to say, but I had a big smile on my face. Joe B Hall is the greatest.

— There are lots of talks about UK players rising and falling in the Draft. Yesterday I was told that Eric Bledsoe was both rising and falling, which is quite an accomplishment. Chad Ford’s latest Mock Draft has Patrick Patterson going at #22, which if it happens, will showcase that the NBA could be run just as easily by those of us who write about the action on the computer as those paid to do the job. Mark this down…whoever picks Al Farouq-Aminu, Luke Babbitt and Ukpe Oduh…guaranteed underachievers based on where they are picked. Remember who told you.

— Finally, some sad news as Danny Jett has announced he will no longer blog on UK. His reasoning came in this blog post here:

Many people will tell you that the Internet and blogging is the way of the future. They say that traditional journalism is archaic and dying. They are right. That saddens me to a great degree. Although I do not always agree with everything that is published by the mainstream and established media, I have the ability to think critically and come to my own conclusions. Professional journalists just deliver the information which at times comes with a spin. However, I believe it is up to us to ultimately decide and separate our beliefs from facts.

In my gut I felt that my small blog was pulling some readers from the local media outlets. Even though this site makes only a small ding in the giants of places like the Lexington Herald-Leader and Louisville Courier Journal, it really bothered me none-the-less. I do not want to interfere with the livelihood of professional journalists. There have been too many people lose their jobs already. The Kentucky economy appears fragile enough.

I guess one could compare it to walking into convenience stores and seeing ‘self checkout’ aisles taking away the jobs that someone out there desperately needs. I make nothing off of this website, but I was effectively hurting those that depend on journalism for a living. Nobody deserves to fear for their career because of events which are beyond their control. I appreciate all of the UK blogs and the amount of time and effort so many people put into them. I just can’t participate anymore.

Danny is no longer blogging to save the jobs of Tipton, Clay and Bozich. I guess that is noble. If only the tv people had done that for those in radio and telegraph work. In all seriousness, we wish Danny well…he gave us one of the best podcast episodes ever just weeks ago.

Have a good weekend and check in here to see whats shaking….

Article written by Matt Jones