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UK Fans of the Day Want Afternoon Notes


Its almost time for a Holiday weekend and I am ready. I am not however as ready as the guys above, who are UK fans and met these wonderful women on the beach in Florida this week. The one with the hat is named Elaine Alden (a UCF student) and if you google her (we cant really put the pictures here), you will see why those guys are so happy. Kudos UK fans of the day.

Some notes:

— The story of the day is the NCAA allegation list of 8 violations by the UCONN basketball team, which include improper benefits for players and high school coaches. UCONN coach Jim Calhoun was quoted today as saying, “its not exactly, certainly not anywhere close to the high point of my career.” You think Jim? Whispers about UCONN recruiting practices have gone on for years and now looks to have caught up to the Future Hall of Famer. He has let go two Assistant Coaches and we will find out in April if any probation is coming…which it is.

— Want to see irresponsibility on the part of the mainstream media. Then read this ridiculous blog entry by WKYT’s Steve Moss today on the station’s website. In it, he misrepresents the comments made by Orton about how he would have done his college choice differently and quotes him out of context (as we explained earlier). I assumed it was only a couple of blogs and message board posts that could not give complete context, but it looks like a Sports head at a major television network does the same thing. Add to that his story about Orton supposedly “taunting” Calipari over playing time, and it looks like a blog entry on a fan site, not a journalistic enterprise. I have heard TONS of rumors around the program but have never heard that one. That doesnt mean its not true…but it does mean that at least when it comes to Steve Moss’s blogs on WKYT, it takes nothing more than “rumors” and out of context quotes to go out as news.

— In other mainstream media nonsense, it is worth noting that the Courier Journal has yet to do a story on the Preston Knowles situation. I am not saying the story is a big deal (I dont believe it is), but you are telling me that its not worthy of making the paper? When it comes to cowering scared of an institution, the Courier Journal’s lack of reports on Louisville are virtually unmatched.

— I spoke with another NBA scout today, who told me that the two “hottest” players right now in NBA Draft talk around the league are Luke Babbit and Patrick Patterson. Good for Pat. I am happy for him.

— Enter the blogger contest. Surely you can do better than Steve Moss.

— The Atlanta Braves are only a game and a half back. And Jason Heyward should make the All Star team. There is my baseball report for the month of May.

Its going to be a great holiday weekend and we will have our normal schedule of posts. So check in with us for any breaking news but also remember our many Veterans for their many sacrifices. No matter what your political party, ideology or belief system, nothing should stand in the way of honoring those that sacrifice of themselves for the betterment of others. My hat is off to all of you.

More later….

Article written by Matt Jones