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UK Fans of the Day Want Afternoon Notes


A few notes to help cure your NBA Finals hangover…

 – When the clock strikes midnight, coaches will be allowed to call 2013 basketball prospects for the first time, essentially marking the start of prep hunting season.  Cal and his staff will be working the lines, no doubt, and they’ll be placing calls to guys like Julius Randle, Andrew Harrison, Nerlens Noel, Jonathon Williams, Chris Walker and tons more.  We’re going to have profiles this week of the 2012 targets and we’ll follow shortly after with the 2013 guys, so you can get your man crushes started early.

 – One of the guys Kentucky continues to target from the 2012 group is shooting guard Ricky Ledo and he remains high on the Cats, according to Jeff Borzello of Blood at CBS.  Borzello spoke with Ledo, who confidently declared that he thinks he’s the best guard in the country, but still has some things to work on.  Confidence is not one of them.  You can read the story here.

 – Hoping to take your son to the John Calipari Father/Son Camp?  Better go buy him a dog.  As of last night, the camp sold out.  And I don’t mean it signed with a major label and its indie fans turned on it.  All the spots filled up.  Don’t worry, the little guy will only hate you for 365 days or so.  There’s always next year.

 – I’m already incredibly amused by Kentucky targeting quarterback Eddie Printz Jr. for their 2012 class, but that might be secondary to their pursuit of RB/LB Marcus Allen.  Allen is picking up a number of big offers after only starting to play football last season as a junior and ESPN chatted with him about his fast rise and the schools he’s planning on visiting, which includes the Cats.  You can read that article here.

 – Since it’s a slow day, maybe you need a little subtle jab at the Cards to pick you up.  In an Outside the Lines story over the weekend about Terrell Pryor, ESPN’s Bruce Feldman might have jabbed at the Cards a bit, saying that paying players might work at places that can sustain themselves like the schools in the SEC, but how is it going to work at Louisville or in the MAC?  Louisville and the MAC.  Sounds about right.  That video is here

If you missed Kentucky Sports Radio this morning, Matt’s return was a glorious one as he finally hit all the big topics of the weekend and Monday.  Mark Krebs was there to talk about his hole-in-one and the guys took suggestions for new titles for the Josh Hopkins blockbuster, Tan Lines.  Check out the podcast below.

Article written by Thomas Beisner

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    Where my commenters at?

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    These are my grandsons!! awesome!!

    Go cats!!

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    Louisville man charged in shooting of boy, 12, who rang his doorbell and ran|topnews|text|Home

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    3) work. as usual.

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    Eddie Printz Jr?! Seriously? Can’t Hardly Wait (to see if we get him on campus). We’ll need an Wr named Summer (to) Catch passes from him.

  8. True Dat
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    This is an old picture of John Wall on his first recruiting visit to UK, hangin out with all the other guys Clyde was recruiting at the time.

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    Eddie Printz Jr. is 2013 not 2012

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    7) I see what you did there, but Freddie Prinze Jr was not in Can’t Hardly wait. Maybe you were thinking of She’s All That.

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    8) I wish that were true. We would have signed on the spot, even if it was Billy G.

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    My post above was intended for number 8. First time poster (does it show)?

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    Do you think you could put Hour 1 above Hour 2 when you post these podcasts? Whenever you finish listening to a segment it immediately plays the segment below it. This means that after you listen to Hour 1 of today’s show it goes to hour 2 of the previous days show. It’s not a big deal, but it would be more convenient to click on Hour 1 of today’s show and be able to listen all the way through to the end of hour 2 without having to stop, go back, and click on hour 2 again. Thanks!

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    As a Flyers fan, I’m loving Wall’s hat