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UK Fans of the Day Want Afternoon NBA Draft Notes


We are just a mere three hours from a great night of television and the best showing of UK players in an NBA Draft ever. Scratch that, tonight will be the best showing of any program’s players in an NBA Draft ever. Five Cats will go in the first round and we will be going over it all here tonight. Think about the fun that will be on the site. In addition to the KSR crew (and the Turkey Hunter), we will have:

Bomani Jones
Gregg Doyel
Tucker Max
Buzz Baker

and potentially more joining us. You cant miss this action as we take you through the entire first round KSR style. If you are watching the Draft without the Live Blog….well you arent really watching it all. To the news of the day:

— Two former Cats are dominating the Draft talk today. Specifically, will Tayshaun Prince help determine Demarcus Cousins’ future home? Multiple reports say that the Pistons are trying to trade into the #4 spot to get Cousins, but that the Timberwolves want Prince in return. Thus the future of the Draft comes down to the movement of two UK guys….get used to that sentence, because it will be said a lot in the coming years.

— It still isnt clear where Patrick Patterson will find himself when all is said and done. There are outlets reporting him as high as #9 and some have him dropping to around #17. I know Patterson’s goal was to be in the lottery and he has worked hard to make that happen. There will be no one I am pulling for to get in that slot more than the man they call P-Pat.

— On a non-NBA Draft topic, if you get some time this afternoon, you must read this Wimbledon running live blog diary done by a writer for the Guardian newspaper in London. It contains his poetic thoughts on the crazy match that ended in a 70-68 5th set finale this morning. The good stuff starts around 4:05 pm and I find the wit absolutely hilarious. Definitely worth a read.

— In all honesty, with the exception of our friend Rob Gidel breaking the football commits, there is absolutely nothing being done at the Cats Pause of worth, ever. When was the last time they broke a basketball story, or for that matter, had anything worth reading? It is still the most populated message board, but besides that, there is literally nothing besides Rob worth finding out from a news/entertainment standpoint. If one were ranking UK websites in the “places to get news from the writers” (as opposed to the message boards) standpoint, would it even crack the Top 5 behind this site, Clay’s blog, the Channel 18 site, TBK or Demling’s blog? I dont think it would.

Daniel Orton has totally screwed himself over these last few weeks and burned bridges with his alma mater and fans that might never be repaired. I hope things work out for him tonight and he learns from his mistakes. But trashing your former coach, leaving your team in a lurch, saying you wish you went to a different school, having family squabbles over an agent, etc….well thats not the way to go.

— Finally, I was sad to see the Wendell Berry news yesterday that he is pulling his papers from the Kentucky library due, in part, to the decision to name the Wildcat Lodge, the Wildcat Coal Lodge. Whether one agrees with the decision or not (and as with all things coal, my opinions are mixed and not entirely coherent), it is a sad loss. Berry is a brilliant man and one of the best writers this state has ever produced. I have heard him speak on numerous occasions and find him to be fascinating. I think the Coal Lodge name was a mistake (as I said here when it was done), but I am generally of the opinion that one does better fighting for change within, rather than from outside. But I admire anyone who stands up for his convictions and those who question it, just ask yourself this…if the issue that mattered most to you, would you make such a stand? If so, then you cant really fault Berry. Either way, a sad result and one that is disappointing for those that love both the University and the work of Wendell Berry.

Its time for the NBA Draft Live Blog at 7:30….dont miss it. These people wont:


Article written by Matt Jones