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UK Fan of the Day Wants Afternoon Notes


With most of the internet today focused on cursing tweets, it is time for something much more refreshing….some Afternoon notes. Lets hop to it:

— Today is the official “SEC Programs are looking at investigations day” around the league. This weekend it came out that South Carolina was being investigated for possible agent infiltration of the team. Spurrier and his boys are getting wrapped up in the same agent investigation that has taken North Carolina by storm and both involved the same couple of agents (who are more unpopular in those two states than John Edwards). The big news today is that the Florida Gators, home of Tim Tebow, Urban Meyer and all things holy are now being investigated by the NCAA for a $100,000 payment allegedly taken by a player between the SEC Championship Game and the Sugar Bowl. The investigation derives from Pat Forde, who apparently found a way to talk about negativity in college sports without connecting it to Kentucky.

— In other SEC news, Kentucky is not the only SEC basketball school racking up 5 star commitments. Kentavious Caldwell committed to Georgia yesterday, giving Mark Fox his first big time recruit since coming to the school. I have told this on here before but I am a BIG Mark Fox guy. I think he is a GREAT coach and a really interesting guy. I met him a few years back at the now infamous “Patterson/Lucas” camp while he was still at Nevada and talked to him quite a bit. I found him hilarious at the time and have always been impressed with his abilities. He had Georgia playing very competitively last year with a depleted roster and now he has made a recruiting splash as well. Billy D might want to wake up, because if he isnt careful, the Dogs may overtake the Gators for spot #3 in the SEC East.

— I was asked this weekend about which UK Freshmen are potential “one and done” guys and it is worth repeating the answer here. Below is my best guess before they have even played one game of the ranking of who may go to the Draft, and the percentage likelihood. Keep in mind that this is assuming that #1 there is no lockout which could keep a draft from occurring and #2 these players play up to their potential coming into the season.

1. Enes Kanter: Chance of leaving 90%. Everything we hear about Kanter says he will be special. I am told that he is has been dominant in workouts and the last three players I spoke with about Enes (Jorts, Woo and Patterson) all say that he is unbelievable. He needed a year to be NBA Draft eligible and decided that college beat out playing overseas. In terms of talent, NBA Scouts told me last week that he could have been the #2 pick in THIS year’s draft. He is likely a top 3 pick in next year’s. The only thing keeping it from being higher is that he apparently isnt in need of money as much as some other players due to his family situation. He will be a star.

2. Brandon Knight: Chance of leaving 65%. My percentage for Brandon is lower than most, just because his time to adjust to college may take slightly longer than some think. He is still special with the ball and is going to be fighting with Kyrie Irving for the top point guard in the Draft. He seems to be interested in school and Mr. Shakespeare might find college to his liking. Still though, more likely than not, he is gone.

3. Terrence Jones: Chance of Leaving 60%. If Terrence meets his potential, he is a top 5-7 pick. He has the chance to rise like none other because people see an NBA superstar in his array of talents. However he is not fully developed and could need another year of seasoning. I love Jones as a player (and as a last name), but I do think it is likely he is a one year guy as well.

4. Doron Lamb: Chance of Leaving 25%. I dont buy those who believe that Lamb is definitely a long term guy. He was a top 15 talent and has expressed a desire to get to the league. But he will have to show things to the NBA to have the league want him after a year and I suspect 2-3 years is his more likely timeframe. By the time he is done at UK, he has the potential to put up a lot of points and show up on UK all time lists for three pointers.

The other two guys are not likely to leave and wouldnt be on the board. I repeat what I always say on these subjects….enjoy the guys while they are here and dont worry too much about when they leave. As Wall/Cousins, etc showed last year, in a year’s time a lot of great things can happen and I think this group has that potential.

More later….

Article written by Matt Jones