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UK Fan of the Day Wants Afternoon Notes


A few notes to get you set for the weekend…

 – It’s not a new notion of pairing an athletic team with some sort of motivational phrase or theme, but slogans for our sports teams continues to be a rising trend.  From “Refuse to Lose” to “The Kentucky Effect” to even “Louisville First”, these things seem to be popping up everwhere and UK football got in on the action yesterday, latching on to “Rise” for the 2011 campaign.  It didn’t seem to work out the way it was designed to, but the whole “Operation: Win” campaign was creative and seemed like a good fit at the time.  I liked it.  Will people jump on board with “Rise”?  I don’t know.  We might just refer to this season as “Operation: Win 2.0”. As long as they don’t put “Rise” on their practice shorts, I think we’ll all be fine.

 – If NBA beat writers are wondering how they’re going to earn their paycheck this summer, the ones in New York seem to have a nice little gift in Josh Harrellson.  The stories about Jorts continue to pour out of the concrete jungle where dreams are made.  Today brought us a great profile of Jorts in the Wall Street Journal, full of jean short references, Doug Harrellson’s thoughts on the fashion trend and Jorts’ declaration that he wants to get Amar’e Stoudemire wearing them.  There’s even a plea from Jeff Sheppard to purchase some gear from Jorts’ official store.  Jorts, you’re living the dream, my friend.

 – Rex Chapman keeps coming with Twitter fun.

 – Rick Pitino is a little upset.  In a Rick Pitino kind of way. 

 – With the NBA and NFL giving us a break, we can now focus our attention on baseball, where former Cat Colin Cowgill was the leading vote getter for the PCL All-Star game.  Cowgill is batting .370 for the Diamondbacks’ AAA affiliate and is regarded as one of the top prospects in baseball.  And he’s doing it all without a uniform designed with Secretariat in mind.

 – So what is LeBron James doing this summer?  He’s giving back to the kids.  Giving back so much it hurts.  Them.

 – Finally, I caught a little bit of ESPN’s Difference Makers last night, featuring Mike Kzrzaslkdalskdfki and Joe Paterno.  I didn’t watch enough to fully create an opinion, but I recorded it and will watch it based on your feedback below.  Was it worth it?  The fact that they got Coach K out of Durham before January is at least commendable, right?

If you missed Kentucky Sports Radio today – and because of iHeart Radio issues, a lot of you probably did – the podcast is below.  Matt was joined by Tee Martin and Josh Harrellson and it was a wonderful day of radio fun.  Give it a listen.


Article written by Thomas Beisner

15 Comments for UK Fan of the Day Wants Afternoon Notes

  1. Computer Blue
    2:05 pm July 1, 2011 Permalink

    A+ to the Fan of the Day!

  2. Nashville Cat
    2:05 pm July 1, 2011 Permalink

    I hate how Matt keeps lumping Kings of Leon in with bands like Nickelback. Smh…

  3. UKFanInCincy
    2:13 pm July 1, 2011 Permalink

    Anyone going here this weekend?

  4. SexnNursinHomes
    2:22 pm July 1, 2011 Permalink

    where did ya’ll get this UK hottie? man, what a KSR Fan of the Day. Knee high boots and lots of leg. I’d say more, but I better not.

  5. Kevin Harned
    2:31 pm July 1, 2011 Permalink

    2 – Matt has ZERO concept of music unless it’s country from the 50’s-70’s.

  6. ThatsAShame
    2:36 pm July 1, 2011 Permalink

    Kid didn’t have his feet set. That’s a block. And 1 for LeBron.

  7. BigAbes4UK
    2:54 pm July 1, 2011 Permalink

    Man she is a doll baby! Love those cute little legs

  8. Oogie Boogie Man
    2:54 pm July 1, 2011 Permalink

    Hey laughing dude… it wasn’t THAT funny.

  9. BigAbes4UK
    3:26 pm July 1, 2011 Permalink

    Man she is a doll baby! Love those cute little legs and beautiful smile!

  10. BBN
    4:55 pm July 1, 2011 Permalink

    9.) We get it you creep

  11. That guy.
    5:07 pm July 1, 2011 Permalink

    “Yeah Dirk, take that! Yeah! Take that I said. I’m a bad mamajamma!” He yells at the child (whose name isnt Dirk) while he screctly cries and curses actually talented players on the inside.

  12. Snoop
    7:14 pm July 1, 2011 Permalink

    2) I hate how people stick up for Kings of Leon as if they aren’t complete and total garbage with a douche bag following.

  13. StevieD
    7:16 pm July 1, 2011 Permalink

    Summa Dat.

  14. Homer
    7:31 am July 2, 2011 Permalink

    the laugher sounds like an inner city tickle me elmo that won’t turn off. hey giggles it was a dunk on a 4’8″ kid and though King James did dump truck the kid. I will be nice about the photo gal, cause its someone’s sister/mom/wife/ho-t-t-i… no she’s not that.

  15. yeahright
    11:06 am July 2, 2011 Permalink

    Cutest fan of the day in a loooooong time.