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UK Football Creates Game Day Task Force


Have you ever felt like you were in danger while tailgating at Commonwealth Stadium? Well, have no fear, the Game Day Task Force is here! Today, UK President Eli Capilouto and Lexington mayor Jim Gray announced the creation of the Task Force, which will strive to create a “classy, safe, and fun” environment for Cats fans to enjoy on game day. What does that mean, exactly?

– C-A-T-S isn’t just a chant, it’s an acronym! “Cats Always Tailgate Safely.” Can’t remember that? Don’t worry, the task force will post “C-A-T-S” signs around Commonwealth Stadium to remind you.

Class it up, folks. Mitch Barnhart also spoke at the press conference, and wants to make Commonwealth Stadium a classy place to tailgate for visiting teams (except on the field, of course). Tailgaters will be required to wear smoking jackets and put leather bound books next to their spread.

– Other local leaders are in on the fun as well. Lexington Chief of Police Ronnie J. Bastin says security will be tighter and that new personnel will “know what to look for.” Uh oh. Underage drinking and public intoxication will be a primary focus for police. You know what that means: use a solo cup.

– Don’t worry: there are NO changes to the traffic patterns around the stadium.

– However, there are all sorts of new policies regarding trailers, smoking, and bans on “motorized vehicles,” which yes, sadly includes motorized coolers. 🙁

– Hey, clean up after yourselves before you leave. UK student volunteers have to clean up your mess if you don’t.

– Got a problem? Text CATS to 78247 with your message and seat location. Stadium personnel will respond to your problem accordingly. FYI: being out of Diet Coke is not considered a legit problem. I tried that at a Titans game once.

UKAA set up a nice little website outlining the changes to game day policies; it also includes all the information you could need about getting to Commonwealth on Saturday.

2 days.

Article written by Mrs. Tyler Thompson

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30 Comments for UK Football Creates Game Day Task Force

  1. Sexington
    12:09 pm September 8, 2011 Permalink

    Crackdown on underage drinking? Most people will have no reason to go to games to be honest

  2. Catty
    12:16 pm September 8, 2011 Permalink

    When did Ellen Degeneres start hawking motorized coolers?

  3. bung
    12:17 pm September 8, 2011 Permalink

    barnhead is a joke…

  4. Red Lot
    12:18 pm September 8, 2011 Permalink

    Uhhh Cruizin Coolers are awesome

  5. Blank
    12:40 pm September 8, 2011 Permalink

    What? A post not making fun of any recruits? Blasphemy!!

  6. mark richt to uk
    12:45 pm September 8, 2011 Permalink

    the problem is the police they are too worried about underage drinking instead of real crimes. Leave the fraternities and sororities alone they pay tuition and their parents are taxpayers, which pay the police their salaries. they are just carrying on a tradition of tailgating before games, back in the day they didn’t bother them why bother them now.

  7. it's a me, Mario
    12:46 pm September 8, 2011 Permalink

    for the record, i’m still gonna smoke while I tailgate. We’re outside for chrissake.

  8. DazdNfused
    12:48 pm September 8, 2011 Permalink

  9. blueballs
    12:49 pm September 8, 2011 Permalink

    So I can’t dip, smoke, or get publicly intoxicated while I ride my electric scooter/cooler pulling a trailer to the orange lot? This sucks!

  10. Let's Get Real
    12:52 pm September 8, 2011 Permalink

    This will just keep more students away from the stadium. Why won’t they just go ahead and make the parking lots around commonwealth “family friendly” i.e. BORING. Rise indeed.

  11. Blugrayse
    12:53 pm September 8, 2011 Permalink

    Everyone come out this Friday night to support our efforts to raise money for the UK Children’s Hospital! We are hosting a Rally for the UK Football team followed by an Overtime event. The Tim Talbert Project will be playing all night! Tickets for Overtime are only $5 and can be purchased on site at the 5/3 pavilion. Hope to see you there!

  12. insanity
    12:54 pm September 8, 2011 Permalink

    Obama is really trying to make this a Police state! marshall law on the way?

  13. OldManYellsatCloud
    12:58 pm September 8, 2011 Permalink

    12- What? Looks like someone started tailgating a little earlier than most.

  14. BillDozer
    1:28 pm September 8, 2011 Permalink

    #7…I dont smoke, so I dont mind the new change with tobacco. However, if they give someone a citation for smoking…well..that is a joke. Surely they wont.

  15. true blue through and through
    1:52 pm September 8, 2011 Permalink

    Is this for real? I’m plenty old enough to drink, but this will make the UK football program hit an all time low. Watch and see. This is why 80% of the people show up. What do you call tailgating without drinking? Staying my ass at home!

  16. pioneer
    2:02 pm September 8, 2011 Permalink

    Sincere question. My buddies and I have two blue lot passes through various outlets. We have also bought a tow behind trailor for this season. We always tailgate in the grove of trees and grass strip nearest to nutter field house. Are they going to make us use both blue lot passes, even if I pull the trailor up onto the grass? There are multiple trailors within an earshot of our usual setup but all of them are up in the grass off the pavement. According to the 2011 policy it looks like they will try and send me to the orange or purple lot if I dont use both passes. Thanks for the insight.

  17. Dark Helmet
    2:04 pm September 8, 2011 Permalink

    #12 Obama is planning a cruizin cooler motorcade into the game. Most of the roads will be shut down to traffic and cruizin coolers – he will announce these plans at the next presidential. He will be in commonwealth to address the lower level regarding their social security, medicare, crime, and death tax concerns. Considering this will be the largest collection of senior citizens in one place on Saturday – it’s not surprising. (This actually probably applies more to rupp but I tried).

  18. Brewer
    2:05 pm September 8, 2011 Permalink

    I swear to God, I have never seen a public university that is as anti-fun as UK. We might as well merge with Asbury and start enforcing curfews on everyone. This is BS

  19. LOL
    2:53 pm September 8, 2011 Permalink

    What do you expect from UK they are should change name to U boring K. Just watching the intro’s and the introduction of science team between quarters should tell you something about who is running this place. They start giving PI’s at games then they will lose alot of money and I will probably get one.

  20. Let's Get Real
    4:12 pm September 8, 2011 Permalink

    Wow. So finally reading the new policies. What a f—ing joke. Why don’t they just come out and say that football games are off limits for a good time. Seriously. I thought UK wanted us to support the football program. Well, at least I know I won’t be coming in for any games this year, and if I do, I definately won’t be tailgating.

  21. Jim
    4:33 pm September 8, 2011 Permalink

    I wish people in general and reporters specifically would learn that Barnhart doesn’t have a “d” in it.

  22. Charleston
    4:51 pm September 8, 2011 Permalink

    @21 His name is about the only place he doesn’t have a “D” in him..

  23. G Rob
    4:56 pm September 8, 2011 Permalink

    Barnhart >>> BarnharDt

  24. UK PD
    7:38 pm September 8, 2011 Permalink

    and UK and the police strike again, theyve already ruined keenland tailgating…

  25. HugoCabrera
    8:31 pm September 8, 2011 Permalink

    16 – The trailer is fine on the grass. If it’s in a parking spot, it needs a blue pass just like another car. One pass, one parking spot. If you have only one blue pass and you brought a trailer, they’ll let you park the truck or the trailer in a blue spot, but not both. If you refuse to seperate the two, you can take them both to another lot. Some fans selfishly abuse the policy, so later arriving UK fans can’t find a spot and annoyingly drive through all the tailgates.

  26. Some Guy in Kentucky
    8:42 pm September 8, 2011 Permalink

    This must be part of the get the students to support the team, by coming to the games, and get loud policy?

  27. HugoCabrera
    9:04 pm September 8, 2011 Permalink

    To those complaining about policies that only affect the selfish, stupid and/or immature…Tailgating at Commonwealth is lame because the majority of UK “tailgaters” are lame, compared to major football schools.

    Show up late, can’t handle your alcohol, and fight eachother. Hell, we only know ONE cheer.

    Would you consistently want vomit next to your food spread, your 4-year old run over by a motorized cooler, or your brand new car hit by a golf cart? All a result of excessively drunk fans…LAST SEASON. Sounds fun? Learn how to tailgate like big boys.

  28. slappy
    11:41 pm September 8, 2011 Permalink

    27- throwing up, fighting, wrecking into things, etc. IS tailgating like big boys. You’ve obviously never been on an SEC road trip.
    Anyway, hopefully they won’t actually enforce any of these “policies” and ruin the atmosphere at CWS.

  29. donthavetomuchfun
    11:55 pm September 8, 2011 Permalink


  30. pioneer
    10:27 am September 9, 2011 Permalink

    I say do what you want!