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UK Assistant Basketball Coach Merry Go Round

We are now three weeks removed from the end of the Kentucky basketball season, when Coach Tubby Smith promised “major changes could be in the work” and various rumors on the internet sprouted up, claiming that all three assistant coaches could be replaced and that Buzz Peterson would be making his way to the University of Kentucky as part of the beginning of “all hell breaking loose at UK.” Three weeks later, what is the tally? No assistant coaches have been replaced….all three are still active in the program and Scott Rigot is taking a lead role on some ’07 recruits. As for transfers, the only official one is Adam Williams and besides that, the program seems stable.

Now none of this is to say that there still could not be changes to come. I think there is a decent chance that one coach will still move on (pushed but helped to find another position) and there likely may be one or two more player departures. But what was thought to be a complete upheaval is, at this point, a mild disturbance. What do we learn? Well first of all, internet rumors are just that, rumors, and tend to more often than not be incorrect. Second, Tubby Smith may be one of the most loyal human beings on Earth, hesitant to fire assistant coaches or make huge changes without first seeing that they have another way to land on their feet. And third, in college basketball, things are often just as they seem, not as people wish. Tubby Smith will make any changes in the program when he is good and ready, and no one will force him otherwise…..especially folks on message boards.

Finally, a word on the “Tubby leaving” rumors. There are some that are guaranteeing a move to another locale and out of Lexington and others that are guaranteeing that it wont happen. I dont have solid info either way, but I will say this. The talk of Tubby moving on is not just random, idle talk. There is some backing to that, and while I still expect him at this point to be in Lexington in the fall of ’06, for the first time in the Tubby tenure, I think there is at least some possibility that it wont happen.

Article written by Matt Jones