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Tye Burklow on Randall Burden

***For the first round of the contest, each of our prospective bloggers have been tasked with writing a profile about a specific UK football player. The only directions they were given were to make them informative, entertaining and interesting.

Ladies and Gentlemen…..Boys and Girls……..Let me introduce to you the newest addition to the UK starting defense…..He comes straight from the pipeline that leads from the heart of Ga…. all the way to the Big Blue Nation…..He stands 6’2”….weighs 170 pounds of solid, agile, souja boy cranking, hip hop dancing, don’t throw you’re crappy pass my way muscle. Some call him Randall Burden, but his teammates merely call him “Byrd”, but you can just call him….el startador.

Solidifying his presence in the UK amazing win in the Liberty Bowl in the second half with a tackle and 2 pass breakups, he is the front runner to start opposing Trevard Lindley. The young man has been bred a winner from his days in LaGrange and that only will carry on to his future in the UK Blue. If Joker saw the ability in this kid, then that is all I need to hear. But, if that is not enough, I did a little bit of Facebook stalking today to see what type of expectations he was hoping for this football season.

“Byrd” had to say “Well I’m trying to have a great season as anyone else, but I gotta try harder just because I’ll be somewhat new to the playing field.” Yes new, but not out of place by any means, and though he will be challenged early and very often by some of the elite Qb’s in the SEC, his speed and abilities will shine often! I will go ahead and say it…..Tebow better just keep handing the ball off this year against our secondary because Id hate for him to start crying and making one of his long I’ll try so hard speeches that no one cares about besides Gator fans.

UK football is on the rise and though we are not on the top of the SEC, we are a force to be reckoned with!! The amazing young talent that our coaches are bringing in and the ability to get every ounce of ability that they have will show the college football work UK isn’t only the best basketball school, but also a football school!!! And if all of this wasn’t enough and you need a little bit of Soulja Boy and the “fly” moves of “Byrd” then I have the fix that you need that was previously shown on KSR.

Beisner’s take: Tye, I like the enthusiasm you brought to the table. An exclamation point here, some crazy hype there, it all fit in with the WWE-like introduction to kicked things off with. I felt like the announcer for the Pistons was reading the whole first paragraph and it got me hyped. And I hate that guy.

Overall, I think it definitely fit the entertaining aspect and it was pretty interesting. However, I’d be dishonest if I didn’t tell you that I thought you could have included a bit more football analysis or some statistics. Burden, like Roark, could become a pretty major player this year and you could have maybe expanded on that a bit. But, but the only thing perfect around here is Matt’s hair. Overall, I think you did a good job. You picked a theme and went with it. This this was the high-energy, Chris Andersen entry (I’m assuming without the meth or whatever though) of the contest.  I thought it was pretty good.

My brothers and sisters?

Article written by Thomas Beisner