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Two STELLAR Links…..

First it is our friend Gregg Doyel letting Lane Kiffin have it with a roundhouse punch that is solid… excerpt:

Kiffin got it wrong when he gloated about stealing Florida commitment Nu’Keese Richardson, noting Meyer had called Richardson’s cell phone while the kid was visiting Tennessee. “Just so you know,” Kiffin told the crowd, “you can’t call a recruit (when he’s) on another campus. I love the fact that Urban had to cheat and still didn’t get him.”

The crowd roared, because that’s what large groups of stupid people do when given the chance. They roar. And they were wrong, because Kiffin was wrong. Meyer didn’t “cheat.” The rule Kiffin cited? It doesn’t exist. The SEC reprimanded Kiffin for being a buffoon, and Kiffin issued a lame apology that began: “If I offended …”

If you offended?

Bad accusation. Bad apology. Big shock? Nope. Kiffin’s a dope. Tennessee hasn’t gotten the memo yet, but it will. The SEC doesn’t lie. Coach a few years in that league, and you are what you are. If you’re a great coach, you’ll win games and maybe even a conference or national championship. If you’re an average coach, you’ll hang around a few years before getting the boot. And if you’re an idiot, well, you’re screwed. Kiffin’s screwed.

Get em Gregg….

The second link is a link to some audio recordings of Obama doing the audio version of first book. You may remember that he wrote Dreams From My Father in 1995….he likely never imagined then he would run for President. If he had, he probably wouldnt have produced the following sound bytes……BRILLIANT stuff….no matter which side of the aisle you are on. Did William Howard Taft ever say such a thing?

Article written by Matt Jones