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Two Former Cats Named ‘Worst Pro Sports Bodies’


I must say, blue is their best color – not green

We like to do things around the KSR compound in a ‘ridiculous manner’.  Sometimes that includes putting seran wrap over the toilet before BTI goes to take a leak.  Other times, we do things like shaving Matt’s hair while he snores taking a nap in front of the KSR-office computer.  What it does not include, usually, is making fun of our own Wildcats (even if we do give Eloy a hard time, we love him…and you should, too).  Over at the Bleacher Report, however, they decided to make a list of the 50 Worst Pro Sports Bodies in History.  Two Cats made the the list – Antoine Walker at #43 and Jared Lorenzen at #36.

I don’t like to poke fun at former players, but we all know that J-Load’s anomaly of a quarterback body made him famous throughout the country.  He’s a hard-working guy who went out there and did big things, despite being large and in charge.  And I commend him for that.  He was a joy to watch, and everyone seemed to love him.  Jared went on to have what many call the easiest lucrative job in America – being a back-up NFL QB.  Now he’s boss-hogging in the arena football world, as one of the only people to step from the front office and onto the turf.

‘Toine did big things, too.  And I wouldn’t exactly call this a terrible sports body.  Maybe he got a little bigger, but he did put up good numbers and had success as a pro.

Traditional physique or not, these two former Kentucky greats were/are fantastic athletes.  Nearly $120 million (okay, so most of that’s gone), an NCAA championship, an NBA All-Star game, and a Super Bowl ring provide some evidence of that fact.  Check out the full list here, if you can stand stupid slide-slow-style posts.  The list is full of what you’d expect – NFL linemen and MLB players.  #2 is Terrence Cody and #1 is Andre Smith.  Both images are absolutely disturbing and Cody’s may be NSFW-ish if your boss has a vision/gender-recognition problems.

Article written by Chris Thomas

6 Comments for Two Former Cats Named ‘Worst Pro Sports Bodies’

  1. wow
    4:35 pm August 20, 2011 Permalink

    wheres all the recruiting news? Tired of all these filler stories

  2. Manbearpig
    4:59 pm August 20, 2011 Permalink

    #1 Pretty good article about Shabazz and recruiting from today

  3. Hal Mumme
    5:50 pm August 20, 2011 Permalink

    Daing-it, son. Round mound of Touchdown – momentarily pictured you as the Michelin Man. Folks, these are filler stories…as in filler up with food. As for ‘Toine, what a dumb arse. Dude had the bull by its tail – and then pissed it all away. He was 2 and done. It is shameful he, evidently, that he did not learn a thing about personal finance while at UK; my hope is that with all the 1 and dones, Coach CAL can ensure these gifted ballers learn some personal finance skills.

  4. catnuts
    6:09 pm August 20, 2011 Permalink

    Too bad Lorenzen didn’t have the work ethic to keep his weight down. I thought he could have been a long time NFL player had he had some discipline. I really don’t think he took his career serious and I would bet the older he gets the more he will regret not working his ass off when he had the opportunity to make millions.

  5. stop it
    6:36 pm August 20, 2011 Permalink

    how about you don’t link to bleacher report ever again, let alone write a whole post about one of their “stories”

  6. Garrett
    7:10 pm August 20, 2011 Permalink

    It’s August…of course there are going to be “filler stories.” Just sit back and enjoy the bologna.