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Tweet Beat: Food, Love, and Not Jerry Tipton


As part of the never-ending quest to bring you University of Kentucky news in the most ridiculous manner possible, I comb the Twitter-verse each week for the funniest, oddest, and sometimes, nearly illegible tweets from your favorite players and personalities. Basically, I read Twitter so you don’t have to. Without further ado, here are the best tweets of the week.

July 4th has come and gone. While you celebrated with cookouts, family and fireworks, your favorite Cats celebrated with…cookouts, family and fireworks.

Nazr Mohammad found a new sport to dominate during the lockout:


Anthony Davis went to a family picnic in Chicago, where…


Well, at least she wasn’t tripping into the porta-potties…

Hey, Jon Hood and Kyle Wiltjer bonded at Hood’s favorite place in the world…#thelake:


So many things to learn about the country, young padawan (see Fake Gimel? I know what Star Wars is.).

Hey, while you were day drinking and wearing American flag shorts, Andre Woodson got married! And what better way to celebrate that than planking? (Seriously, this trend must stop.)

woodson-planking woodson-smile

Why yes, Stevie Johnson, I will retweet that you use women’s deodorant. #nojudgment


King Rex continues to reign over Twitter. This week, he started tweeting other UK personalities, such as Ashley Judd:


…and our very own NotJerryTipton:


It’s okay, Rex. You’ll understand soon enough. NJT, being the impish rogue he is, couldn’t help messing with Rex a little more, whipping out some Bobby Brown on the Twitter superstar:


True to form, most Cats seemed occupied with typical boy thoughts: girls and food. First, the affairs of the heart:

After telling the Twitterverse that he was “officially single” last week, DeAndre Liggins wants one woman to know:


While Winston Guy wants his lady (and the rest of us) to know he’s really sorry:


Ladies, if you fancy Darius Miller, be prepared:


All Stacey Poole wants to do is join the Mile High Club with one lucky lady:


On a lighter note, all Danny Trevathan wants is to get his hair done:


Now, on to that other primal need: food. Namely, Popeyes, which apparently needs a Lexington location.

(At least I think Bookie’s talking about Popeye’s?)


Perry Stevenson plays with his food:


And the Turtle (Moncell Allen) wants the Tin Roof in Lexington to know how they roll in New Orleans:


In one of the more interesting tweets of the week, Matt Scherbenske and Patrick Patterson give us some insight into what kind of roommate Landon Slone was:


Hey, speaking of former Cats, Coach Cal reached out to them as soon as the lockout began:


Some are already listening. After he spends time visiting family, Patrick Patterson will be in Lexington, where he could bring back a pretty familiar hairstyle:


Do it! Do it!

Speaking of smooth, do you think Ramel Bradley can pull off using little hearts in his tweets?


I’m torn.

Because I just can’t get enough, here’s another Bookie tweet: bookie-wtf

I feel the same, but in a good way!

Finally, congrats again to Drew Franklin, who got his name in the newspapers this week. Although, Fake Gimel brings up a good point: fk-drew

Drew, this one’s for you. Until next time, RT plz?

Article written by Mrs. Tyler Thompson

No, I will not make you a sandwich, but you can follow me on Twitter @MrsTylerKSR or email me.

13 Comments for Tweet Beat: Food, Love, and Not Jerry Tipton

  1. Section 133
    8:12 pm July 7, 2011 Permalink

    Twitter is the reason the world will end in December, 2012, per the Mayan calendar. And Morgan, there is a Popeye’s in Lexington, on Nicholasville Road just past Fayette Mall.

  2. gob bluth
    8:35 pm July 7, 2011 Permalink

    twitter sucks…and so do the people who follow it

  3. HereForTheLulz
    8:36 pm July 7, 2011 Permalink

    I don’t know about you guys, but I usually get my Twitter news from Twitter.

  4. tdogg4033011
    8:45 pm July 7, 2011 Permalink

    2) you suck …. just cause I said so

  5. will
    8:46 pm July 7, 2011 Permalink

    Popeye’s closed it’s a Qdoba now

  6. abcd
    8:54 pm July 7, 2011 Permalink

    Popeye’s closed in Lex years ago that Location mentioned by #1 is now a Qudoba’s

  7. tyrus
    9:00 pm July 7, 2011 Permalink

    Go one Ms T

  8. tyrus
    9:00 pm July 7, 2011 Permalink

    sp. Good one Ms T

  9. Orlando Cat
    9:02 pm July 7, 2011 Permalink

    these twitter post are great. just for the record.

  10. wildcat_marine
    11:00 pm July 7, 2011 Permalink

    Hoody and kwilt are comic geniuses. Can’t wait to see them play together in 2012. Love the posts Tyler. #notatweeter

  11. Women Everywhere
    11:40 pm July 7, 2011 Permalink

    It’s true. No lightning bugs out west.

  12. xSoFine69o
    2:31 am July 8, 2011 Permalink

    bravo. great post.

  13. pccatsfan
    7:58 am July 8, 2011 Permalink

    Keep up the twitter posts. They are great.