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Tweet Beat: Ramen, pool parties, and Brandon’s double turkey


As part of the never-ending quest to bring you University of Kentucky news in the most ridiculous manner possible, I comb the Twitter-verse each week for the funniest, oddest, and sometimes, nearly illegible tweets from your favorite players and personalities. Basically, I read Twitter so you don’t have to. Without further ado, here are the best tweets of the week.

Let’s start off with some #foodtweets:


Okay, a few things: 1) I wasn’t aware you could burn ramen noodles; 2) Boogie, you’re in the NBA, making more than I could ever dream of…why are you eating ramen? 3) Even if you are (it is actually really good and can be sweetly nostalgic), why are you cooking it yourself? Hire a chef!

Next, one of the grosser tweets of the week:


Blech. I bet Miller was the kid in middle school people would dare to mix ketchup, mustard, and barbeque sauce and eat it…or the person who combines like four different sodas at the soda fountain.


Refresh my memory: where did Krebs stand in the woman-eating-a-hot-dog-at-8 a.m. discussion on KSR a few months ago? Maybe this is a weird fetish?

This week also saw some of our favorite UK players picking on some of our other favorite UK players:


Perry Stevenson almost in a fight? Maybe it was with a Louisville fan:


If you don’t subscribe to King Rex‘s awesome Twitter feed, you might not know that he’s pretty tight with Bret Bearup. So much so that he loooves picking on him on Twitter:


Hey, it was really hot last weekend. How hot was it? It was so hot that Ramel Bradley didn’t want anyone to touch him. Seriously.


Think you were hot, Ramel? Imagine having dreads, like Danny Trevathan:


Other Cats beat the heat at various pool parties across Lexington. I swear, almost every Kentucky player in the city tweeted about going to a pool party. Ryan Harrow even tweeted an address to an apartment complex and the code to get into the pool party. Maybe he used his new pickup line on the girls that showed up:


Meanwhile, the company at the pool party Randall Cobb attended was, shall we say, questionable…


Meanwhile, I sat on my couch and sweated. Hey, so did Terrence, Eloy, Anthony, and Jerrod!


I seriously thought Jarrod was Brad Calipari for a second.

Elsewhere in the Lodge, Marquis Teague showed off his new tattoo:



Like he does every week, Eloy Vargas wants to share some relationship advice:


But Eloy’s not all “real.” He’s also “random.”


I started following Aaron Boyd on Twitter this week. Almost instantly, I regretted it. Ladies and gentlemen, the TMI Tweet of the Week:



Let’s check in with some former Cats. Josh Harrellson tweeted some pretty famous people this week. First, Charles Barkley:


I want that shirt. Next, he tweeted Christina Applegate.


Come on Christina…Jorts is a fashionable New Yorker now. He even has his own clothing line.

If Brandon Knight‘s NBA career ever turns south, he could join the PBA:


Double turkey, people.

FINALLY, the DeAndre Liggins relationship mystery has been solved:


And, finally, what would Tweet Beat be without the Bookie Tweet of the Week? bookie-devil

Not his best work, meaning I can tell he watched the movie “Devil” and it was “craziiii.” But still, nobody’s twitter be poppin’ like Bookie’s. Wazzaaaaam. Snap.

Finally, remember Tracy Webster? Well, he wants you to stop talking on the phone while he’s trying to watch the game. I think (H/T to Fake Gimel). webster-wtf

Until next time, RT plz?

Article written by Mrs. Tyler Thompson

No, I will not make you a sandwich, but you can follow me on Twitter @MrsTylerKSR or email me.

15 Comments for Tweet Beat: Ramen, pool parties, and Brandon’s double turkey

  1. GoCats2
    10:10 pm July 28, 2011 Permalink

    Am I the only one who has never heard that “Triple Couple” phrase? That is hilarious. I am surprised that was not somebodys nickname from the past like Sheray Thomas.

  2. Ballsack
    10:17 pm July 28, 2011 Permalink

    Anyone who is passed their mid twenty’s and stalks athletes on twitter is a complete loser.

  3. Buckets
    10:20 pm July 28, 2011 Permalink

    Hey, now. I’m not hurting for money but I still eat Beef Ramen Noodles with the water drained and a few noodles dumped out with fresh ground pepper. Salty, tasty goodness!

  4. Btisucks
    10:37 pm July 28, 2011 Permalink


  5. presence
    10:49 pm July 28, 2011 Permalink

    maybe christina meant short jean cutoffs, daisy dukes…

  6. SexnNursinHomes
    11:04 pm July 28, 2011 Permalink

    Man, that read like some MTV Diary or some sh**. I was just waiting to see a Puck tweet calling Pedro some gay slur.

  7. Dark Helmet
    11:37 pm July 28, 2011 Permalink

    Ryan Harrow’s crack me up the most for some reason. This was a good tweet week. Randall must be back in Knoxville hanging out with the UT football team accidentally. Elloy is professional at great one liners he should write haikus. It’s nerdy that last line was actually a haiku if my KY education serves me correctly i’m sure i misspelled a few words that has more to do with the spell check on KSR that even the blogsters can’t seem to find.

  8. Mymymu
    12:31 am July 29, 2011 Permalink

    2. Anyone who stalks people on twitter period is a loser…

  9. .
    12:51 am July 29, 2011 Permalink


  10. test
    6:04 am July 29, 2011 Permalink


  11. floydfan
    8:09 am July 29, 2011 Permalink

    Triple couple? Killin’ me…

  12. skinman
    8:56 am July 29, 2011 Permalink

    2. Anyone that spells past, P-A-S-S-E-D, in a blog comment section is a complete loser.

  13. mark emmert
    11:12 am July 29, 2011 Permalink

    [email protected] email mark emmert right now

  14. pittdaddy
    10:38 am July 30, 2011 Permalink

    King Rex is the King of Twitter!

  15. Johnny News
    10:10 pm July 31, 2011 Permalink

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