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Tweet Beat: The Wrath of King Rex


As part of the never-ending quest to bring you University of Kentucky news in the most ridiculous manner possible, I comb the Twitter-verse each week for the funniest, oddest, and sometimes, nearly illegible tweets from your favorite players and personalities. Basically, I read Twitter so you don’t have to. Without further ado, here are the best tweets of the week.

In the wake of Kentucky’s loss to Indiana, Rex Chapman caused quite the stir on Twitter by calling out Kentucky fans for their “low-rent behavior” (his words, not mine!). Now, Rex has tweeted about this all week, but I’m sick of scrolling through his Twitter feed (seriously, he tweets more than any person alive), so here is a series of tweets from Tuesday that I think sum up his argument:


Do you agree or disagree with Rex? If you tweet to Rex that you disagree, there is a 95% chance that he will retaliate.

While younger people may not know her work, Eric Bledsoe remembers Ashley Judd just fine. And vice versa:

Ashley! What would Dario say?

It’s finals week at UK, which you would think might lead to a slow Tweet Beat week, but au contraire! Twitter, Facebook, and the interwebs are designed for procrastination, and even our dedicated Wildcats couldn’t resist their sultry siren song. Unfortunately, they mostly tweeted about…finals:

Eloy Vargas took a break from finals with a relaxing hot tub soak with Jarrod Polson and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist:

Ladies, stop drooling.

Speaking of MKG, he continues to be the most lovable Wildcat on the team with tweets like this:

MKG’s impressive performances this season surely have his confidence brimming, which you know, never hurts with the ladies, right Michael?

‘Toine knows…

So does Wayne Turner (props for the “Bounce Back” reference):

Looks like Patrick Patterson was thinking the same thing we were when the buzzer sounded:

Enough of that! On Saturday night, we face Tennessee-Chattanooga, and, as you would expect, Twany Beckham is pumped about his debut:

One of my new favorite Twitter people (sorry, I can’t bring myself to say “tweeps” just yet), Sam Malone, thinks dressing up for class is for the birds:

Sam just can’t get enough of his classmates’ fashion choices:

Sam, it’s the South…where people wear flip flops and short skirts even when it snows. Just syh and move on.

Everyone take a minute and wish Ravi Moss a speedy recovery from his recent wisdom teeth surgery. Ravi, I hope you take full advantage of opportunity to be lazy and live on soft foods. Maybe Coach Cal can send over some Orange Leaf?

In the aftermath of the Cincinnati/Xavier fight and post-fight press conference, Bobby Perry asks a very important question:

Well, now we know how Nazr Mohammad feels about the “rush the court” topic. #amen

I’m now convinced Josh Clemons only tweets about food.

Okay ladies, now is the time to ask for those earrings you’ve been wanting.

This week, Aaron Boyd learned how girls will use social media as the newest method to manipulate their men:

Congrats to Andre Woodson, who finally got his d3gree from UK this week.

NOOO! Don’t go, Winston! What will I do without your inspirational and romantic tweets? (insert obligatory “smdreads” here)

Hey Morgan Newton: A-MEN!

Also, we both watch too much television. But it’s okay, so does Perry Stevenson:

Now that the NBA’s back, I’ve got three words for you: New Jorts City. So far, Jorts just can’t get enough of being a Knick:

When in doubt, Ramel Bradley turns to music to figure out the ladies:

Hey Ramel, just keep that Adele CD on loop. Once the tears start flowing (and they will), you’ll figure it out.

This week’s “Tweet that makes you go Aww” was easy:


In the “Bookie Tweet of the Week,” Bookie shares a little too much about his journey back to New Orleans…

Until next time, make my dreams of TT2K come true and RT plzzzz?

Article written by Mrs. Tyler Thompson

No, I will not make you a sandwich, but you can follow me on Twitter @MrsTylerKSR or email me.

54 Comments for Tweet Beat: The Wrath of King Rex

  1. Ncaa
    9:42 pm December 15, 2011 Permalink

    As of now no current or former uk player is allowed to tweet

  2. DB11
    9:43 pm December 15, 2011 Permalink

    Completely disagree with Rex, just show’s the disconnection between him and much of the fan base.

  3. hersheyisabear
    9:51 pm December 15, 2011 Permalink

    I have such a love/hate feeling with Rex Chapman.

  4. Walden Schmidt
    9:57 pm December 15, 2011 Permalink

    I have to agree with the King on everything.

  5. Inside Your Mind
    9:59 pm December 15, 2011 Permalink

    Rex is right. Some fans are just whiney little bitches that need to get over it and quit getting worked up over every single thing said about UK.

  6. catfan65
    10:01 pm December 15, 2011 Permalink

    I haven’t read enough of King Rex’s tweets to have a firm opinion, but based only the tweets posted here I agree with his main point. I think UK fans should exhibit a thick-skinned above-it-all demeanor. None of these other programs are as good as UK and what do we care what they think of us. We’ll let Gillie, the Brow, and co. do the talking on the court.

  7. RP_McMurphy
    10:04 pm December 15, 2011 Permalink

    When the going got tough in 1988 at UK. Rex ran away like a Cincy player to a brawl. Rex is about Rex always has been and always will be to the dude.

  8. CW3CatFan
    10:04 pm December 15, 2011 Permalink

    Rex is exactly right!!!! Why should we care what they think about us? If anything they want to be like us!!!

  9. bigheadlittlehead
    10:12 pm December 15, 2011 Permalink

    The fact that I was pissed before I read what he wrote tells me he is right.

  10. Gaddis Bomb
    10:14 pm December 15, 2011 Permalink

    I like Bilas.

  11. Walden Schmidt
    10:15 pm December 15, 2011 Permalink

    #7 – you’re an ass.

  12. Floyd
    10:15 pm December 15, 2011 Permalink

    I like turtles

  13. RP_McMurphy
    10:23 pm December 15, 2011 Permalink

    No I am truth sayer. I see Rex for what he is and isn’t. Rex ran when UK needed him the most. That says alot about his character to me.

  14. saki7
    10:26 pm December 15, 2011 Permalink

    I agree with him.

  15. bamman
    10:26 pm December 15, 2011 Permalink

    he’s 100% correct

  16. Hoot
    10:28 pm December 15, 2011 Permalink

    I agree with the above Rex tweets. However, never disagree with him. He will berate you, totally ignore the argument and change it to his benefit. He’s a UK great and all, but is a complete ass.

  17. Floyd
    10:28 pm December 15, 2011 Permalink

    Rex should call Oscar Schmidt “School Bus” because he took him to school.

  18. ZombieLibrarian
    10:31 pm December 15, 2011 Permalink

    Touchdown Corey Peters!!!!!!!

  19. phrakture
    10:38 pm December 15, 2011 Permalink

    Love me some rex on twitter, he has some cool stuff to say and all. But I disagree with a lot he says too. He just doesn’t “get” it.

  20. phrakture
    10:39 pm December 15, 2011 Permalink

    Also, Bilas is my favorite sports analyst. What’s he talking about?

  21. Walden Schmidt
    10:39 pm December 15, 2011 Permalink

    How can you come on here and talk bad about Rex ? What’s the difference with him leaving after 2 years and all of our 1 and dones that we have taken in to our family. Everyone does what’s best for themselves and Rex has done pretty well for himself and his family. SMH!

  22. big tim
    10:46 pm December 15, 2011 Permalink

    bledsoe a pimp he tapin Ashley judd

  23. Nashwan
    10:53 pm December 15, 2011 Permalink

    All, let us remember, Rex is a member of BBN and has the blood to show for it. Forget IU and the trivial stuff. We will grow from that loss. The entire idea of we have to win every game is idiotic. We have a young and unbelievably talented group here again and the amalgamation will take time. Please, do not make us look like silly and short term memory people over one game where we do not gel well, but the opposition throws it in the bucket like it is the proverbial ocean.

  24. 06PCP
    10:58 pm December 15, 2011 Permalink

    Forget IU. My rebuttal to any IU fan’s taunting after the game: IF you all make it to the tourney, better hope you don’t see us again…
    Go Cats!

  25. RexIsMyHero
    10:59 pm December 15, 2011 Permalink

    Sexy Rex had a lot more to say than just that!! I especially liked this one!!

  26. Breaking News
    11:08 pm December 15, 2011 Permalink

    UL player got shot in his eye tonight. Here is the news report

  27. bgblue
    11:15 pm December 15, 2011 Permalink

    Is Stacey Pool still at UK? I guess he has to finish the semester before he transfers.

  28. Carl
    11:19 pm December 15, 2011 Permalink

    I agree with Rex. Some fans are too fixated on what others think about us and are saying about us. Enjoy the cats and let the haters hate in anonimity.


  29. old_school
    11:20 pm December 15, 2011 Permalink

    UK fans are the most passionate – but we’ve allowed the new technology to take us to places we shouldn’t go.

    Just today I read a lot of disparaging remarks about that Avery kid whom Billy G. tried to sign as an 8th grader. The kid (and his parents) obviously got caught up in the moment four years ago. Apparently he quit growing, he peaked early and never developed into a Div. I star prospect.

    So what. He’s a kid for crying out loud. I hated that Billy G. was even recruiting him at that age and hate even worse the treatment he and Dakota Euton and other guys have received from UK fans.

    When it comes to IU – both teams gave their fair-share of shots last week and on Saturday – IU was the better team. Deal with it – eat a little crow and let it go. The UK fan’s continued obsession with Saturday’s game only fuels the IU fan to dish out more.

    At the end of the day – this is just college basketball. Yes – I realize that in Kentcky – it’s a little more than just that and our Wildcats have given the Commonwealth a enormous amount of pride since the 1930s. But at the end of the day – it’s still just a game – let’s keep it fun.

  30. blitzedanddazed
    11:50 pm December 15, 2011 Permalink

    It too agree with Rex. I feel like the players and Coach Cal handled themselves with great class last Saturday.
    To me IU and U of L are both useless scum, not worthy of further mention.

  31. Catsincebirth
    11:54 pm December 15, 2011 Permalink

    #7…I agree with you..He got out of town as fast as he could.

    # 11..Why do you want to make things personal..#7 was just giving his opinion on what happened then.

  32. BPsycho
    12:03 am December 16, 2011 Permalink

    “Duke Lacrosse Wives: The First 48”

  33. Bigcaytfan
    12:04 am December 16, 2011 Permalink

    I agree king Rex! Just like a Kentucky fan says we would never storm the court. Well what Rex is saying is f#€k IU UL Duke UNC were better then all of them. Let them puff there chest a little because we all no they wish they where us. I don’t understand how a true Cayt fan can’t agree with that. Fans need to chill let this team grow because just like cal says every year and is correct every year my pg whoever will struggle early lots of turnovers etc. blah blah blah he will then magically get it and be a stud listen people has cal been wrong yet. Chill we no come February this team will be great. TJ is ok he’s been good all year & 1 bad game how ever bad it was people r like f#€k TJ kick him off the team blah blah well let me let u on a little secret TJ is best player on team at this moment and we go nowhere with out him. Like always go cayts #8

  34. mikefoo
    12:07 am December 16, 2011 Permalink

    Whats the difference between thugs and gangsters? thugs play for cincy but gangsters play for Xavier lol

  35. Up n
    3:15 am December 16, 2011 Permalink


  36. Bluebear
    4:15 am December 16, 2011 Permalink

    Rex Chapman is a bitter old man just trying to stay relevant. He should just fade away and shut the f up.

  37. silverado
    7:37 am December 16, 2011 Permalink

    Totally agree with Rex! Cats fans must stay above the fray. If we are better, then act like it.

  38. Master Blaster
    7:44 am December 16, 2011 Permalink

    You missed the riveting tweet where Doron Lamb told us he was getting into the shower.

  39. Al B. Sure
    7:46 am December 16, 2011 Permalink

    Who is the idiot that wouldn’t let Darius Miller back in the library without his student ID???

  40. Bladak
    8:16 am December 16, 2011 Permalink

    Rex is absolutely correct

  41. kentuckyjoe
    8:21 am December 16, 2011 Permalink

    The King is totally right. Think ‘nail on the head’.

  42. Carl
    8:29 am December 16, 2011 Permalink

    #13 I was a big fan back in the day. Coach Sutton spent too much effort critizing Rex’s shot selection in the newspapers. I don’t blame Rex for leaving. It was his drunken coach that ran him off.

  43. UKfan75
    9:01 am December 16, 2011 Permalink

    Rex is correct. Hit the nail on the head. Don’t argue with idiots because people may not be able to tell the difference.

  44. serdi
    9:13 am December 16, 2011 Permalink

    Rex is exactly right.

  45. derek
    9:19 am December 16, 2011 Permalink

    I totally agree with Rex. worry about being the best you can, doing the best you can do and don’t worry about all the other crap. If you are the best you don’t worry about other schools, broadcasters, articles, etc. If you do worry about all that stuff it gives the impression you have low self esteem and are trying to climb to the top.

  46. derek
    9:22 am December 16, 2011 Permalink

    RP McMurphy you sir are an idiot. Rex ran all the way to the NBA and the expansion team Charlotte Hornets. The going does not get much tougher than that!

  47. mason co high school student
    9:36 am December 16, 2011 Permalink


  48. scott
    9:44 am December 16, 2011 Permalink

    I think Rex dropped 26 on us as a freshman in The Assembly Hall. But, IIRC, they still lost. Anyway-you guys are arrogant. Not very becoming. “Southern Gentlemen”? Seriously? Is this the way a Southern Gentleman acts? When I think of “Southern”, I think of Christian values. Over the top Bible belt values, but values none the less. Putting yourselves above your fellow man in NOT a very “Christian” way to handle yourselves. News flash-your shit stinks too.

  49. Jackie
    10:07 am December 16, 2011 Permalink

    I guess Bledsoe is another in a long line that tapped Ashley!

  50. Jackie
    10:08 am December 16, 2011 Permalink

    Looks like Bledsoe tapped Ashley too! Wonder how many she’s up to

  51. Derrick Millar
    10:36 am December 16, 2011 Permalink

    I agree with King Rex. He’s a must-follow on Twitter. I don’t even have a Twitter account yet added his feed,, to my favorites/bookmarks. By far the best addition to my rotation this year. Great insight on all aspects of the game.

  52. FourThinInches
    11:48 am December 16, 2011 Permalink

    Yah hes right. All of the IU fans talking trash on message boards calling UK fans names… Who cares … Those guys are loser IU fans. Good call Rex.

  53. MISSUKFAN42141
    1:25 pm December 16, 2011 Permalink

    Dear recruits…. Ashley Judd will remember your cheeks if you come to UK…