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Tuesday’s Football Practice Notes


Both Randy Sanders and Rick Minter met with the media today to discuss their respective sides of the ball. It was business as usual for the Wildcats, and not a lot of news to report.


-When asked about a confrontation with Joker Phillips during the Louisville game, Minter emphatically denied it occurred. “I’m not going to talk about that. It didn’t happen.”

-Minter says that the move of LB Bud Dupree to WLB was more of a promotion for DE/LB Taylor Wyndham, than a demotion of other players.

-Western Kentucky’s offensive scheme is relatively simple, according to Minter, but that doesn’t mean it will be easy to stop. Minter says that WKU QB Kawaun Jakes’ is an experienced QB, who knows where to go with the football.

-If you recall from last year’s game against WKU, RB Bobby Rainey had a pretty good game against the Wildcats. Rainey rushed for over 100 yards and had a couple catches too. Minter says WKU’s offense misses him a bit, but they still have a pretty good stable of backs that Kentucky is going to have to limit.

-RB CoShik Williams (back) was back at practice today and, according to Sanders, looked close to 100%.

-WR Gene McCaskill said it felt really good to get into the end zone on Saturday, especially with the adversity he’s faced over his years at Kentucky.

-McCaskill knows there is more responsibility after being named a starter, but it doesn’t change the fact that he has to make plays when he’s on the field.

-Sanders on QB Morgan Newton: “I told him last year, if he’s not the starting quarterback, you aren’t going to stand next to me.” Sanders said that because of Newton’s size and speed, they have to find a way to get him on the field. All signs indicate that they will continue to run the Wildcat package with Newton as the focal point.

Article written by Rashawn Franklin

18 Comments for Tuesday’s Football Practice Notes

  1. JaredCarterIsMyHomeboy
    2:10 pm September 11, 2012 Permalink

    By Morgan Newtons speed, do they mean the lack thereof?

  2. ebell55
    2:15 pm September 11, 2012 Permalink

    I support the FOOTBALL CATS & JOKER. I’m all for Morgan Newton getting in the game. However he is not a good option in the Wildcat. He is not a good designed running QB he can run when the pocket breaks down but he is not our best option as the Wildcat QB! I have Jokers back but he needs to stop with Newton at the Wildcat QB. Go Cats!!

  3. Just Sayin'
    2:20 pm September 11, 2012 Permalink

    why run newton out of the wildcat? it’s produced, what, -10+ yards and a turnover on downs?

  4. Poco Chang
    2:28 pm September 11, 2012 Permalink

    Newton running the Wildcat because of his speed. Uh, OK.

  5. Coach Durbin
    2:32 pm September 11, 2012 Permalink

    I hate to be negative, but I think Joker and Randy Sanders are the only people that have watched UK football over the last 4 years that think Morgan Newton is a capable option in the wildcat. In his 4 years here he has rushed 155 times for 452 yards and a whopping 2.9 ypc. Granted, this total takes into account sacks, but it also takes into account long scrambles that were not planned runs. In fact, if you remove his longest rushes from each of the last 3 years, that rushing total plummets to 325 yards. We have MANY options that we could put back there at Wildcat QB: Whiltow, King(former QB), Sweat, Collins, Bookie. Heck Rorark hardly took a snap in the wildcat last year and beat UT running like 6-10 different plays all game. I just don’t understand this.

  6. he's out
    2:33 pm September 11, 2012 Permalink

    Joker is outta here. He’s already canceled his Sunday and Tuesday meetings with the media. Probably a good idea to do it now (go out on top, with a W against mighty Kent St.) – instead of later on when he’s 0-3, 0-4, or 0-5 against the SEC. Joker, if you aren’t able to man up against the media folks, what’chu gonna do when you gotta go up against mean ole Spurrier, Muschamp, and Richt?

  7. ton
    2:35 pm September 11, 2012 Permalink

    Joker has always had a soft spot for Newton…to a fault

  8. RYNO
    2:43 pm September 11, 2012 Permalink

    Jakes may know where to go with the football. However, luckily for the Cats, he can’t deliver it on target.

    2:48 pm September 11, 2012 Permalink

    Hey, there hasn’t been an article on me on KSR for two weeks! What’s the dang deal? Does it have anything to do with my team being 0-2, losing to Northwestern, and only scoring 26 points in those two games?

  10. St. Paul Raiders
    2:56 pm September 11, 2012 Permalink

    8- Was thinking the exact same thing.

  11. Coach Durbin
    2:58 pm September 11, 2012 Permalink

    9) What other team has played 2 BCS bowl team from the previous year. Sure, Vandy hasn’t started out the season like they hoped, but I would still trade spots with them.

  12. Big Blue Coming at You
    3:17 pm September 11, 2012 Permalink

    Hate to say it but Newton has been a bust. He’s too slow to run the Wildcat and not a very good passer to be QB. I had high hopes for him and he was decent when Hartline got hurt but since then he’s been disappointing.

  13. CouldGetUgly
    3:23 pm September 11, 2012 Permalink

    #9 – UK “fans” that have hyped Franklin as the next Bear Bryant and talked about UK only winning 3 games need to realize that Vandy is looking down the barrel of a 1-5 start, and only 3-4 wins, if they do not improve really quickly. Then we will see about all those committed, but unsigned, recruits.

  14. CouldGetUgly
    3:30 pm September 11, 2012 Permalink

    #11 – I am one UK fan that is not ready to trade places with Vandy just yet. Let’s compare records at the end of the year and revisit your position. Oh, and when we do, keep in mind that Phil Steele ranks UK’s schedule as the 10th toughest in the nation, whereas Vandy’s is ranked 47th.

  15. STEVE!
    3:33 pm September 11, 2012 Permalink

    11 – Coach, Northwestern was in a BCS Bowl last season? I guess I missed that one.

  16. Coach Durbin
    3:59 pm September 11, 2012 Permalink

    14 – Perhaps I should have worded my answer differently. Of course I would never want to trade places with another school, I am blue through and through but I would like to get some of the “buzz” Vandy has been getting over the past year. Fact of the matter is, even if Vandy only wins 4-5 games, some of that buzz will remain because they will not get some of the negative press other schools would get if the underperformed (let’s face it, Vandy underperforming is not exactly newsworthy). In order for us to get that buzz, we need to upset a nationally relevant team (Florida, SCar, or UGa). I loved the way we played last week, but beating the crap out of Kent State like we should is not going to get us on the radar. As for the schedule comment, Vandy plays 3 BCS nonconf games where we only play 1. We do get Arkansas and Miss St instead of Ole Miss and Auburn, but I’m not sure I would be willing to trade schedules with Vandy. We might win more SEC games, but 2 nonconf losses would be a definite possibility.

    15 – STEVE! I’m pretty sure you knew that I mean BCS teams playing a bowl. Congrats internet police, you got yourself another collar. BTW if you are gonna go out of your way to point out other people’s typos, at least get them all right. SCar didn’t play in a BCS bowl last year, either.

  17. Bud
    9:27 pm September 11, 2012 Permalink

    Coach Minter’s resume can only be described as an old man working small schools on his decline, including once worked at the powerhouse at Cincy U. Doing this from memory but since he got the big pay day check from UK he has a new young GF. God bless america. An SEC Def coach, out of his league, simple.

  18. John
    10:46 pm September 11, 2012 Permalink

    OK. I’m glad Newton is trying to help the team in any way possible. That’s awesome and I hope it turns out great, but let’s get one thing straight: Morgan Newton does not, not, NOT have SPEED. I don’t know why people keep trying to convince us he does. Maybe he does have decent top end speed, but acceleration and footwork are certainly not his forte.