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Tuesday Morning Notes


Today is Brian Austin Green’s birthday. Green is best known for being the young, dorky guy on 90210 and then bizarrely, turning into a regular cast member that the others on the show ultimately liked and in Tori Spelling’s case, dated. I never understood how that happened….of course I have always said the show went downhill when Green’s friend shot himself on the “very special” episode of the first season. That guy (the blond dude with the bad haircut), would have made the show an even bigger hit.

Just a couple of notes on a late night…..

Dominique Ferguson was on the show tonight and did quite a job. Over the course of the interview, he said a number of things I found interesting. First he talked about the relationship he had with Coach Webster and the fact that he is “like a brother” to those he is recruiting….a big part of getting young players. He also mentioned that he “wasnt feeling Indiana” (his home state school) in the recruitment, which is why going to Kentucky wasnt that much of a step. Finally, he noted that he hoped to be “the most well-rounded player ever at Kentucky”….quite a goal and one that is certainly lofty. All in all, I really liked the kid and we hope to have his interview linked later this afternoon.

— Quite a day in the world of “nerd fights” (the term used by my law partner for online verbal fistacuffs) as we had a huge back and forth on this and other sites. In the end the entire debate was (like almost all nerd fights) silly and ridiculous. I likely shouldnt have even written the post this morning, but was frustrated by the comments of one internet titan that I was “intentionally hurting UK”, a viewpoint that admittedly is difficult for me due to the amount of work we have put in running this free site and doing the Barnstorming Tour. However the nerd fight did provide lots of entertainment for the multitudes of friends of mine who texted me today, sending me every great barb thrown in both mine and the other individual’s direction…..some folks out there are very clever. Either way, it was an interesting diversion for a day and could be the only legacy the name Brad Reese ever gives to the UK faithful.

Billy Packer is gone and I still cant believe it. He has been the voice of every major college basketball tournament game of my lifetime….and now we get Clark Kellogg. Getting rid of Billy Packer is good….but Clark Kellogg? Maybe now he will finally look into the camera.

Josh Hamilton is a great story….but as Bomani Jones pointed out sometime ago….we sure treat him differently than we treat other former drug users in sports….much more sympathetic than we are to the VAST amount of other guys who go through the same problem.

— Football is going to get here soon….thankfully.

Basketball contact period ends Wednesday night…..Gillispie is on our show Wed night…..he is having a press conference on Thursday…..continue to hear that Liggins news will come this week. Should be an interesting few days.

More throughout the day………..

Article written by Matt Jones